Himalayan Passage

Himalayan Passage, from the Sacred Geometry Oracle Card deck, by Francene Hart
Himalayan Passage, from the Sacred Geometry Oracle Card deck, by Francene Hart

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Himalayan Passage, from the Sacred Geometry Oracle Card deck, by Francene Hart

Himalayan Passage: “Rebirth”

“Certain times and occurrences within each life transform that life transform that life forever. Sometimes they occur in quiet moments. Sometimes they happen as a result of challenging or traumatic events. This card explores your connection to such events and asks you to take a fresh look at how they may have influenced what is presently transpiring in your life. Within the triangles are the four mountains of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. The symbol in the center represents the AUM.

Hold a significant event or insight – past, present, or future – in your awareness. Sense where is sits in your physical body. What does it feel like in your emotional body? What information does it bring to you mentally? How does it affect your spiritual knowing? Each of these insights offers guidance surrounding the lessons you have been gifted. Each provides a means to a deeper understanding of events that transform your life and offer you rebirth.

Thank Spirit for the opportunity to learn, grow and change. Know that the ultimate gifts are healing and transformation. Use the sound of the AUM to release any trauma and incorporate these insights into your present.

You are in the midst of a transformational phase of your life. Trust the universe and your inner guidance to move you through this dangerous passage and into a place of light and rebirth.”*

~by Francene Hart

The Himalayan Mountains are full of magic and mystery, but they are not without challenges. I takes planning, preparation and hard work to climb them; and many life lessons learned along the way. They are a place of deep peace and tranquility; and they are a place of harsh elements and the wrath of Mother Nature. A metaphor for your life’s journey right now.

There have been challenges, and there has been magic. Learn the lessons and embrace the mystery. Know that the view at the top of the summit will be worth every ounce of pain and every previous setback.Know that your perseverance has paid off in ways that are yet to show themselves to you.

Use the sound of the Universe, OM or AUM to clear and heal your energy body, aligning your chakras and opening your crown to the Universal energies and transmissions. Use AUM to help you release old, stagnant blockages and any stuck lower vibrational dense energies. These energies may present in the form of thought patterns and belief systems that must be removed one by one to make room for the new. In order for a complete transformation to take place, you must trust in the Universe that what is yours is coming to you; that there is no more struggle, all is possible, with grace and ease. Breathe that in and hold it.

You are part of the magic of the Universe.

You, and your unlimited potential.



~ Archangel Oracle

*Sacred Geometry Oracle Card deck, by Francene Hart

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  1. JUDITEPOCAS says:

    A mensagem da geometria sagrada é muito leve é bonita cheia dê esperança

  2. Irish Emerald says:

    We did not Receive Tuesday’s “ArchAngel Oracle – Divine Guidance”…thank you… [&#X1f60a]


    1. Ugh, sorry technical glitch and I was so busy today I didn’t realize that it didn’t go out… so it’s all fixed and will be back on schedule tomorrow! Thank you for your patience, blessings, love and light!

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