A Change In The Wind

A Change In The Wind, from the Wisdom Of The Oracle, by Colette Baron-Reid
A Change In The Wind, from the Wisdom Of The Oracle, by Colette Baron-Reid

Daily Angel Oracle Card: A Change In The Wind, from the Wisdom Of The Oracle, by Colette Baron-Reid

A Change In The Wind

Essential Meaning: “A sense that unseen change has been initiated; preparation for a storm; awareness that your plans are not on firm ground; feeling a shift; uncertainty about which direction the winds will blow.”

The Oracle’s Message: “It is human nature to yearn for certainty and resist change – to want the world to remain consistent like a zebra’s stripes. Yet nothing in human experience is black and white, nor will anything remain static. The one thing guaranteed is change. Now is a time of transformation as outer conditions are temporarily moving out of sync with your desires and expectations. Stay the course and remember that even storms serve to clear the air, scatter the seeds, and nourish the soil for better things ahead. Life is about to get interesting. Anticipate it with curiosity as you wonder what is coming in on the shifting winds. The unknown is where the magic lies.”

Relationship Message: “Relationships go through periods where partners seem out of sync with each other, and stormy emotions and moods threaten to take down the ship. Perhaps someone has a change of heart and leaves. These rough seas offer opportunities for mutual growth, a way for you to understand your own heart better and to know what you need to be truly happy. Rest assured that whatever is happening now, good will come from it. take temporary shelter and remove yourself from drama. The air will clear, and everything will be fresh and new again. This too, shall pass.”

Prosperity Message: “As you endeavor to create a prosperous life, you may encounter unexpected reversals that cause you to shift directions. This is a good thing, so there is nothing to fear. Perhaps an opportunity you sought went to someone else. Perhaps you  have pursued something that you suddenly realize is not in your highest good. You might not be one hundred percent clear on where you need to go, but you are certain that things are not going as planned. Circumstances are not in your control right now. Wait it out. All will be well – even better, actually. Trust.”

Protection Message: “There are conditions brewing in your life you have no control over. Do not fight them. Change is inevitable and is for the best, for the higher good. Even if this storm blows away the structures you think you have built your dreams on, all will turn out as it should. You will have a renewed clarity and strength to do something even better. Spirit is your ally.”*

~ by Colette Baron-Reid

Do not fear the change, and do not try to stop the storm. Your life is shifting and changing… morphing into something brand new. Fear can only cause you unnecessary pain and use up vital energy that would be better put into focusing on the creative manifestation of your new reality.

You are not a victim here, you are very much involved in the co-creation of your new reality. Hand in hand with Spirit, you will create a life of pure authentic beauty. You will have the resources to reach out and help others, so know that there is no need to struggle. The Universe will provide.

Take very special care to focus only on what you wish to create, and let ALL the rest go. Surrender to the greater good of all, and know that things are about to get stirred up, for the best possible outcome.

Place your heart in the hands of the Universe and wait out the storm.



~ Archangel Oracle

*Wisdom Of The Oracle, by Colette Baron-Reid

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