A Loyal Guardian

A Loyal Guardian, from the Oracle Of The Shapeshifters, by Lucy Cavendish
A Loyal Guardian, from the Oracle Of The Shapeshifters, by Lucy Cavendish

Daily Angel Oracle Card: A Loyal Guardian, from the Oracle Of The Shapeshifters, by Lucy Cavendish

A Loyal Guardian ~ Message: “A magickal protector is there for you”

About A Loyal Guardian: “This sweet faery being holds within her arms a fierce, loyal and very strong Rottweiler who will keep all predators and bullies at bay. He is unwaveringly devoted to protecting his faery friend – and to protecting you. A Loyal Guardian is so powerful that he is unable to be hurt, and he will stand guard and watch, growl at, fight and even kill any who attempt to harm you at this stage. This card is the sign of a fierce, protective magick surrounding you or another one with you who is fragile. Those who need protection are like newborns – they may have been bullied or hurt, picked on and teased to a point where they feel it is better to be ignored and left alone than to be noticed and hurt again and again. When this card makes its appearance, those with unjust desires or intentions toward you or a vulnerable person you know will be warned off before they have a chance to come too close. You are so very protected at this time. Have no fear.”

A Loyal Guardian Speaks: “You have been bullied. And at this time you are more vulnerable than ever before. You are like a young child, a baby, and you are fragile. I say this not to alarm you or to instill in you a belief in weakness, for you will grow strong in time, but for now I will protect you and allow you to be yourself – your true self – without fear.

Think of yourself as a newborn: Babies are at their most vulnerable after transitioning from the sea of the womb to the world of breath and air. You are making a huge change, and this makes you vulnerable. When you are rebirthing, hanging your life, you need mentors and strong, calm guardians to assist you in moving into a world that seems full of danger. With my steadfast, calm confidence you will be safe. You can face the changes and the threats without becoming overwhelmed or rushing back to a familiar, less sensitive state because is seems safe. You need guidance, protection and companionship from those whose senses are refined, honed, and blade sharp – and those who are fearless in their use. At this time, you must have protection, a guide to show you the way, a powerful being to watch over you, to look out for you while you reform and regroup. Your guide is the equivalent of a watchtower staffed by a vigilant warrior assuring you that you can do what must be done in safety and peace, and that you will be well-informed of possible changes, dangers, or threats coming towards you. As this protector, I will growl fiercely at any who might harm you, and I know that as you grow, you will teach the young ones the truth – that magickal protection is sometimes necessary and always available.”

Divination: “You will have with you energetically at this time a very protective guardian. There may be some new people or situations in your life that make you feel threatened, uncertain, and uncomfortable. This wariness has been noted, and this shapeshifter in the form of a large, devoted, and very powerful companion will be by your side, sniffing out danger, sounding an alarm at any threat, even readying to fight for you, should it come to that. If there has been bullying or behavior that has intimidated you, you have someone on your side who will not let you down and who will not let you facet this alone.”*

~By Lucy Cavendish

A Loyal Guardian is represented by the Rottweiler in this particular card, but I am feeling dragon energy big time as I write this… goosebumps and all! If there is someone out there who is pushing you around, or who you feel that you cannot be yourself around due to a fear of ridicule, judgment or rejection, it’s time to call in the big guns! Each of us has a team of guides and angels surrounding us at all times, yet we often feel so alone! This is part of the veil of the “Big Forget,” which we agreed to when we came here. In the past, we felt that since cannot “see” them,  we don’t believe in them… but all that is changing. Many of us have a deep knowing about our angels and guides. We can feel their presence in other ways. We can use our powers of clarivoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance to connect and communicate with this amazing group of beings. And this includes the heavy hitters, such as the ferocious beasts which serve to protect us from all harm. The dogs, and dragons and wolves, the bears and lions and eagles. They are here to teach us wisdom, but they are also our fearless protectors, and can be called to when we are feeling vulnerable, unsafe, threatened or even under attack.

Call if you need them, they are particularly close right now, which means there may be a person or situation which has caught their acute senses. You may not be aware of it yet… but this is a message to be aware, not judgmental, just very observant. Call for help when you need it.

And they listen. They assist. In love and light, for the highest good.

And so it is.


*Oracle Of The Shapeshifters, by Lucy Cavendish

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  1. Yihan says:

    Thank you. I am going through that right now and feel the need for my protectors.
    Thank you

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