Making A Difference

Making A Difference, from the Gateway Oracle, by Denise Linn
Making A Difference, from the Gateway Oracle, by Denise Linn

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Making A Difference, from the Gateway Oracle, by Denise Linn

Making A Difference: “My inner light shines far and wide”

Card meaning: “You are making a difference in the lives of others. In ways that you may not even know, many benefit because of you. Your light radiates far and wide.

The Universe wants you to know: Sometimes the smallest actions can have the greatest impact. Perhaps it is a smile shared with a stranger, a kindness extended to an acquaintance, or a favor done for a friend. This is akin to the story about the man who returns beached starfish to the sea. Although he knows that he cannot possibly save them all, he continues his work because it makes a difference to the few he can save. You can and will change lives. Take steps today that will make a difference in the life of another.

Questions to ask yourself: How can I make a difference? Whose life is positively impacted because of me? What can I do to make even more of a difference in the world?”

~by Denise Linn

There have been many movements in the past encouraging people to “pay it forward” or to perform “random acts of kindness” and this is a message that if we all incorporated these values into our every day lives, the world would benefit tremendously. For every selfless act of love and kindness performed, reaps benefits well beyond what we can fully comprehend. Yes, it is nice to see the smile or relief on the person’s face when we help them cross the street or pay for their coffee, but it is the long term energy created that really makes the difference. It is the ripples of that person being selfless and reaching out to another, and another reaching out to another, and so on, and so on…

It is being an integral part of the creation of magic. The raising of vibration, the connection to the healing force of love. The hope created and passed on with a smile, a thoughtful act, an embrace or a helping hand. It’s not about acknowledgment, and it’s not about returns. It is about knowing in your heart and Soul that the ripples have been created, and that they will make a difference in many lives, affecting many people. Healing, cleansing and realigning. Giving people and animals a higher standard of expectations of themselves.

It doesn’t need to be planned out, it doesn’t need to be perfect, and there will be many chances to do it again. It requires heightened senses of awareness, close observation of your environment and what is going on around you. It means allowing yourself to be empathetic, feeling out those around you. You need not take this energy as yours, only acknowledge it and release it. Release judgment, embody compassion. Open your heart and your mind. Allow your light to connect with their light, seeing the pure love and life force coming through from the Universe.

Then make your move. Go ahead, make someone’s day…


* Gateway Oracle, by Denise Linn

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  1. Dubem says:

    It brings great joy to see people happy because of positive efforts in their live…………….i pray i will touch more lives to be happy

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