The Speaker Of Truth

The Speaker Of Truth, from the Heart Of Faerie Oracle Card deck, by  Brian and Wendy Froud
The Speaker Of Truth, from the Heart Of Faerie Oracle Card deck, by Brian and Wendy Froud

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Speaker Of Truth, from the Heart Of Faerie Oracle Card deck, by  Brian and Wendy Froud

The Speaker Of Truth: “Trust ~ Acceptance ~ Open Heart”

“In Faerie, many of the individuals we meet can be tricky. They will tell you a lie as blithely as tell you the truth; it is in their nature. This beautiful man is the Speaker Of Truth. Like Thomas the Rhyme, he cannot lie. When something needs to be told, when a question needs a truthful answer, he will always speak, going to the heart of the matter and telling you what he has found there. It may not be what you wish to hear, but it will be truthful. He can be trusted when you need someone to trust. When The Speaker Of Truth appears, ask him the question you most need a truthful answer to and be willing to accept that answer. It will not always be easy, but when he turns up, it means that somewhere within you, you are seeking the truth. So open your heart to him as he opens his heart to you and truly hear him when he speaks.”*

~by  Brian and Wendy Froud

Yesterday we danced with the Queen Of The Night. Today we face The Speaker Of Truth. All will be revealed; there is no hiding behind false beliefs and illusions; the veil has been lifted. What is it that you truly need to know? There is no point in burying your head in the sand; the truth is too bold to avoid; too profound to ignore. It is being channeled straight from your Soul.

If you have been avoiding or ignoring the signs; if you have been refusing to accept the truth, or if you have been judgmental or guarded out of fear, know that it is now time to face the truth. If you could ask just one question, what would it be? What do you need clarity on? What does your intuition tell you that you may be second guessing or turning a blind eye to?

Drop the victim mentality and know that authenticity is now the only option. Step into your own truth and inspire others to step into their own with you. Be your beautiful, powerful self. No more hiding; no more living small to please others. No more asking advice or living by the opinions or judgement of others, and no more fear around being accepted. You are exactly as you came here to be… deep down. You have a gift to offer and it lingers just beyond your mask.

Remove the mask to reveal the true you and you just may be blown away by how empowering and liberating this feels! It will give you the inspiration and motivation you need in order to move forward fearlessly as your angels cheer you on. Know that there is no hiding yourself from the Divine, and you are exactly perfect when you commit to being authentic.

Says the Speaker of Truth.

And so it is.



~Archangel Oracle

*Heart Of Faerie Oracle Card deck, by Brian and Wendy Froud


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