Miss Spider Web

Miss Spider Web, from the Oracle Of The Shapeshifters, by Lucy Cavendish
Miss Spider Web, from the Oracle Of The Shapeshifters, by Lucy Cavendish

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Miss Spider Web, from the Oracle Of The Shapeshifters, by Lucy Cavendish

Miss Spider Web: “Reconsider your alliances; make new connections”

About Miss Spider Web: “Spiders are so beautiful and patient, so hardworking and clever. They are self-sufficient – they may inspire fear in some people, but they are most often creators of the most complex threads and patterns, and they do this each day. their threads are gossamer fine, like faery dresses and magical garments, but they are the canny spiders’ way of feeling the vibrations of the world around them – a home as well as a net in which to catch what nourishment is needed. You, too, must be more mindful at present. Listen to your spider familiar – ask Miss Spider Web where would be best for you to weave these connections. Wonder what it is your truly need. Ask your spider familiar to clearly show you what vibrations and energetic messages you are currently ignoring, what opportunities are flying by, uncaught.”

Miss Spider Web Speaks: “When a spider comes to you, as I do, it is time to reconsider your connections so you can catch a fly. Your every phone call, your every conversation, your every thought connects you energetically to another. Weaving and weaving, circling round and round, we hang suspended in the net of connection together. When you have me with you, you will begin to understand what must be rewoven and rewired within these relationships. Some cords must be retraced, restrengthened, again and again, and others must be taken down, removed, or re-created in a fresh territory. I, the spider, wait, and you too, must weave the web of your life and wait – if you have patience and tenacity, what you have been waiting for will wind its way into your silken threads. Make sure that where you are weaving your web is the right  place for you – otherwise you are likely to catch what is not needed.”

Divination: “Prepare for a time when you re-evaluate your connection, as well as the value of where and with whom you network. You will soon begin to shift your focus of communication to a place that will see you prosper, grow, and thrive. It is time to capture some of your dreams by placing your efforts in the right place and by speaking to people who can help you. You will need to initiate this activity yourself and stop relying on other people. Miss Spider Web is asking you to get very interactive with your capturing of information, leads, and prosperity – even if that means remaking what you felt was already in place. You have to continually evolve – this magical companion will show you how, where, when – and once you do, you will know why. There will soon be new technologies, new connections, new locations, and new people in your life. Weave your web wisely. You will be rebuilding social networks, closing down old websites, removing yourself from the web for a time, and extricating yourself from friendships that keep you stuck in the old you.”*

~ By Lucy Cavendish

I don’t often post two cards from the same deck one after the other… but in this case, I really wasn’t given a choice! Of course, when this card jumped right out of the deck and into my lap, I was curious. When I read the explanation, it was perfect synchronicity! Of course that is why Spirit had it literally jump right out at me… so that I had no choice but to take notice!

This card’s message is to take notice. What is going on around you right now? How are your associations shaping your reality? Are you surrounding yourself with like-minded, supportive and loving friends? Or is something… or someone… not quite right? Is someone masquerading as someone or something they are not? Only by listening closely to your intuition, as well as closely observing those around you, will you know for sure. There is likely someone in your circle of friends or colleagues whom is not who they pretend to be. They may do it for a myriad of reasons, and they may feel that they are doing it for the “right reasons” but none the less, they are not being true. They are wearing a mask. And you know.

However, this is not a case to gossip about, advertise to others or take up an affront. It is simply a knowing; an acknowledgment to yourself. Stopping to listen to that little voice inside that has been niggling at you. Know that you are protected, as yesterdays message assured. There is no need to retaliate, or rip off the mask for them; there is only the need to observe and then to withdraw and release. There are some people whom you just do not need to have in your life, they may suck your energy, they may steal your spotlight, or they may have other ulterior motives. Whatever the case, the best thing now is to set yourself free by turning the other direction and literally walking away. Just don’t give them any energy. Without energy, they have no power over you.

Ask Miss Spider to help you draw new associates to you. Ask your angels and guides to bring you the right supportive friends. Know that this really isn’t about you, and take no responsibility for their actions. Just do what must be done. Cut the cords and move forward. There are opportunities awaiting you that are for you only. No one can take them away from you; no matter what THEY think!


* Oracle Of The Shapeshifters, by Lucy Cavendish

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