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Green Calcite

Published December 31, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Green Calcite, from the Liquid Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Justin Moikeha Asar

Green Calcite, from the Liquid Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Justin Moikeha Asar

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Green Calcite, from the Liquid Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Justin Moikeha Asar

Green Calcite: “Letting Go”

The Master Crystal Deva Kel-el-m: “For too long, you have looked back over a shoulder that was turned forward in choice. Enter now my compassionate and loving embrace, take the hand of the Lady Master Quan Yin and judge yourself not. The time has come to let go with Joy, only then can a new cycle be born.

Let me aid you to the space of calm healing, soothing all that is in our path, I am gentle, bringing safety and reassurance. I will sail with you upon the sea of healing with the minimum of Pain. I am like Ice in the Ocean, Flowing and Smooth, feel my cooling hand lift the weight from your shoulders and help re-establish you in the world.

Come, journey on the dragonfly’s back. By my side a cycle has been reborn. Regret nothing, forgive all and be free to receive your creations through the ever patient and accepting eye of love’s eternal storm. Walk your path of realization in the starry sea of the Universal breath.”

Green Calcite in Healing: “Of the many colour frequencies in the calcite family of crystals, Green Calcite is perhaps the softest, often displaying one of the most gentle color frequencies in the mineral kingdom. All calcites are excellent at facilitating that management of multiple realities or levels of being into oneness. Green Calcite, with its remarkable clarity and soft, mint green hue helps anchor this characteristic into the heart carrying all it finds there into the Now. Guided by an open heart and universal mind, in Green Calcite’s embrace, movement through new territory becomes a fearless and calm process.

Green Calcite is the crystal of Letting Go. She enters the mind with her healing, cooling and calming vibration and melts away any attachments to old ways and situations, then creates a calm and centered space for the rebuilding and manifestation of new paths in life. Through she is able to stimulate change by herself, often in Atlantis powerful manifestation crystals such as Ruby, Garnet, and Topaz followed Green Calcite with potent, life changing results. Green Calcite holds the sacred vibration of the Lady Quan Yin and Lady Pallas Athena a perfect match to their glorious light and lessons, it will link you powerfully.

Green Calcite is the most calming and cooling of all the green minerals, able to settle heated anger and powerfully calm the nerves. She is a relaxant and will help in all forms of stress and its related illnesses especially in the digestive system. All conditions of mental rigidity (attachment) such as Arthrisis, Tendonitis, Ligament damage and Spinal troubles are greatly helped. Green Calcite is one of few minerals that, as a liquid Crystal, can be placed topically on burns with great confidence.”

Your Healing Journey Today: “Time to cut the ties and release yourself forward, every day in life is a challenge of integration and growth. That which is not recognized is left awaiting our return to deliver its important lessons and messages. Remember, all in our world is valid and has purpose. The time has come to heal and forgive yourself into wholeness where you can see the totality of you and your creations. Green Calcite calls forward the parts left behind in moments where we feared or allowed unrealized Power, Love, and/or Wisdom to direct us. From that moment forwards, your life has not been your own, tainted by the influence of another person, job, place or circumstance. Letting Go is not the loss of anything, in truth it is the rediscovery of you and your path in the world, untainted and whole. Forgive, Love and Heal.

When the mind perceives the end, the Spirit is just beginning, journey on.”

Affirmatin: “I am free in the Now”

Keywords: “Letting Go, Detachment, Freedom, Control, New Territory (to be approached without fear), Mental Healing, The Green Ray, Presence of Anger, Healing of the bones.”*

~by Justin Moikeha Asar

You must step free of the illusion, it does not serve you anymore. I know you are scared, I know you are holding back. But you must remember how powerful you are; you have forgotten for far too long. Letting go with bring back your joy. As you step forward, you will step through a new door. New opportunity awaits. New possibility beckons.

Go forward fearlessly Dear One.

We are here to catch you.

That is a promise.


