Dragonfly Mermaid

Dragonfly Mermaid, from the Oracle Of The Shapeshifters, by Lucy Cavendish Artwork by Jasmine Becket-Griffith
Dragonfly Mermaid, from the Oracle Of The Shapeshifters, by Lucy Cavendish Artwork by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Dragonfly Mermaid, from the Oracle Of The Shapeshifters, by Lucy Cavendish Artwork by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Dragonfly Mermaid Message: “You have attracted wonderful news!”

About Dragonfly Mermaid: “Dragonfly Mermaid is coming forward to be with you for a time. She will show you what colors and what moods will be best for you at present – in doing so, you make a change that all can see and that will make you very attractive to something that will come as a surprise. By matching the energy of that which you will attract before it has come near to you, you will send out a message to the Universe, and the good fortune that has been looking for a home will be drawn to you. Dragonflies leave their blessings with those who treasure them, so you are about to receive their gifts because they know you are a joyful, blissful, bright and beautiful recipient.”

Dragonfly Mermaid Speaks: “You are about to receive good news quite out of the blue. This message truly has a touch of magic about it, and one it arrives you will feel yourself glowing with happiness, health, and the satisfaction of great good fortune. It is something that comes to you via a dragonfly magical companion, so when you see me, know the news is near. Also know that these tidings contain brightness and shimmering rainbow colours, bringing joy not just to you but to many others too. This is a blissful change, the kind that feels like pure luck – but again, remember that you drew it to you by shifting and changing the way you are. Your newfound brightness and optimism made you very attractive to this piece of good fortune – so it has now found you!”

Divination: “There will be a bright piece of beautiful luck, shining and golden and full of vibrancy. It will offer you energy, confirmation, and validation, and is a blessing from the Universe. It is not a reward for your changes – but know that it is utterly connected to the strivings you have made to drop judgment, ego, and other harmful feelings and habits. And as a result you, too, are glowing with beauty. Expect more and more beauty to find you now. There will be fresh challenges along the way, but magic is all around you, and your auric field and life force themselves are highly attractive to wonderful events, people, and possibilities right now. Stay on course. All is working beautifully. Changing the clothes and the colors you wear and including pleasing sacred objects in your environment will change your energy and attract more of the same.”*

~by Lucy Cavendish

There is something very magical about the 29th of February. Yes, it comes about every four years, but it’s more than that… it is like a portal, a thinning of the veil to reveal a small window of time. What if this portal is one of miracles coming through from the Un-manifest world to this physical plane? What if our powers of creativity are at an all time high? How could we take advantage of this once in every four years opportunity?

How do you feel as you read this? Do you feel as if maybe, just maybe, if you reach out into the Universe, things are closer than they usually seem? Do you feel as though there is an extra sparkle in the air? A lightness of Being?

Whatever you have been working to create is within your grasp; if you take action today it will pay off tenfold. Your prayers have been heard and an answer is on the way. Expect a gift, windfall or surprise in the coming weeks or even days… it could even be today. Love is on the horizon.

Embrace this amazing day, and acknowledge, right now, that your world just got a whole lot brighter.

And so it is.



~ Archangel Oracle

*Oracle Of The Shapeshifters, by Lucy Cavendish Artwork by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

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  1. Julie says:

    Oh fantastic thank you x

  2. JUDITEPOCAS says:

    Fantástico finalmente a2 dias uma mensagem dê esperança e amor alegria no ar vou aguardar e ter fé que as situações bom melhorar muito obrigada JUDITEPOCAS

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