Letting Go

Letting Go, from the Gateway Oracle Card deck, by Denise Linn
Letting Go, from the Gateway Oracle Card deck, by Denise Linn

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Letting Go, from the Gateway Oracle Card deck, by Denise Linn

Letting Go: “I surrender joyously to the ebbing and flowing of life”

Card Meaning: “Surrender. Relinquish control and allow Spirit to take over. You do not need to do everything by yourself. All is well. It is time to just let is all go and enjoy the ride. Doing so gives others permission to let go in their own lives. “

The Universe Wants You To Know: “There are times to hold on for dear life, and times to simply throw up your hands and let go. It is time to release any limiting patterns, emotional attachments, or inner and outer clutter. Surrendering does not mean that you are yielding to a force outside of yourself. It means that you are allowing your soul to take over. Release the stress of needing to control things, wanting to determine the outcome of a situation, or expecting others to act in a particular way. There is a simple grace and beauty that unfolds when you truly let go. Loving spiritual help is all around you… simply open your heart and let it in.”

Questions To Ask Yourself: “Is there anything I need to release? Is there a person or a situation I need to let go of? Is there anyone who needs to let go of me?”*

~ by Denise Linn

Fear of change can be paralyzing. It can hold us hostage. Fear of the unknown. Fear of failure. Fear of success (yup, that’s a real thing). Fear of leaving something or someone and then regretting it. Fear of moving forward.

Look at the fish in this card; gaze at them and let their energy reach out to you, enfold you. These fish have no desire to swim upstream, they know that going with the flow is to trust in the Universe. They also do not hide in the shelter of an eddy in the river… trying to decide whether to go with the flow or swim upstream… they just know through trusting in their deep inner wisdom and instinct that the Universe will take care of them. They inherently know that following your heart and going with the flow is always the best option.

Are you going with the flow or are you hiding your head in the sand, waiting for things to change around you without actually participating in the change? Are you stuck in an eddy, unable to make progress for fear of change? Or are you going with the flow and trusting that the Universe will provide? There is no wrong answer here, just introspection. Just a gentle nudge in the direction of your dreams, even if the path ahead looks a little daunting; even if relinquishing control is terrifying. Setting your intention and letting the Universe steer the way will get you to exactly where you need to go.

Take a deep breath and release all the stress, all the fears, doubts and limitations.

Then jump back into the river and go with the flow.


*Gateway Oracle Card deck, by Denise Linn


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  1. Dubem says:

    Wow i found todays message wonderful cos i let go off the attachment that causes limitation an i felt so much joy through today, thanks so much for your efforts and each day i anticipate for the days message once again thank you

    1. Thank you so much for letting me know! I am so happy that they help you. Blessings, love and light!

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