Ace Of Wands

Ace Of Wands, from the Tarot Of The Hidden realm, by Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore
Ace Of Wands, from the Tarot Of The Hidden realm, by Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Ace Of Wands, from the Tarot Of The Hidden realm, by Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore

Ace Of Wands: “Even while holding as still as possible, Fox quivers with movement. Energy – contained, tight, powerful – is coiled within him, causing his whiskers and tiny tufts of his fur to shake, creating nearly imperceptible movements that he would quiet if he could. He sees his desire, his prey. He gets one shot, one opportunity. It will be over, decided one way or the other, in a flash. The time leading up to that moment seems like an eternity, ending with an eruption of energy as a blur of red fur cuts through the deep green of the forest.

The fey love and honor Fox for his cunning and confidence. They recognize the importance of knowing exactly what they want, preparing, waiting, and taking action. The magic of Fox is that within his small body lie powerful passion and desire as well as control and discipline. Perhaps most importantly, the folks of the Hidden Realm recognize his reliance on intuition. The moment he is inspired, he acts.”

Divinatory Meaning: “This card heralds an opportunity, one that will require swift and decisive action. There will be no time to think, no weighing of pros and cons. It will just be there, waiting to be taken. If it is not, it will disappear; the moment will pass. You do not need to worry, though. This opportunity will resonate with a deep passion, and you will just know that the time to act is now. On some level, you have waited for, desired, and prepared for this. It is yours. Know it and own it.”*

~by Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore

We have worked to release fears, we have dreamed bigger and aimed our sights higher. We have mindfully focused our intention on our dreams and trusted in the Universe to provide. And now, it is about to do just that!

Opportunity is here. It is about to knock. Are you listening? Are you paying attention? Whatever it is that you have been trying to manifest is about to fling the doors of possibility wide open for  you. But of course, the Universe likes to have a little fun too, so it may not be exactly what  you are expecting! Release control, let go of limitations and tell the Universe, right here and now, that you are ready to receive what is on offer. Open yourself to possibility and decide, right now, that you will not let it slip away. Not this time!

Fox is your ally right now. Fox is intelligent, decisive and quick witted. Fox uses all of her senses; she is aware, agile and observant, she never misses a detail. Fox can help you to jump when opportunity arises; take that leap of faith and follow your intuition.

I AM ready to receive my amazing new opportunity.

I AM ready to manifest my dreams into my reality.




~ Archangel Oracle

*Tarot Of The Hidden realm, by Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore


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  1. This card came at such an opportune time, as I wait to hear on job Opportunities!

  2. JUDITEPOCAS says:

    Adorei a mensagem espero receber do universo amor obrigado atenciosamente JUDITEPOCAS

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