Perseverance, from the Little Wings Oracle Card deck, by Sonia Kallio
Perseverance, from the Little Wings Oracle Card deck, by Sonia Kallio

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Perseverance, from the Little Wings Oracle Card deck, by Sonia Kallio

Perseverance: “A Light so Divine is in you, it IS you.

You believe you seek your Divinity, when in fact it never left, it has just been lost to your awareness. Pushing it out of your awareness has led you to believe it must be sought outside.

You will not find your Self outside yourself.

Remember the Light within you by allowing it, not by seeking it.

Persevere only in finding all illusions that stand in the way of you knowing your whole and eternal nature.

Practice directing your awareness inward. Love’s Guidance will interpret all beliefs and conditions you unveil, but it cannot shine away what you keep hidden.

Rest assured, Love knows precisely what to do with what you do not want; everything directed toward the Heart that is not Love, is gone.”*

~by Sonia Kallio

We yearn for connection to the Light. We seek it, chase it, search endlessly for it. We ask others about it. Read books about it. Watch sermons; go to workshops; take classes and courses on how to find it. We look for that one perfect explanation; that one prayer, meditation or ritual that brings us closer to the Light. To the Divine, our Source; Spirit.

Yet in all of our searching; in all of our hoping, and dreaming and wishing and praying; we forget that we, in fact ARE the Light. We have it deep within us; in our cells, in our DNA. We are the Heart and Soul and Spirit we seek. We are the connection to the great Divine. We have everything we need within our being, every moment of our lives that we need to make the connection to the Universe.

Can we surrender the drama and pull of the material plane in order to shift our perspective and experience our own true Light?

It might mean mindfully taking a break from stress, from obligation and responsibility, and from technology; if only for a moment. It might mean stepping outside and feeling the Earth beneath your feet; breathing the air; putting your back against a tree; gazing up at the sky. It may be as simple as focusing on your breath; stilling your mind; and letting the silence speak. Maybe some yoga, meditation, or music will help you see your True beautiful Soul self.

However it happens that your perception finally shifts. Focusing on the Now. Breathing in the Universe; feeling and watching your Light expand directly from the heart center. All encompassing; all pervasive. Healing and whole. Bright and perfect and pure. Nothing lacking; complete acceptance and Unconditional Love. This is where you find the light. In the breathe. In the presence.

You are the Light.

I Am the Light.

Remember who you are and why you came here. Christ Consciousness, true unconditional Love.

You are the Truth. You are the Light. You are the Way.

I am the Truth. I am the Light. I am the Way.



~Archangel Oracle

*Little Wings Oracle Card deck, by Sonia Kallio

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