Will, from the Little Wings Guidance Oracle Card deck, by Sonja Kallio
Will, from the Little Wings Guidance Oracle Card deck, by Sonja Kallio

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Will, from the Little Wings Guidance Oracle Card deck, by Sonja Kallio

Will: “Free will has been gifted to all beings.

Will is the freedom that allows you to choose your thoughts, beliefs and perceptions, which thereby manifest your experiences in the world.

Throughout your everyday experiences, learn to notice your reactions or responses. Ask yourself, “Why am I choosing to see this event in this way? Does seeing it in this way bring me peace? Are my motivations coming from Love or  fear?”

If you look with honesty and realize you are motivated by fear, then you will know you have identified with the voice of the ego.

Remember, you  have a choice.

Align your will with the Will of Love by resting your awareness within, toward the ever-present silence of the Heart. You will know you have aligned your will with Love when you feel a deep sense of peace.”*

~ By Sonja Kallio

When we consciously shift our perspective, we take the reins of creation and manifestation in our lives. We decide to see things with an open mind. We decide to take responsibility for what has been created around us, and we know that we have the choice to create more of the same or something completely different in the future. We paint the canvas with experiences both good and bad, of our own choosing mixed with what comes to us from the Universe. But yet, we are not victims. Nothing is happening to us, it is all an intricate pattern of the threads we have woven through our decisions, choices and directions.

And we have the power to change it at any time. If we choose to do so. And if we believe it to be possible.

So how do we balance free will and surrender to the Divine? How do we take action yet get out of our own way for the highest good of all? How do we create in a mindful and loving way that is all-encompassing, healing and balanced? How do we shine our light brightly while not getting too caught up in the desire for material proof of the success of our endeavours?

There are always going to be aspects of life that are beyond our control. How we react to these are up to us. We can face them with fear, anger and put up a powerful struggle. We can live in denial and pretend it’s not happening and remain apathetic. Or we can acknowledge what is happening and try to find peace within. We can practice complete faith and trust; the Universe always provides.

We can move forward with calm certainty, leaving room for miracles while releasing the drama, the competition, the comparison. We can practice self love and acceptance and trust that we are on the right path. We can live our lives knowing in our hearts that there is always more than enough to go around, that abundance is our natural state, and that the fear we are fed every day is just a distraction.

We can decide to be of service. Share and shine and Be the Light that the world needs so vitally right now. We can heal ourselves and all others and our beautiful Mother Gaia.

Put your free will to the highest good of all involved and create magic.




~Archangel Oracle

*Little Wings Guidance Oracle Card deck, by Sonja Kallio

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