The Raven

The Raven, from the Wisdom Of Avalon Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid
The Raven, from the Wisdom Of Avalon Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Raven, from the Wisdom Of Avalon Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

The Raven: “Magic ~ Coincidence ~ Synchronistic Events”

The Animal Guides Of Avalon

“When the Raven appears, it is a sign of magic, where coincidence and Divine synchronicity bring surprising elements together. The Raven reminds you that on the path to wholeness, the magic of Avalon appears and all things become possible.

Ask the Raven to help you be aware of synchronicity in our  life and to see how the God and/or Goddess works anonymously on your path.

If you feel hopeless or lost, you may need reminding that this kind of magic occurs in your life daily. Even if you cannot see it, trust it to bring  joy, understanding and fulfillment to your life no matter what the present circumstances may be.

Remember, the Raven says: “Believe in magic and you cannot help but see it. Magic lives within the belief itself! Expect the unexpected and prepare to be amazed.”

~ by Colette Baron-Reid

Routine and stress can blind us to the magic of our very existence. They can make us feel trapped in a world of obligation and responsibility, one where there is no room for magic and mystery. They can make us feel as if we are victims of circumstance instead of the co-creators of our lives. We can ignore the synchronicity, seeing it as mere coincidence; we can forget that the Universe is in constant communication with us.

Raven is here to remind us that the Universe is very much in communication with us; every moment of every day of our lives. It is up to us to use all of our senses to be aware of this communication. Signs, messages, synchronicity, numbers, words, sounds, colours all weave an intricate pattern of information; we are always being guided. But we must tune in to be able to decipher these messages.

Take some time away from technology; away from artificial light and heat and recirculated air, to reconnect yourself to the natural world. We have so many distractions; we are pulled in so many different directions. Make some time for yourself to breathe fresh air; feel the sunshine on your face or gaze at the moon; watch the birds in flight; smell the flowers; touch the trees and feel the earth beneath your feet. This is where the magic lies, in reconnecting to the Universe through our Great Mother Gaia and the elements.

Take a stick from the ground and draw a picture of your dreams in the earth below your favourite tree; or carve it into the sand and let the ocean sweep it away to the Unmanifest realms for manifestation. Blow your worries and fears out into imaginary balloons and release them to the Cosmos for transmutation. See yourself like Raven, flying free above the treetops, a new perspective on your current circumstances. Finding your inner peace will attune you to the mysteries of the Universe.

Finding your magic will set you free.



~Archangel Oracle

*Wisdom Of Avalon Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid


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  1. JUDITEPOCAS says:

    Preciso tanto de alegria sinto-me só ,estou prisioneira de mim mesma, perdi a estima por mim própria os outros familiares marido, so exigem de mim ,,não tenho direitos a alegria que eu tenho neste momento este archangeloracle que me vai dando respostas e algumas palavras de esperança esperando sempre o melhor, apesar de me sentir triste e magoada obrigada me perdoe por esta confissão me ajudem obrigada JUDITEPOCAS

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