Dancing Prayer

Dancing Prayer, from the Sacred Geometry Oracle Card deck, by Francene Hart
Dancing Prayer, from the Sacred Geometry Oracle Card deck, by Francene Hart

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Dancing Prayer, from the Sacred Geometry Oracle Card deck, by Francene Hart

Dancing Prayer: “Passion ~ Kundalini”

“This card uses the geometry of the Flower of Life and the Fruit of Life as the background for an exuberant expression of joy and the passionate embrace of living. The dancer is entranced with the fire of life, becoming the dance.. becoming the passion. She embodies moving Kundalini energy.

Choosing this card finds you filled with the passion of some important occurrence that is nearly uncontainable. This fire burns so brightly that it can be seen by others in your face. Joy and laughter come to you easily as you become aware that passion is a dynamic moving force in your life.

This passion may be of love or work or artistry. You may feel that this passion comes from or is directed toward another. Know, howeer, that the beauty of your dance comes truly from who you are and the decisions you are making to get joy and creative energy moving through your life. Honor your passion and feel it down to the cellular level. It is the fire that feeds love. It is the juice from which genius arises.

It is Kundalini.

Challenger: You are feeling lack of passion in your life and the dullness of complacency. It is time to take action. Get out on the floor, kick up your heels, throw your head back… and feel the passion of living.”*

~ by Francene Hart

You have the chance to be the embodiment of joy; living proof of the passion of living a life fulfilled. Will you take this chance?

Look at the receptivity of the image in this card; the openness. It is a representation of the joy of receiving and the abundance of the Spiral of Life. The connection both above and below. The portal has been opened with the raising of vibration; the mindful connection to the Cosmos; the agreement to be a vessel for the Divine Light. The Light energy flows through your energy centers, healing, purifying and uplifting as it goes. It is vast and flowing; radiating out in the endless Flower of Life; the very seed of creation.

You are on the right track, and even you can see it now! Your confidence gets a boost as things fall into place with grace and ease. Your expectations are exceeded and you are filled with gratitude as you try to comprehend what the Universe is really capable of. You have shifted your perspective, and you are ready now. You have found your inner peace. You are grounded and centered, open and true. Nothing can hold you back now as you step into the magic of the present moment.

Everything is in perfect Divine Order; the timing is perfect. The Kundalini is rising and this powerful creative energy can be used to heal, grow and enlighten. Joy is bursting forth as you claim your victory.

And you are filled with more Love and more Light than you ever thought possible.

And so it is.

If you decide it is…



~Archangel Oracle

*Sacred Geometry Oracle Card deck, by Francene Hart

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