Thinker, from the Wisdom Of The Oracle, by Colette Baron-Reid
Thinker, from the Wisdom Of The Oracle, by Colette Baron-Reid

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Thinker, from the Wisdom Of The Oracle, by Colette Baron-Reid

Thinker ~ Essential Meaning: “Strategy; being analytical and logical”

The Oracle’s Message: “The ability to reason and strategize is the focus now. Take things at face value and follow the logical path. Your calculations will prove to be correct, for in this moment there is no deeper meaning than what is obvious. Things are exactly as they seem. You have all the information you need. Keep it simple and you will win the game of life you are playing right now.”

Relationship Message: “Love is not logical, but when you choose a partner, it is good to have things in common other than desire. This is a time to weight the pros and cons of your partnership. If there is enough common ground, go for it, if not there are other fish in the sea. Do not force it to work. And should others tell you who they are, take the at their word. Now is not the time to indulge in a fantasy. No matter what, in this case the facts are the facts.”

Prosperity Message: “Calculated action is called for now. It is important to sit down and plan a strategy. Focus on the steps you are going to take to claim your prosperous life. Lists are your friend now, so get out your journal. Write down what you are going to do to signal to the universe that you are serious about attracting abundance. Your plans and strategies will yield wonderful results. Remember, your most effective strategic partner is Spirit. You will win this game, and your triumph will be for the highest good of all.”

Protection Message: “You might be suffering from “analysis paralysis.” Thinking everything has its place, but trying to figure everything out logically is not going to work right now. Your conclusions will likely be faulty, and you may act upon false assumptions that will get you into a jam. Give your mind a rest. Do something creative, exercise, or meditate. Soon you will come to your senses and an “Aha” moment will bring new clarity.”

~by Colette Baron-Reid

The Truth is simple. It does not need over analyzing, it does not need weighing and it does not need to be exaggerated. The truth is streamlined, clear and transparent. It is pure and direct. The truth always leads us to the Light, it never steers us off course. We steer ourselves off course when we fear the truth. We find ourselves in darkness when we turn away from the truth. Our Soul whispers incessantly to us through our hearts when we ignore the truth.

What we need is a clear plan of action, inspired by truth. We need to stop the struggle; release the drama and follow our hearts without our minds getting in the way. Clear, decisive thinking without getting all caught up in the endless circles of the mind. Moving forward fearlessly and proudly step into our authenticity to create the life of our dreams.

No compromise.



~Archangel Oracle

*Wisdom Of The Oracle, by Colette Baron-Reid


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