Raphael, from the Oracle Of The Angels Oracle Card deck, by Richard Webster
Raphael, from the Oracle Of The Angels Oracle Card deck, by Richard Webster

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Raphael, from the Oracle Of The Angels Oracle Card deck, by Richard Webster

Raphael ~ Healing: “Raphael is usually depicted as a traveler. He wears light yellow casual robes and sandals. He carries a long staff in one hand and a fish in the other. He has a canteen attached to his belt. Raphael has long, fair hair. Around his shoulders he has a violet cloak. Raphael has been called the angel or the sun. Consequently, the sun is usually visible in he background whenever Raphael is depicted. Raphael is one of the guardians of the Tree Of Life in the Garden of Eden, and part of this garden can be seen behind him. Raphael is associated with healing for many reasons, but mainly it is because he restored the eyesight of Tobit using gall from a huge fish. Raphael also instructed Noah (and according to Jewish legend, gave him a book) on medicine. Raphael also helped Solomon build his great temple. He is also believed to be the angel who “troubled the water” at the pool at Bethesda. The first person who stepped into the pool after the troubling was cured.

Challenge: “You need physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual healing. You may not be aware of this, but it is important you allow enough time for your body, mind and spirit to restore itself so that you can work at your very best. A walk in a park or some quiet time in which you nurture yourself will pay big dividends.”*

~ by Richard Webster

This is a very busy time of year, and brings about many extra stresses which can quickly lead to overwhelm. We must spread ourselves thin in many ways; socially, financially, personally… there’s just not much left over for our health and well being. I know myself that I often throw away any thoughts of healing out the window in December, thinking I will catch up with it all in January… with the masses!

But what Archangel Raphael is here to tell us, is that a very vital part of health and healing is preventative medicine. We simply must eke out a little “me time” … a little destressing and some much needed time to reconnect with ourselves and Mother Nature… it’s for our very sanity! If you can’t make it to the gym, or to yoga, and your routine has gone out the window, then promise yourself a few minutes outside, no matter the weather, to breathe in silent gratitude. If you are lucky enough to live somewhere down south where it’s warm in the winter then make it at least 20! If it’s minus 50 where you are at… then you will have to settle for under three, but you get the idea.

If this is not possible for any reason, then use the elements available to you. Find a comfortable position, take a few minutes to just breathe in silence; invoking the powerful element of Air into your life for wisdom and healing. Light a candle and work with the element of Fire as you softly focus or close your eyes, finding your center through your breath. Take a sea salt bath (by candle light… even better!) incorporate the deep breathing and you have three amazing elements to work with. Work with the Earth element by doing a simple plant sit with one of your indoor plants… remember that you invite the elementals into your home when you have house plants, and they are incredible ally’s! Lastly, incorporate the fifth element into each exercise… the element of love. Learn to cultivate your deep connection to this profoundly healing element by focusing on your heart center and radiating white light and love out, into and around the world and right out into the Universe holding the intention to give and to receive.

Know that Archangel Raphael will assist you in any way that you ask. Note his chest of treasures that he has brought to you, full of wonder and abundance. No healing too big or too small.


*Oracle Of The Angels Oracle Card deck, by Richard Webster

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