*Liquid Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Justin Moikeha Asar

Rehael ~ Self Respect

Published December 30, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Rehael ~ Self Respect, from the Oracle Of The Angels, by Richard Webster

Rehael ~ Self Respect, from the Oracle Of The Angels, by Richard Webster

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Rehael ~ Self Respect, from the Oracle Of The Angels, by Richard Webster

Rehael ~ Self Respect: “Rehael is the angel of self-respect and works tirelessly to inspire respect for one’s parents. He also works hard to promote humanitarian ideals. Rehael works with both the mind and the body, and promotes health and longevity. As Rehael belongs to the order of Powers, he wears armor and holds a sword.

Challenge From Rehael: “You may have a need to value yourself more. Think of your achievements and contributions to family, friends, and colleagues. Stand up for yourself, when necessary, and make sure your contributions are valued. Keep an eye on your thoughts and try to keep most of them positive. As well as your mind, you need to look after your physical body. Choose a form of exercise that you enjoy and make time for it on a regular basis”*

~ by Richard Webster

Look at the stance of angel Rehael. Note how powerful, direct and uncompromising his gaze. He holds his sword with both hands; observe that the hilt is bright red, the colour of the base chakra signifying safety, security, trust and belonging. See how he is protected by his armor, reminding us to create healthy boundaries that suit our levels of sensitivity and honor them as sacred. His indigo cloak reminds us of the importance of using our third eye, fearlessly seeking the truth through our own intuition and deep inner wisdom.

Rehael is encouraging us to release any shame, guilt and limitations that have previously held us back, and step boldly into our truth. He reminds us to see our own true value and connection to the Divine. He is asking us that we see our own true power, that we use it wisely and with respect. This is not about arrogance, there is no power trip; it is about confidence and strength of character. It is about seeing everyone as equal, removing the hierarchy and seeing the connection to everyone and every being in the Universe. This is true strength.

When we dis-empower ourselves, we deny the light which resides within us. When we tell ourselves that we are not worthy, we are turn away from the Divine spark of our Soul. When we see ourselves as less than another, allowing them to take control of our lives or make our decisions for us, we are moving away from alignment with our higher selves. Giving away our power is not selfless, it is detrimental to our sacred journey on our Soul path.

Rehael is here to guide us back into alignment with our Higher Selves, our Souls. He is asking that we trust in our intuition, and follow the guidance of our hearts. He is asking us to work with our physical bodies, moving the energy and creating a sense of balance and well being. He is reminding us to celebrate our achievements, focus on our victories and acknowledge what we are capable of. Keep our thoughts positive, and know that anything, in this mindset, is possible.


*Oracle Of The Angels, by Richard Webster

Seed Of The Heart

Published December 29, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Seed Of The Heart

Seed Of The Heart, from the Journey Of Love Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild art by Rassouli and Richard Cohn

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Seed Of The Heart, from the Journey Of Love Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild art by Rassouli and Richard Cohn

Seed Of The Heart: “Within each one of us is a divine seed of love, waiting to blossom into fullness. We do not always know what type of blossom we shall be, however, and sometimes if we try to figure it out in advance, the blossoming itself can cause us anxiety, pain or fear, because it is taking us in an unknown, unexpected direction. We may even fear that the direction we are heading is away from our life path and purpose, as if that were even possible! The seed in the heart arises as guidance when we are unfolding in a new manifestation of the divine light within. It comes as encouragement, to trust, to surrender, to allow and to be as open, unthinking and ready for the unexpected as possible. A plant just needs the right conditions to grow healthy, and if you have ever seen a blade of grass pushing up through a crack in a pavement, then you will know that when something is meant to grow to the light, it will do so, even against the most apparently insurmountable odds.

This oracle brings you guidance – the right conditions are being brought to you, the most perfect support for your own divine blossoming. Trust. Know that the seed in your heart knows how to grow and life supports it. It is also a sign that something in your relationships is sprouting – a new energy – do not be afraid to try new ways of relating now as your life energy supports it.

