Vulnerability, from the Nature's Whispers Oracle Card deck, by Angela Hartfield artwork by Josephine Wall
Vulnerability, from the Nature’s Whispers Oracle Card deck, by Angela Hartfield artwork by Josephine Wall

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Vulnerability, from the Nature’s Whispers Oracle Card deck, by Angela Hartfield artwork by Josephine Wall

Vulnerability: You may be feeling like you should withdraw. This is an opportunity to wait and regroup. You are in need of some rest and relaxation. You might even be feeling overwhelmed. Take some much needed downtime. Take in your surroundings. Notice the season and the changes that are taking place out in nature. Things are continually evolving. Think about the clouds you see in the sky. They are constantly moving, changing and reshaping themselves. Allow yourself to connect with Mother Earth and nature in a deeper way. Align your rhythm with the heartbeat of the Earth and slow your thoughts and emotions down. Trust that everything will work out. The signs that things work themselves out are all around you. Take notice.”*

~ by Angela Hartfield

Here is another message of vulnerability. This is just a transitional phase, it is us unfolding our wings gently and testing the wind. It is seeing things with fresh perspective, full of opportunity and possibility, and it is about taking control of our own destiny, regardless of what others think. If you feel like you need some down time, take it! And if you don’t, take it anyway! This is a little calm before the storm, it is a little reprieve. We are still removing all that old energy, all those old belief systems are dissolving, and all the fears are being released. Be mindful of who you give your precious energies to at this time, as you must be true to yourself and do what your heart urges you to do, not get caught up in the drama and opinions of others, whether they be well meaning or not. No one can direct your life or make your decisions for you. It is time to take the reins.

You may even find yourself going through a physical transformation at this time. When you release energetically, it is often released in the physical body. You may even find over the next few weeks you magically lose old, stubborn weight that refused to budge in the past, or you may find that your face changes; becoming more youthful and open. Your physical body may need extra rest right now to complete this cycle, but once you are through to to the other side, you may just find yourself with a renewed vitality, energy and mental clarity. All that old stuff you were carrying around was heavier than you may have realized!

Affirm to yourself daily that this is all part of your process, telling your subconscious that you are ready and willing to release that which no longer serves you. This allows your Higher Self to step in and make the necessary adjustments, without having to worry about ego clinging on for dear life. Know that you can completely sidestep the power struggle between ego and Soul when you learn to trust your higher wisdom.

I release what no longer serves me, for the Highest Good Of All, by the Grace of the Divine.

(repeated often!)

And so it is.



~Archangel Oracle

*Nature’s Whispers Oracle Card deck, by Angela Hartfield artwork by Josephine Wall

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  1. JUDITEPOCAS says:

    Eu. Estou cansada como o oracolo dis

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