Petrified Wood ~ Earth Walk

Petrified Wood ~ Earth Walk, from the Crystal Oversoul Attunements Oracle Card deck, by Michael Eastwood
Petrified Wood ~ Earth Walk, from the Crystal Oversoul Attunements Oracle Card deck, by Michael Eastwood

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Petrified Wood ~ Earth Walk, from the Crystal Oversoul Attunements Oracle Card deck, by Michael Eastwood

Petrified Wood ~ Earth Walk:

Chakra: Earth Star

Element: Earth

For a grid: 6 Points

“There is a chakra beneath the sole of each foot carrying us through each life, grounding and storing information. Knowledge and experience are in turn drawn down and assimilated by a larger single chakra located about 12′ (30cm) below the feet, known as the Earth Star Chakra. Its function is retaining information from lifetime to lifetime from our earth walk story.

Petrified wood, the Guardian of its knowledge, supports the access to this chakra. Here reside the stories of all the times and lives spent on the earth. Through journeying with this stone we can explore the ancient history that has shaped who we are now. If there are patterns of fear, anxiety or pain around trusting the earth, these can be addressed and released.

The Petrified Wood Oversoul is the the initiator of the Earth Star Chakra beneath our feet and thus of great importance within this deck. Its beautiful mandala is a complex geometric design in tones of brown, copper and gold. There are enormous dancing figures woven into the design, like images from a long distant age. Six beings of the Oversoul consciousness greet and usher us inside the mandala. These beings resemble the dancing figures we saw on the outside on the Oversoul mandala. As we enter the mandala we see the temple towering ahead of us, a massive stepped structure carved from enormous pieces of Petrified Wood.

The beings encourage us to walk up the steps, and as we follow them it seems as if each step marks a different life we have had on earth. When we reach the summit we are urged to stand in the centre. The six Petrified Wood beings form a circle around us and spread their robes out to form a mandala. They start to dance, while singing in an ancient tongue that we know in our heart is the song of the earth.

We are flooded with memories of all our lives on earth. Beneath our feet we feel our earth star chakra join in the song and expands its consciousness. Any fears to connect with the earth and to be a part of if it drops away and we are free to know and understand our wider story.”*

~ by Michael Eastwood

This is the year of completion, of releasing and of letting go. But what is it that are we being asked to let go of? We as humans look to our immediate external environment and although this can definitely assist us in releasing, the work that we are being asked to do is so much deeper. What we are being asked to release goes back layer after layer into the depths of our Soul. This includes every lifetime we have experienced; every lesson; every love; every failure; every fear; every belief that we have picked up along the way. To release all this energetic baggage is to clear the slate, it is the only way to see life through new eyes and it is the only way to move forward truly, authentically and fearlessly into the future.

Imagine every fear as a brick you must carry; every failure a rope tied between your feet; every belief a blinder placed around your eyes… and your heart. What would happen if we put down the bricks, one by one? What would it feel like to cut the ropes that shorten our steps? And how would it feel to remove the blinders from our eyes and our hearts? How would it feel to have a completely fresh start, to see only the Love and the Light in ourselves and others, no projections, no expectations and no barriers or blocks?

It might feel vulnerable at first as we have seen all this old energy as protection; we may even have thought we were using it as a shield. Yet what if we were to realize that here we are in modern times, donning our heavy suit of armor? Peeking out through the narrow visor of the helmet, terrified of showing our true selves? What if the armour has become rusty and heavy over lifetimes of use? What if to shed it was our true life’s purpose and to inspire others to do the same?

Would we feel naked and unprotected? Or would we feel free, unrestricted and reconnected to the Universal energy? Could we then become the beacons of Light and Love that we are meant to be, laying ourselves down upon the Earth and realigning with her magic?

The only way to know is to do it. Put down the bricks mindfully, one by one. Cut the ropes that bind you, some may have come from others, gently ask that they dissolve around you. Open your eyes wide and see the beauty and magic around you. Ask the ancient ancestors of the Standing Ones to assist you in removing all the old energies and step back into your Divine Connection.

You are Love.

You are Light.

And so, is everyone else.

As you remove your armor, let them remove theirs too.

And so it is.



~Archangel Oracle

* Crystal Oversoul Attunements Oracle, by Michael Eastwood

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    Eu preciso desta maravilhosa transformacao desta enerjia eternal

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