Bloodstone ~ Perseverance

Bloodstone, from the Crystal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Judy Hall
Bloodstone, from the Crystal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Judy Hall

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Bloodstone, from the Crystal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Judy Hall

Bloodstone: “Perseverance”

“In ancient times Bloodstone possessed many magical qualities including warding off enchantments and the Evil Eye. It has always had a powerful connection with maintaining vitality, regulating menstruation and staunching blood loss.”

Self-understanding: “You are a magical being: an amalgam of your individuality and the family and environment in which you grew. Let go of the past. Look closely at your ancestral line to recognize toxic patterns subconsciously running your life. Break away and be strong. You may have been overly aggressive or defensive. Acknowledge mistakes you have made and bring inner disharmonies to the surface to be transmuted.

Divination: Perseverance is needed. Locked doors open for you, obstacles are swept away and romance blossoms. Preserve your good reputation. Recognize your enemies and keep them close; do not be deceived. Remember that detoxification and chaos precede transmutation. A farewell is called for; mourn appropriately and let go. You are a spiritual warrior. Get in touch with your assertiveness.

Frequency: Earthy

Chakra: Purifies and aligns the lower chakras

Zodiac Timing: Aries, Libra, Pisces

Soul Path: Freedom from the past.”*

~ By Judy Hall

Work with Bloodstone to move forward in your journey, particularly if you have been feeling stuck lately. Bloodstone will give you the energies that  you need in order to release old patterns and belief systems, stepping out of constrictions, free from perceived obstacles and setbacks. Are you ready to proceed? Do you accept this healing? Are you open and willing to transform?

If the answer is yes, find a Bloodstone that calls to you, and get to work! Bloodstone is not difficult to find, it should be readily available in any rock hound shop, metaphysical store or trustworthy online crystal broker. A small tumbled stone will work just fine and can be worn, placed in a pocket, under your pillow or used in meditation. Be sure to clear your stone first by soaking in water, placing under the full moon, or in a plant or on the earth over night. Once your stone is cleared, place it in your right palm and set your intention to work with it for the highest good, by the grace of the Universe by blowing your intention directly into the stone. You may also include intentions of releasing past patterns of pain or hurt, healing, moving forward and aligning with your true Soul purpose.

Allow Bloodstone to help you work towards being the best version of yourself. Decide that you can take on old challenges with new ideas, new opportunities without fear or doubt, and meet new people with an open mind and an open heart. Know that you are free of past restrictions and limitations, which were only perceptions of yourself through your old vision of yourself and your potential. Be receptive to creative ideas, team work, embracing possibility and the abundance that follows. Know that things can come easily if you can learn to go with the flow and accept what the Universe has on offer.

Magical times are upon us.


* Crystal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Judy Hall

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