When sky can imagine

The dark awake

In awe, light pervades

And bares the vast tranquil mystery

Softly caressing the blue bold birth”*

~ By Alana Fairchild

We are coming into ourselves, able to see our own Divine beauty and feel our deep “reason for being” on the planet at this time; The Seed Of The Heart. Our Soul Path is emerging, full of light and love, and we are choosing to allow ourselves to see it in a new light. There is no need for fear around presenting ourselves authentically, as there is no more need for masks and alter egos to falsely  protect or shield us. There is only pure, Unconditional love and this is our most powerful tool for healing on the planet at this time. We cannot be held back any longer, as we see through the veil of fear meant to stop us and hold us hostage. Every being around us is coming together and we are so much more powerful than we ever imagined possible, especially as we work together as one.

We are unique and beautiful Souls, but we are also a part of something much larger. Something so great and powerful that our minds can only conceive it in glimpses.

We are Divine.


*Journey Of Love Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild art by Rassouli and Richard Cohn


Quan Yin ~ Let It Go

Published December 28, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Quan Yin ~ Let It Go, from the Ascended Masters Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Quan Yin ~ Let It Go, from the Ascended Masters Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Quan Yin ~ Let It Go, from the Ascended Masters Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Quan Yin: “Let It Go”

“It is time to stop struggling, pushing, or forcing things to happen. Such actions push against the universal flow and lead to frustrations and blocks. When you let the situation go to Spirit, you automatically open supportive doors that will bring solutions and an outcome exceeding your expectations. Let go of struggle, anger, unforgiveness, or anything else undesirable. Trust that the Universe is on your side.”

Additional Meanings For This Card: “Let go of an argument, judgments, or long term hurt. Have compassion for everyone involved in this situation, including yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Forgive yourself for what you think you have done or not done.”

“Quan Yin is the beloved Buddhist goddess of compassion whose name means “She who hears all prayers.” At her mortal death, Quan Yin was eligible for Buddhahood, yet she decided to stay close to the Earth and help all humans until everyone became enlightened. You can call upon Quan Yin for help with forgiveness and compassion and to have your needs met in gentle and loving ways.”*

~ By Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Here Quan Yin comes to remind us that we need not force things to have them happen in our lives, that although we are guided to use clear intention and take steps towards what we desire to manifest, we need not use brute force! There is no hastening the river! Sometimes we must complete a cycle before starting on the next; tie up loose ends before starting on the next chapter. We also must let go of the need to control, and to have things look exactly as we want them to look.

Does that seem contradictory? Focus on what you want, but don’t get all caught up in the expectations… hmmm how do you process that? One of the most powerful tools I have used is to ask the Universe for “this or something better,” which allows some space for my socks to be blown off in the process! We are such limited thinkers, us humans! And we try so hard to colour in the lines that we sometimes lose the magic in the process. What if you were so busy colouring in the lines on your little printed out mandala, and the Universe brought in a mural the size of a bill board! That is how fast things can happen and sometimes we think we know what’s best, but we really just want the feeling that goes along with it.

So, when you set your intention and start taking steps towards creating your dreams, always leave some wiggle room for surprises, miracles and gifts from the Universe along the way. Keep in mind that the journey itself is where the magic of the lesson lies. And that no matter what you think you want, the Universe can conjure up something even better!


*Ascended Masters Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Just For A Moment, Joy

Published December 27, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Just For A Moment, Joy, from the Journey Of Love Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Rassouli and Richard Cohn

Just For A Moment, Joy, from the Journey Of Love Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Rassouli and Richard Cohn

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Just For A Moment, Joy, from the Journey Of Love Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Rassouli and Richard Cohn

“What we feel and express, what we choose at any given time, is our offering to the divine cosmic matrix. It germinates and is reflected back to us as manifestation in this material reality. Can you choose to gentle your heart, to let it be open to light and to life? Even if just for a moment? If you are in the midst of darkness, of deep suffering, can you find even for just a moment, the joy of existence underneath it all? It is a wild ride, this life. Every time you open your arms in “YES!” the universe responds in kind.

