Oya ~ Change

Oya ~ Change, from the Goddess Oracle Card deck, by Amy Sophia Marashinsky and Hrana Janto
Oya ~ Change, from the Goddess Oracle Card deck, by Amy Sophia Marashinsky and Hrana Janto

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Oya ~ Change, from the Goddess Oracle Card deck, by Amy Sophia Marashinsky and Hrana Janto

Oya ~ Change

“I work in ways deep

ever present

always moving

I work in ways dramatic

with thunder and lightning

sweeping and uprooting

I work in ways subtle

pushing and prodding

wearing and tearing

I swirl you and twirl you

I splatter you and scatter you

I shock you and rock you

I clear the way for what is to come

I can be slight or stupendous

brief or long lasting

uproaring or uprising

What I can’t be is ignored”

Mythology: “In Africa, Oya (pronounced oh-yah) is the Yoruban Goddess of weather, especially tornadoes, lightning, destructive rainstorms, fire, female leadership, persuasive charm, and transformation. She is also one of the most powerful of Brazilian Macumba deities. When women find themselves in hard-to-resolve conflicts, she is the one to call on for protection. Wearing wine, her favorite colour, and exhibiting nine whirlwinds (nine being her sacred number) she is depicted here with a turban twisted to appear like buffalo horns, for it is said she assumed the shape of a buffalo when wedded to Ogun.”

Meaning of the card: “Oya storms into your life to tell you that change is calling, beckoning, and camping out on your doorstep. The way to wholeness for you lies in embracing change. Have you been too busy, too stressed, to attend to the changes needed in your life to nurture yourself? Is change so fearful a concept that you push it aside, play hide and seek with it, or just ignore it? Have you arranged your life so perfectly that there is no room left for potential? Time for change. Time to sweep out, sweep up, and be swept away. Perhaps you are in the midst of the Change (menopause) and are having trouble accepting it. Resistance to change brings more persistent change. Choosing to dance with change means you will flow with it. Let yourself be unsettled, prepare yourself for growth. Enter deeply into change’s chaotic dance and you will be richly blessed with abundant possibility. It is time for something completely different. Oya says that the earth must be dug up before anything can be planted and that change always brings you what you need on your path to wholeness.”*

~by Amy Sophia Marashinsky and Hrana Janto

This has been a challenging year for many, a year of opening up, of releasing the old, and about making room for the new. December is no exception… so close we are to saying goodbye to 2015 and yet here we are with one final challenge. Change is upon us one last time before we embark on our journey into the new year. Oya signals the kind of change that is coming whether we like it or not. She is a storm that we can decide to batten down the hatches and wait it out, we can hide in the basement and hope that it doesn’t find us, or we can surrender to it’s vast power and know that everything will work out in perfect Divine order.

So, not only do we have the holiday season almost upon us, but we have some final releasing and shedding of old belief systems, old outmoded fears and doubts, and patterns of pain and hurt in our lives. If we are honest with ourselves and see what really needs to change; what has needed to change for quite some time now… then we can work together with the great Goddess Oya and co-create this change with her assistance. If we choose to live in our old dense vibration, and shy away from the change for fear of failure based on past experiences… she may just drag us kicking and screaming into our new beginning!

Co-creator sounds better to me! How about you?

Acknowledge the change and your part in it. Take responsibility for the past, then cut it free. Step into the future with bold authenticity, hand in hand with the Goddess.

Change is on it’s way.

It’s a good thing.

Embrace it.


*Goddess Oracle Card deck, by Amy Sophia Marashinsky and Hrana Janto



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