Regeneration, from the Wisdom Of The Oracle, by Colette Baron-Reid
Regeneration, from the Wisdom Of The Oracle, by Colette Baron-Reid

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Regeneration, from the Wisdom Of The Oracle, by Colette Baron-Reid


Essential Meanings: “Rebirth ~ Second Chances ~ New Opportunities”

The Oracle’s Message: “Second chances are available to you now. Whatever opportunities you thought were dead are now revived, in a more authentic, stronger form. Whatever you may have perceived as a failure or loss is now being replaced by something better and more powerful growing in its place. This rebirth is assured. Step into your new life. Destiny is being fulfilled in wondrous ways. “

Relationship Message: “The world is based on connections and relationships. No matter what loss has occurred in the past or even now, death and endings are only illusions. There is life after death, love after loss; and in this moment, you are radiating the regenerative life force energy that makes you irresistible to love in all forms. Now is the time when you will see evidence of this new emergence. Can you feel it? Love is rising up to greet you.”

Prosperity Message: “What happens when it appears you have failed at something? Do you see the beauty in the lesson? The understanding that arises from difficulties is like a seed that lies dormant for a time. Then, once is germinates in your subconscious, it pushes through your awareness. It is becoming apparent that there is a new you, a new start. A more powerful version and form of what you began to plant int he garden of your imagination has surfaced. You are ripe for success. New opportunities – much better than those that came before – appear, like gifts from the gods. Now is one of those times when out of seeming loss and failure comes remarkable abundance. Do not dwell on the past, because you really are experiencing a rebirth.”

Protection Messages: “Endings come in many forms, and now is the time to stop holding on to what must die… so that something better can take it’s place. Nature’s cycles include disease, decay, death – and regeneration. Let whatever is not working in your life die. Do not be afraid to face the facts. There is no need to struggle or grieve. Whatever your query, let it go. You are about to be reborn.”

~ By Colette Baron-Reid

We humans love to cling on for dear life. We cling to our limited perception of safety, which often ends up being more of the same of what we have been experiencing… and being miserable with… but yet we just can’t seem to let it go. Why are we so fearful that if we let go of what makes us unhappy, we may get something even worse? What if we decide to mindfully change this belief, once and for all? What if we decide that joy is the only option? That change is good, and that we are worthy of everything wonderful and amazing that the Universe has to offer us?

How would things look different in your life right now if you swapped out something that dissatisfied you, knowing with absolute conviction that you were going to get a mystery prize of something even better? Like you literally could not lose, but only trade up and up and up? Yes, there might be little challenges or distractions along the way… but what if those were merely tests of faith? What if they were thrown in by YOU, your ego, and not the Universe at all? Hmmm, things could just be so much better!

Even if you are scared to death of change, and would rather cling on for dear life, you can do one thing starting right now. Right now you can open your heart to change. Right now you can allow thoughts of transformation. Right now you can dream… big.

And then you can look at the situation that you would like to change, and in the babiest of baby steps, you could put it out to the Universe that you now welcome change in your life. That you intend change in your life.

This… or something much, much better….

Leave your options wide open.

Create lots of space.


*Wisdom Of The Oracle, by Colette Baron-Reid

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