Carnelian, from the Eternal Crystals Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky
Carnelian, from the Eternal Crystals Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky

Daily Angel Oracle: Carnelian, from the Eternal Crystals Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky

Carnelian: “Self Confidence – Root and Sacral Chakras”

“Stand tall, be self confident and positive. Let your light shine brightly because there is an energy of great success around you today. This success may come in the form of important gatherings, business meetings or even personal accomplishments.

As you shine brightly, notice how people are naturally attracted and drawn to you. Like attracts like, so if you want to attract a positive, self confident person into your life, you need to be like that yourself. If you feel like you need more self confidence or you want to regain your sens of self worth, do something positive that you enjoy doing. When you do something which makes you happy, your spirit shines brightly which makes you even more magnetic. If you can’t think of anything that you would like to do today, it may be a sing that ti is really time to try to reawaken your inner creativity, dare to dream, think outside of the box, start to experience life again – see, feel, taste and smell! Perhaps go somewhere you have never been before or do something out of the ordinary to stimulate your senses and expand your vision.

Carnelian gives you energy and self confidence and adds spice and passion to your life. It also encourages you to think clearly about what you want to accomplish in your life and to focus on what you would like to achieve. Think about what you would like to achieve. Think about what you need to do to make that happen and then take the first step towards one of your goals.”*

~ by Jade-Sky

Today you have the Midas Touch! Nothing you do can fail, if you just commit to taking positive forward action towards your dreams! Do it fearlessly, knowing that your angels and guides are there to support you every step of the way.

What is it you truly wish to create? Undertake to do it joyfully and think outside the box. Carnelian is all about creative manifestation, passion and sensuality. There is no need for “hard work” or dreading putting in the effort, this is about finding a creative and playful way to make your dreams come true, sounds like way more fun does it not?

If you are experiencing any fear about moving forward towards your dreams, your sacral chakra or root chakras may be blocked. Carnelian is the perfect stone to wear, carry, meditate with or place under your pillow to help you to clear, recharge and revitalize these energy centers. You may also find wearing orange and red colours, a big bouquet of orange flowers where you can gaze at them often, or burning an orange candle can be effective in reactivating your sacral and root chakras. Remember to have fun with it!

You will notice a marked difference if you have been blocked in these areas and suddenly release the block and allow the energy to flow again. Increased vitality, creative inspiration, wild dreams and yes, increased libido!

Watch out world!

Here you come!!!

And so it is.



~Archangel Oracle

*Eternal Crystals Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky


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