MA’AT ~ Truth

MA'AT ~ Truth, from the Anubis Oracle Card deck, by Nicki Skully and Linda Star Wolf
MA’AT ~ Truth, from the Anubis Oracle Card deck, by Nicki Skully and Linda Star Wolf

Daily Angel Oracle Card: MA’AT ~ Truth, from the Anubis Oracle Card deck, by Nicki Skully and Linda Star Wolf

MA’AT ~ Truth: “Radiance ~ Balance”

MA’AT is the eternal divinity who has created order from chaos since the beginning. She represents cosmic law, divine order, and justice; she is also the balance for which we strive. Her symbol is the ostrich feather, which represents truth – cosmic truth, not relative truth.

MA’AT is the powerful balancer and adjuster who helps us to accept and love the truth about ourselves. “The light, the dark – no difference.” Her brilliant radiance reflects our own light back to us so that we may truly see who we are and know where our work lies as we move toward greater wholeness. She is the Regal Mistress who reigns over the Hall of Mirrors. She sees beyond right and wrong and creates divine justice in our affairs. All beings serve this radiant one, for she embodies the rule of cosmic law.

Her very being provides nourishment for the gods, and the Neteru thrive in and through us when we express MA’AT  in our lives. In death, our hearts are weighed against the feather of MA’AT  and must be found to be as light so that we may awaken as Osiris, the gold of every ancient Egyptian. We lighten our hearts through self acceptance and self love. Pulling this card indicated that MA’AT  is giving you the opportunity to see yourself clearly and love and accept yourself just as you are.

Take some moments to merge with MA’AT and feel the adjustment and balance she brings to your heart. As you gaze into her radiant brilliance, you can glimpse a truth that might have evaded you until now. Learning to express MA’AT  is a prerequisite to moving to the next level of consciousness. In your outer world, she may be restoring a greater balance and creating order in the wake of some chaotic situation that has occurred in your life. Take the time and make the space to let in the order MA’AT  brings.”*

~by Nicki Skully and Linda Star Wolf

Goddess MA’AT knows the secrets we hold deep within our hearts.  She sees the weight of Karma over our lifetimes. She knows when we have our intention truly set for the Highest Good of All, and she knows when we have slipped up and let our ego’s take the reins. She is about trust, abundance and Faith in the Universe’s ability to provide for us in every aspect. For if we held the conviction in our hearts that All is possible through our Faith; then we would never have to base our decisions on Lack Mentality. With absolute trust we would never need seek revenge; we would never need to hoard our share in case another was to take it; we would never feel the need to be mean or spiteful in order to protect our hearts. Instead, we would intend to live our lives full of passion and joy; finding our fulfillment in serving others to the best of our ability.

This is the scale that MA’AT uses to balance the weight of our heart against, using her Divine Ostrich feather; for when we can find love where we would previously have found fear, we can move into the Light of pure Christ Consciousness. This will lift the weight of Karma from our hearts, and let us fly free.

Hearts, minds and spirits light as feathers.

And so it is.



~Archangel Oracle

*Anubis Oracle Card deck, by Nicki Skully and Linda Star Wolf



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  1. Cindi D. says:

    This is so beautiful! Thank you for introducing me to the wonderful power of Ma’at. What a nice reminder that if we accept ourselves and our lot in life, divine order will make sure we are on the right path.

  2. Barbara says:

    Dearest Goddess MA’ AT I desire to know within myself all my truth and power to be free from this very difficult time of not knowing. I so desire to move forward and let go of all that binds me or holds me back. I am not perfect but I am Love, Peace and Harmony in my heart, and I am training my mind….to pay attention to my heart. I desire to feel good and move about in this Love Peace and Harmony that I hold with in myself. I know I am meant for way better existence and experiences here and now. I know I can be free and find my balance and my Love for my Life to continue….I am trusting and knowing any problems I am experiencing right now are on their way out and all will be well for me. I don’t wish to be a burden; I only desire to help others’ and when I get back on my feet I desire to be so strong of a being of true self that I enable all that which serves my highest good. I allow good to be the first and foremost of thoughts, of my feelings and my vocabulary – I trust and just know that you can help me find a way… rise above and be well…. I also pray for my CAT because my cat may be homeless and hungry too…. He has been a perfect cat and so loyal and the best ever cat…. I am trusting, today because I just know that my Creator does love me and my cat. We have been excellent beings here in this life!

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