Skull Of Light ~ Illumination

Skull Of Light ~ Illumination, from the Halloween Oracle card deck, by Stacey Demarco
Skull Of Light ~ Illumination, from the Halloween Oracle card deck, by Stacey Demarco

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Skull Of Light ~ Illumination, from the Halloween Oracle card deck, by Stacey Demarco

Skull Of Light ~ Illumination:

“We can stay in the dark

Exist only in the midnight hours

But shining the torch

The victory is ours”

“As the famous psychotherapist Jung suggested, knowing our own darkness helps us cope with the darkness of others. Taking the time to ‘know thyself’ and to seek understanding of our more destructive or shadow natures can lead to huge happiness and less anxiety.

The idea of being shown the way, in the most difficult of time and always knowing that we are never alone in the darkness are the keys to this magical element. Light is usually a comforting thing, yet, sometimes we do not really want to see the boogie man under the bed! It is too scary too big and we know not how to defeat it. Yet, by simply shining the torch upon such darkness, the victory is ours.

Should the Skull of Light enter your life, know that it is time to open yourself fully to the clarity of bright illumination. Allow yourself to be seen, to see and to act upon what is shown to you. The time has passed for hiding, for pretending and for swallowing our discomfort by accepting the status quo when it really does not suit us.”*

~ Stacey Demarco

What have you swept neatly under the carpet that is bursting to come forth? Any skeletons in the closet that need to be brought into the light? Whatever you have been hiding, for whatever reason… it’s time to come clean! As scary as it may seem, it will actually be a huge relief to finally get it out speak your truth. You simply cannot bottle up your feelings forever without creating pressure within.

It doesn’t mean you have a terrible secret… or maybe you perceive that you do. It could be old resentment, pain, guilt or shame that you have been carrying around for too long that needs to be processed and released. It may be that you have held your tongue when dealing with a certain person or situation, yet it is eating away at you. It could be that you need to express yourself creatively in some way that feels authentic to you but you fear judgement, and rejection. It could be that you feel trapped in a job or relationship, or in some drama created by someone else that you really want no part of.

This message is about shedding light on that which you have been shying away from. Something that you have been hoping would just “go away” and yet, is still here. It is about setting boundaries, stepping into your power, and standing your ground. It is about believing that you are worthy of your own opinion and self expression. It is about walking away from toxicity, negativity and drama that just doesn’t suit you anymore… even if we helped to create it.

It is about making amends, as best we can. With our shadow side.

Full acceptance.

Unconditional Love and bright white light.

From the Inside



*Halloween Oracle card deck, by Stacey Demarco

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  1. Marie Jones says:

    Thankyou X 💞X

    Sent from my iPad Marie


  2. Thank you for your daily readings, Dee, I always learn something and gain new insights or guidance to take action…but this one is truly extraordinary and so apposite. The Skull of Light/Illumination is a great oracle card, and the deck is new to me, so refreshing!

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