This oracle brings you a message. In this moment, trust that there is joy waiting to be felt and found, no matter how hard that may be to believe right now. Let go of your attachment to the apparent problems at hand, as much as you can, and you will be allowing yourself to let the Divine take over and sort out what needs to happen here. There is help awaiting your invitation always. Why not let it in and let joy in too? You are being offered divine support to live a less guarded existence, to dissemble yourself a little, or a lot, and let your true nature, which is joy, bubble to the surface, without rhyme or reason other than just because it lives.”

“Love is magic

Like a balmy breeze

On a winter night

It feels so good

You want it to last forever

And love is magic

Because we make it so

By opening

To the pleasure of being alive

And sharing the joy we feel

And when we’re not looking

The night may warm again”*

 ~ By Alana Fairchild

The simplest way to understand and work with the Law Of Attraction is knowing that whatever you feel into existence will manifest in that feeling. Yes, sometimes we are pleasantly surprised, but often we are dismayed at our ability to create “more of the same”… yet, are we fully acknowledging our power here? Taking full responsibility for how things look at this moment in time? Or are we feeling like things are “happening TO us”… that we are merely victims of circumstance? Imagine getting in your car, hitting the accelerator and throwing the steering wheel out the window! Where would you go? Around in circles? Into the nearest tree or off a cliff? Or maybe you would make it, by some Divine intervention, to somewhere safely. The point is, it would be out of your hands.

Same with your life! If you hand over the steering wheel and take no responsibility what so ever for where you are going, then you have to be ready for whatever comes. If you use your clear intention to direct your course, with the powerful force of your positive emotions propelling you forward in creating, then you won’t even need the car, you will be able to fly!

Know that each step is in co-creation.

You step forward, the Universe comes to meet you.

Steps don’t need to be physical they can be perceptual.

They can be felt, right from the heart.

Step into Joy… even just for a moment. And see what the Universe has to offer.


*Journey Of Love Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Rassouli and Richard Cohn


The Spiritual Teacher

Published December 25, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
The Spiritual Teacher, from the Guardian Angel Tarot Card deck, by Doreen Virtue Ph.D and Radleigh Valentine

The Spiritual Teacher, from the Guardian Angel Tarot Card deck, by Doreen Virtue Ph.D and Radleigh Valentine

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Spiritual Teacher, from the Guardian Angel Tarot Card deck, by Doreen Virtue Ph.D and Radleigh Valentine

The Spiritual Teacher: “There are great rewards in spending time alone. Use those moments of solitude to focus on love, and ways in which you might give to those around you. Shine your light as an example for others to follow. Seek out a spiritual mentor of your own if your life feels unfulfilled right now.”

Message From The Spiritual Teacher: “Seek and ye shall find. You will discover a wonderful mentor or spiritual teacher, as you ask Heaven for someone who can provide you with wise counsel and loving guidance. Or perhaps it is time for you to step out into the open as a teacher with many spiritual gifts. Do not underestimate the brightness of the light you have to offer others!

If you are currently on a quest for peace and enlightenment, do your seeking within. Meditation or time spent in nature can provide great insight.”

~ by Doreen Virtue Ph.D and Radleigh Valentine

Merry Christmas…. are you connecting to the Spirit of Love today? Are you taking some time to connect with your loved ones, even if you find the holidays stressful? Are you able to take some time to yourself to just breathe?

This card is a message to you that you are about to either find or become a mentor. Student or teacher; who learns more? The roles almost blend as one learns from another in the perfect balance of giving and receiving; one cannot function without the other. Look for signs in the upcoming days as the year comes to a close;  this is going to happen soon and start the new year off in a wonderful new direction. You just may learn more than you ever thought possible!

In the meantime, practice gratitude as you reflect on the lessons learned to date. Where were you this time last year, body, mind and spirit? Where are you in your consciousness comparatively? How have your values changed… even subtle differences can be huge if you just acknowledge them. Where is your vibration at today?

