Poe’s Brave Flight

Poe's Brave Flight, from the Oracle Of The Shapeshifters, by Lucy Cavendish
Poe’s Brave Flight, from the Oracle Of The Shapeshifters, by Lucy Cavendish

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Poe’s Brave Flight, from the Oracle Of The Shapeshifters, by Lucy Cavendish

Poe’s Brave Flight: “You will not let fear stop you this time!”

About Poe’s Brave Flight: “Most of us are encouraged to stay safe, to avoid what may hurt us, and thus we shrink, day by day. Many religions and cultures have supported this notion of staying safe above all other enterprises for over two thousand years. They have encouraged us to feel separated from a place of beauty and peace called Heaven, suggesting again and again that we have been punished, because we are here on Earth. Many mainstream religions have discouraged us from seeking our own personal connection with the Divine – told us that our bodies are sinful, that nature is to be dominated, and that our natural desires are somehow wrong. We fear pain and feel guilt when we experience suffering: we must have created it. But the truth is that simply by being alive, you will be challenged. The truth is, you have chosen to come here, to evolve. And your best opportunities for learning and being taught great lessons lie in the moments others call painful. Whatever frightens you now is exactly that which you must do. The truth is, as Poe is demonstrating, the humblest creatures – even the pigeons, – can fly high and far, and have much to teach and show us. By taking that chance, by doing something outside of what we consider to be safe, we will learn and be blessed with the experience of divinity on this planet.

Poe’s Brave Flight speaks: “Humans are preoccupied with what is fair and easy. “That sounds scary,” they say. I don’t know if I could do that,” they murmur, looking longingly at places and adventures they wish to have, yet which they insist on cheating themselves out of. You see, the new and exciting frightens you – and you are obsessed with avoiding fear. You want there to be no difficulty at all. You are consumed with avoiding pain. You will do anything to avoid uncertainty. And in the rush for all this security and comfort, ease and lack of challenge, you are forgetting how to be fully alive. You are beginning to live as though challenge and change are some kind of curse. I, too, am frightened. So too have been all your heroes, all the great ones. But they would not let their fear rule them or corrupt their dream. They were frightened of heights – but they flew anyway. Today, climb on the back of one who can take you higher, who has offered you assistance, and take the chance. Trust – and fly!

Divination: “You are going to be offered a chance to do something out of your normal reality, and instead of thinking it through, again and again, and analyzing its risks until you are immobilized, Poe’s Brave Flight asks you to take the suggestion of another and fly high. There will be a message that comes to you via a text or an email, and it will be up to you whether you respond – or whether you ignore the call. This could be a trip where air travel is involved, or an experience where you will have to take some chances and be uncertain of what will happen. You must allow uncertainty to enter your life – because your life is being slowly killed by all the safety. Take the chance: Travel, explore, and overcome a fear of flying – all will be worth it, for you will discover something wonderful about yourself in return. You are brave and capable of greater things! “*

~by Lucy Cavendish

Many times we have opportunity come knocking only to freeze up and miss the chance. We block ourselves with our thoughts before we even have a chance to act. Fear sets in and all the doubts come to the surface. What if I fail? What if I can’t do it? What if I make a mistake? And we retreat; cut ourselves off from the flow of the Universe; block the abundance from reaching us. We may experience moments of regret, but we tell ourselves it’s just as well, we were most likely doomed to failure anyhow.

So what if we kicked those wicked old though patterns to the curb? What if we acknowledged that there is always room in our lives for miracles? That what we have is so great now already, it can only get better from here.

What if we decided to jump before we lost courage? What if we jumped back into the flow, the excitement, the thrill of the flight? This is not recklessness, it’s bravery. This opportunity was custom made for us and success is the only option.

Fear is not.

Time to take flight, right into 2016.



~Archangel Oracle

*Poe’s Brave Flight, from the Oracle Of The Shapeshifters, by Lucy Cavendish


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  1. I love this deck, I feel that is always right on and its so nicely said. and the pictures are beautiful!

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