Workshops and Seminars

Workshops and Seminars, from the Angel Therapy Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue Ph.D
Workshops and Seminars, from the Angel Therapy Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue Ph.D

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Workshops and Seminars, from the Angel Therapy Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue Ph.D

Workshops and Seminars: “Attending and giving speeches is part of your spiritual path and purpose. Be open to teaching and learning.”

“The angels have been sending you intuitive messages about attending and giving workshops, seminars, and speeches. They have now sent this oracle card to you so that you will know that you really are hearing your angels’ messages about this topic.

If you have been dreaming about giving a workshop or a speech, the angels will guide you through the process. Give any worries, thoughts, concerns, or questions to them; and then listen to their replies, which will come to you as ideas and feelings. The angles will help to lead you to the right venue, topic and audience members. All you need to do is follow their guidance.

You are also guided to attend workshops to further your spiritual path and education. Enroll in classes that you feel drawn to, and ask Archangel Raphael to support everything in this endeavor – including tuition fees, transportation, lodging, time off from work, babysitting arrangements and so forth.

The way is clear for you to give and receive through the workshop process. Enjoy!

Action Steps: Visualize yourself conducting a workshop for a group of appreciative individuals who are smiling receptively at you. Feel yourself confidently receiving Divine information which you impart to your audience members. Continue with this visualization by seeing and feeling additional positive details. When you feel complete, say:

“Thank you, Universe

For my wonderful experiences

giving workshops for people

who receive blessings from the teachings

that come through me.”*

~by Doreen Virtue Ph.D

Do not panic, this doesn’t mean that you have to get up in front of people if you are not comfortable doing so! Many people fear public speaking and are terrified of standing up in front of a crowd. However, this doesn’t mean that you will never do this, it just means that you do not have to do it until you are ready to do so! In the meantime, it’s time to learn!

Have a look at what is going on locally. Is there a workshop, class or seminar that you can attend? Maybe you can learn a new skill, or find out about learning something that you have been interested in for a while now. There are many healing modalities, and some are self healing and do not necessarily require that you begin by healing others. Is there one that calls to you? You may be interested in energy healing, crystals, Law Of Attraction, or any kind of positive spirituality. All of these will assist you in opening your heart and your mind, as well as raising your vibration.

Look for a non competitive atmosphere, and a room full of like minded people. Not only will you learn, but you may just find that you meet people who will support you, and open you up to new opportunities.

Be brave, get out of your comfort zone, and learn something new. It just may be the door to the next chapter.


*Angel Therapy Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue Ph.D


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