Spider ~ Community and Web-Weaving

Spider ~ Community and Web-Weaving, from the Halloween Oracle Card deck, by Stacey Demarco
Spider ~ Community and Web-Weaving, from the Halloween Oracle Card deck, by Stacey Demarco

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Spider ~ Community and Web-Weaving, from the Halloween Oracle Card deck, by Stacey Demarco

Spider ~ Community and Web-Weaving:

“She spins her silk alone

In the dark with hope of collection

Sticky with dreams,

weaving the worlds

A wide web of connection.”

“Masses of sticky spider webs make any Halloween decorating complete. The idea of a haunted house covered in the “artwork” of a big, hairy spider is classic horror. Even those of us who appreciate our eight legged friends still hurriedly brush off those stealthy webs if we run into them in the dark!

Although most spiders are not venomous, humans have an innate fear of them. Perhaps it is the fangs or the poison. Perhaps it is all those legs and the way they move. Perhaps it is where they live – often in dark, hidden places – or the way our western, popular culture has demonized them by making them giant, fierce and man eating! Some cultures though, revere the spider in very positive ways. In many Native American traditions for example, the spider is the creature that gives birth to all other animals and sustains the web of life. The Goddess Spider Grandmother (and there is also a Spider Woman) is a key deity that brings wisdom, safety and communication to all the tribes. She created and wove all the stars in the sky and makes soft webs for those that are troubled to rest upon and be supported by.

Spiders’ webs can be seen as a symbol of connection, not necessarily entrapment. There is a fine line sometimes between a family or community supporting us and controlling us. This card looks at this discernment. It also suggests you review the way you communicate with the wider community, at work or generally with others and take steps to improve this or do it slightly differently. It also indicates that there needs to be a balance between what you do for yourself and what you do for others… if we give too much to the outside, our strength diminishes and we cannot weave the supporting web for ourselves.”*

~by Stacey Demarco

Even if you are not a fan of spiders, they do carry an important message. I myself have been working hard on making peace with my childhood fear of spiders. We have an agreement, I practice the spider relocation project if I find them in the house, and they agree not to bite us. So far, so good.

Spider represents the intricacy of life, the threads that join us all together… the six degrees of separation theory if you will (where everyone is somehow connected through someone else, somehow!) Spider also represent your purpose in it all, a single thread in a web of many. Interesting if you think that the internet is called: World Wide Web this is for a reason! It allows us to connect from anywhere in the world to anyone in the world if they are also “on the web.” Fascinating really!

So where do you fit into your current community? Are you feeling supported by your web? Or are you feeling as if the strings are wearing thin? Are you caught in someone else’s web, and if so, how can you strengthen your own so you don’t need theirs anymore? Are you feeling dexterous and creative; free to create the web of your dreams? When you can find the answers to these questions, you can connect to spider medicine. You can be a strong thread in the web of life; as you create a strong web of your own.

And here we are; alone yet part of something so big, so beautiful, so full of light.

The spiral of life; full of magic and mystery.

The web of life.


*Halloween Oracle Card deck, by Stacey Demarco

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