Honesty, from the Little Wings Oracle Card deck, by Sonia Kallio
Honesty, from the Little Wings Oracle Card deck, by Sonia Kallio

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Honesty, from the Little Wings Oracle Card deck, by Sonia Kallio

Honesty: “Self honesty is one of the greatest acts of self Love.

The separated mind wants very much for itself and the world to believe that it is special. In order to wear that special mask, however, it has to detach itself from any negative thoughts it thinks it must deny.

This does not make those thoughts go away but instead buries them, giving them more power precisely because they are hidden.

Through self honesty, you purposely uncover the hidden denials. You look at them without judgment, without fear, and without identification. As you do, you come to know there is nothing that arises in the conscious mind that can have any effect at all on your true being.

Honestly sets you free because the mind is no longer conflicted within itself and instead becomes transparent, revealing the Truth of your whole and innocent Self.”

~ by Sonia Kallio

And here we are being reminded again of the importance of being true to yourself. Honesty, authenticity, and truth are the building blocks to expanded awareness, enlightenment and higher consciousness. There is no shortcut to accessing the higher dimensions. If you desire to communicate with the Universe, absolute transparency is required.

Finding balance and complete acceptance of oneself allows us to fully experience our profound connection to All That Is. It allows the Universe to guide us down our life’s path, and shows us our Soul purpose with clarity and truth. It heals feelings of isolation and separation that are part of old, dense ways of being, and brings us gently back into balance. We are then able to release feelings of fear and lack, and trust deeply in the Divine, knowing that we loved, supported and accepted exactly as we are.

The biggest gift you can give to the world is your own true self. This has been the theme over the last few days or even weeks and it is so vital to the necessary expanding of our global consciousness. We must move, one by one, into Unconditional Love and Christ Consciousness, despite what may be happening around us. Despite world strife; despite the fear and lack being broadcast to us endlessly. Despite what might be right in front of us right this moment. Because this moment was created before, and the next moment is being created now. If we create it with love, acceptance and enlightenment, then what else becomes possible?

If the vibration of Unconditional Love and Christ Consciousness moves through us like a wave, how will the world transform? How many of us can be healed, and how can we heal our beautiful Mother Gaia? Our Spiritual evolution depends on us reaching this vibration. It hinges on us becoming beacons of Light and Love, vessels of higher consciousness. It is available to all who commit to it wholeheartedly.

It starts with you.

It starts from within.



~ Archangel Oracle

*Little Wings Oracle Card deck, by Sonia Kallio



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