The Hunter Of Mysteries

The Hunter Of Mysteries, from The Shaman's Oracle, by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan
The Hunter Of Mysteries, from The Shaman’s Oracle, by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Hunter Of Mysteries, from The Shaman’s Oracle, by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan

The Hunter Of Mysteries: “I am The Hunter Of Mysteries. I seek the depths beyond depths of being in order to find enlightenment. I am a true seeker who pursues truth in order to bring it to you who desires it. I teach the magic that inhabits the inner side of being. I accompany you when you are in need of deep understanding and a sense of connection to every part of life. With me you discover harmony and a sense of belonging.

“Mysteries are the hidden, inner side of life. To our ancestors they were the Great Mysteries, the rituals and ceremonies by which they communed with celestial beings. So, too,  for us: we are able to deepen our awareness of the world around us by plumbing the mystery of life itself. The Hunter Of Mysteries stands in the shadows but prepares to emerge into a state that is timeless, spaceless, unformed. By exploring deep within ourselves we give form to our thoughts, our aims and our actions.

Interpretations of This Card: “Inner truth ~ Deep Awareness ~ Change ~ Restoration ~ Inner Power ~ Access to Spirit ~ Engaging with Energy ~ Perception Renewed ~ Connection To All Life ~ Spiritual Alliances.”

~ by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan

Where is the true magic in life? Is it in the acquisition of more in the material world? Is it about being able to afford bigger stuff? More expensive and fancier stuff? Or is it physical? Maybe fulfillment is linked to the perfect anti cellulite or anti wrinkle cream? Or an awesome personal trainer. Does it come with the perfect partner, family or circle of friends? A new job or promotion?

Or does the true magic lie in the depth of wisdom we choose to pursue and integrate? Does it accompany peace and joy?

The Hunter of Mysteries is here to tell us that a true sense of fulfillment comes when we turn our focus inside rather than outside of ourselves. And when we find that balance within, that stillness and peace, we come into alignment with our creative powers of manifestation. And that’s when we can have it all. When we realize that we are part of it all; when we see the magic everywhere in the natural world around us, we expand possibility and welcome opportunity. We send signals to the Universe that we understand; we Trust. When we trust, we open the floodgates.

That is when miracles happen.

Mystery is about Faith; it is about knowing deep in your heart, with complete conviction, that the magic is real, even if we can’t see or touch it. We can feel it. We can know it with every fibre of our Be-ing. Mystery ignites inspiration; inspiration fuels passion; passion brings joy and fulfillment.

All day today, decide to look for magic and mystery. Find three things that stand out to you and write them down. Send gratitude and appreciation for these gifts.

Thus attracting more.

And so it is.


*The Shaman’s Oracle, by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan


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  1. JUDITEPOCAS says:

    A mensagem de hoje é, maravilhosa realmente, pensamos que a magia esta nos outros e ela está dentro dê nós,,, só que esperamos dos outros aquilo ,que não damos a nos próprios preocupamos com os outros mas e cada um pôr sua conta é um mundo de egoísmo,,,mas vou pensar mais em mim porque sou merecedor de tudo o que o universo de Deus têm para mim só tenho que contar comigo

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