Rhodonite, from the Liquid Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Justin Moikeha Asar
Rhodonite, from the Liquid Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Justin Moikeha Asar

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Rhodonite, from the Liquid Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Justin Moikeha Asar

Rhodonite: “Patience”

The Master Crystal Deva A-mor-el: “Join me and the gentle breeze of Love that I am will bless you on all levels, though me even the most physical hold the Pink ray. Together, let us ground an anchor unconditional love into one and all, for in this moment, with you as my conductor, our love will touch all that cross our path.

In my embrace, conduct my overflowing love, feel the voice of grounded personal Power raise the endless waters of peace and flow gently upon their back through life. Let your acceptance of change play a symphony of Trust and the world will hear your song.

Taking a breath now, be patient, great being of light, for with love there is no beginning nor end, there simply is no need, there is only the Now and it will extend into your every dream and vision of Light, a spinning star of radiant completion.”

Rhodonite in Healing: Rhodonite is a light pink mineral with black and or white clouds or veins running through its body. Usually it is opaque, though in rare crystalline specimens, it can present as quite red and transparent. Of all the crystals available in the heart frequency, Rhodonite has the greatest grounding ability of the pink ray energy. It is from this that it gets its reputation as the stone of patience. Rhodonite’s grounding of love into the physical world affects the most mundane and boring of life’s activities, offering discernment, reason and understanding. Life with Rhodonite by your side takes on new meaning as impatience, negativity, and fears of change are melted with love into patient acceptance via a new found responsibility for the creation of our physical lives.

This is a stone of the modern world, where to often, love is seen to be the surrender of power to keep the peace. In such cases, it teaches the understanding that balanced ownership of personal power allows love and peace to coexist. The message that Rhodonite holds is one of the most spiritual, often opening healing paths and gifts. It is very much a stone of service, igniting the desire to help others find love in themselves, which spills into their world and work, so healing and understanding results.

In Atlantian times, Rhodonite was also known as “Mantra Stone,” relating to her potent ability to allow love and truth to be heard and infused into the voice and music, so it could travel upon its healing path within. It was recognized that if one could not hear the words in music, they were not allowing healing to result on some level. The same still applies today and Rhodonite is regarded, even at the physical, as a great healing stone of all Ear problems.

At a more physical level, of all of Rhodonite’s healing gifts, one of the most important roles she plays is as a principal stone in the treatment of MS, where she can often deliver true healing and forward movement. Rhodonite has a gentle, calm and relaxing effect on the emotional body, which, when coupled with its physical nature concerning love, makes i a powerful healer of panic attacks, grief and useful in any emergency situations. She can also be of use with inflammation of the joints, infertility and scaring.”

Your Healing Journey Today: “If Rhodonite has come to you today, she offers you the simple word Patience. She is a gentle reminder that Patience is a measure of personal power and self love sent forth into action. If one places no love into the world and its events, the world gives no love back and life becomes painful until we reject it. Impatience is a form of rejection either of the world or of the self, remember that all is valid and has purpose or else it would not be in existence and if it is in your space or any level of your reality, you play a role in its creation. Rhodonite lets you know that it is important to love all in your world, only then can we learn from it and be free through unity.

It is very possible, with the arrival of Rhodonite, that you are experiencing a little confusion in life regarding direction. Her message is simple, Love All, do all to your best ability, and never have fear, for it is simply a lack of understanding. Replace fear with love and via patience, peaceful change and growth will result. Love is about to enter your life in a physical way, give it space and let it dictate your future.”*

~ by Justin Moikeha Asar

I received the most beautiful Rhodonite heart from a friend recently, and had to smile when this card came to me with it’s beautiful message. For me, the most profound message is in the very last paragraph, which I think is well worth reading again:

             …”Her message is simple, Love All, do all to your best ability, and never have fear, for it is simply a lack of understanding.

Replace fear with love and via patience, peaceful change and growth will result….”

Everything we need is right there and I am grateful for the stone, and for the reminder. For if we all do love each other, this planet and all of her amazing inhabitants and creations; release all fears; open our hearts to receive more information in the form of Love and Light; and come from a place of peace and patience…

The world will be transformed, and each one of us with her.

Use the image in the card above to connect with the pure loving energy of Rhodonite. If you have a Rhodonite in your collection, or feel drawn to purchase one, it would be an ideal stone to carry, wear, meditate with or place under your pillow as a reminder of the pure Divine Love energy we all carry within us. Allow it to assist you in grounding the Pink Ray of pure Love and Light down into our beautiful Mother Gaia.



~Archangel Oracle

*Liquid Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Justin Moikeha Asar



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