Angel Asmodel ~ Patience

Angel Asmodel ~ Patience, from the Oracle Of The Angels by Richard Webster
Angel Asmodel ~ Patience, from the Oracle Of The Angels by Richard Webster

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Angel Asmodel ~ Patience, from the Oracle Of The Angels by Richard Webster

Angel Asmodel ~ Patience: “Asmodel governs the month of April and is responsible for people born under the sign of Taurus. He is cautions and helps people steadily increase their net worth. His robes are dark green and turquoise. He appears relaxed ans is seated whilst reading a scroll.

Challenge: “You might be seeking instant results. You need to allow whatever time is necessary for your plans to develop. It is hard to wait when you want to act, but patience can be a source of strength. Use this time to think, learn, and plan, so that you can move ahead quickly when the time of waiting is over.

Be patient with little things, too. We all experience small annoyances every now and again. If you learn to handle them in a calm manner, you will also be able to handle bigger problems with the same degree of patience.”*

~by Richard Webster

Sometimes we need to proceed step by step with out reward. We must have faith that the harvest will come, even if there is no sign of it right now. Think of the farmer sowing his seeds, he puts the seeds down and trusts in the soil and the elements to do the rest. He cannot hasten the harvest, no matter how much he wants the end result. There may be too much rain, or not enough. Birds might eat some of the seeds, and animals may nibble the tender shoots. But the farmer knows that ultimately, this will not affect his harvest. He has faith. In the end, he must know that his harvest will always bear fruit. Yes, there may be unforseen setbacks, but he must be patient and surrender to the process.

This is a metaphor for your process right now. There are ebbs and there are flows. Just when you think all the stars are in alignment, and that you are sure to harvest, there may be a set back. Yet, this set back is only as large as you perceive it to be. Only as large as you let it be. Only as small and insignificant as you allow it to be. Maybe it is not a set back at all, but a calm before the storm. Maybe what you desire so much is actually on it’s way to you right now, and as much as you cannot hasten the harvest, you are about to receive regardless of what may be going on.

Take this time to breathe! Take a little reprieve. Realign your focus, gather your strength, tie up loose ends. Get the little stuff done so you can tackle the big stuff that is coming. See this as a gift, like getting off work early for a long weekend! Celebrate the victories and don’t let the little blocks get you down. Ultimately, you are on your way to greatness and nothing and no one can hold you back!


*Oracle Of The Angels by Richard Webster


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  1. I find it interesting that this card is numbered a 2 because it is the same message in Numerology for a person in their Personal Year #2. Thanks for the reminder because that is where I am at. (To find your personal year, add your birth month and your birth day to the year, add until you have a single digit: 8+4+2+0+1+5 = 20, 2+0= 2)
    Faith and patience is not for wussies! Your support is much appreciated Dee.

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