Take a few deep breaths and send blessings, love and light out to all of your loved ones, whether they are in flesh or in spirit, near or far. Send blessings out around your neighbourhood, your town, your city. Send it right out around your country, then out and around the whole continent. Send this powerful love, light, healing and blessings right out around the world. And then, right out into the Universe. Know that as you do this, you connect to the energy of others who are also doing it, having read this message. Breathe in their love and connect to it, knowing that as you do so, you strengthen their intention as they do yours.

We are all in this together, and together we will make a difference.


*Guardian Angel Tarot Card deck, by Doreen Virtue Ph.D and Radleigh Valentine

Higher Power

Published December 24, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
 Higher Power, from the Wisdom Of The Oracle card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

Higher Power, from the Wisdom Of The Oracle card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Higher Power, from the Wisdom Of The Oracle  card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

Higher Power ~ Essential meaning: “Conscious contact with a Higher Power; the presence of the Divine; seeing Source energy in all things; committing to a partnership with Spirit.”

The Oracle’s Message: “This card reminds you that you are more than a person trying to get ahead and make things happen for ourselves and others. You have an immortal soul and are gifted with a human life through which a Higher Power can express itself. At this time, you need to be conscious of your connection to Spirit and foster it through prayer and meditation. Ask: What is the highest good for all? How can I serve? Then get out of your own way and trust that there is a plan for your life more wondrous than you can ever know. You are always protected and Divinely directed.”

Relationship Message: “It is time to address how much effort you give to your relationship with your Higher Power, called God, Goddess, Spirit, or any other name that is sacred and holy. Recognize that your partnership with Spirit is your number one priority. The appearance of this card also indicates that there is a deep spiritual bond between you and another person who is essential to your growth and evolution. Tend to your spiritual connections and remain aware of your true nature.

Prosperity Message: “Sometimes your work just flows through you – ideas come rushing in, and inspiration bubbles up from a wellspring you didn’t even know you could access. When you enter agreements, begin projects, and negotiate deals with Spirit as your partner, you will always succeed. Let your Higher Power lead. The synchronicities and intuitive nudges you feel will help you see which way you are being pointed, giving you confidence to move forward in the right direction. Don’t forget to give credit where it is due. You wouldn’t be a success without Spirit’s guidance. Humility will serve you well when this symbol appears.”

Protection Message: “Now is the time to examine what you are giving energy and attention to in the back of your mind. If you are obsessing about being right; about old resentments or failed expectations; about money; or about any other people, places or things, these will be the source from which you create. But you want Spirit to be your Source! Take heart, for your Higher Power will never desert you and is always waiting for you to remember the sacred partnership you share. Turn away from other sources of power that don’t serve your highest good. There is no greater Source than Spirit. You can always surrender your troubles and trust that they will be taken care of. You are in good hands.”*

~ By Colette Baron Reid

What do you need to release in order to move forward? Know that if there is any past resentments, old pains or fears that hold you back, that these become the lens through which you see your reality. Only by embracing faith and releasing all this old energy to the Universe to be transmuted into light can we begin to meet our true potential. Only by knowing with absolute conviction that lessons have been learned and no longer need to be repeated. Old repetitive patterns are finished now and limitless possibility is our only option. Can you feel it?

Let go of all the old drama. Let go of all those old doubts and fears that have been holding you back. Embrace this new dimension of reality… the one that beckons to you through the simple miracle of life through love and light. Focus your attention on your connection to the Divine. Lean on your angels when you need a hand. Speak to Mother Mary when you need loving guidance. Ask Jesus to show you the way to the light through Unconditional Love and Christ Consciousness.

Love yourself. Love your family. Love the Earth and all of her creatures and creations. Radiate this love right out into the Universe. This is why you are here, to heal and ascend through this Divine love.

Your Divine love.

And so it is.


*Wisdom Of The Oracle card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

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