Seraphinite, from the Eternal Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky
Seraphinite, from the Eternal Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Seraphinite, from the Eternal Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky

Seraphinite: “Honesty ~ Heart and Third Eye Chakras”

Seraphinite: “It is time for you to be honest with yourself. Take time to identify the changes that you need to make in your life so that you can feel fulfilled and happy. Focus on healing yourself today by being completely honest with yourself. What do you need to do to feel completely happy and healthy? Once you have been honest with yourself and you have identified what it is that you do and do not want in your life, you can then make the changes. During this process of change, listen to your heart and stay true to yourself. Be wary of accepting other people’s agendas or other people’s advice at this time. Be sure to surround yourself with people whom you can trust because some people come from a place of ego or self service. Too many people’s viewpoints can cloud your judgement. Be true to you!

You can also ask your angels ad spirit guides for help; they will send you the answers. Pay close attention to any signs or messages that they send to you. Trust in what you see, sense, hear and feel.

Seraphinite is a beautiful healing crystal which aids in angelic communication. It is also associated with your heart and third eye chakras.”*

~ By Jade-Sky

Seraphinite is considered one of the premier healing stones for body, mind and spirit. This is due to it’s high vibrational connection to the angelic realms and our higher selves. Seraphinite assists us in opening our heart chakras, expanding our receptivity to Love and Light as well as healing energy from the Universal Source. It can be used to amplify the effects of a variety of healing modalities, can be placed on any area of pain or dis-ease, and can be used to align the chakras. It can be worn, carried or placed under your pillow in order to facilitate a clearer connection to our angels and guides, including the Archangels, as well as strengthening our connection to the ascended masters. It will bring joy into our lives by helping us to gently release old wounds and negative situations. The appearance of shimmering white angel wings are visibly into it’s soothing green colour and gazing into it can help us to visualize our angels close to us. It is a truly magical stone. Amplify it’s healing by combining with water clear quartz or Herkimer Diamond quartz; speed up it’s transformational qualities by combining with Moldavite or Phenacite.

What do you need to be honest with yourself about in order to release and move forward? Angels do not judge us, they live only in Unconditional Love and acceptance. We are the one’s who are the first to judge ourselves harshly, and we are also very affected by the judgment or disapproval of others. Have you compromised yourself in order to please others? Are you diminishing your Light to fly under the radar, or to make someone else feel comfortable? All that is about to change; it simply cannot go on.

If you have a Seraphinite, now is the time to wear, carry or place it in your pocket, being sure to hold it often. Try placing it on your Third Eye during meditation, or even before you go to sleep. Ask the angels to use it to amplify their communication with you, and watch for increased synchronicity. Your angels are always close to you, and they are here to assist you on your journey. Your ability to observe and interact with them is about to go up a few notches, and Seraphinite will help to do it. Don’t worry if you don’t have one yet, just gaze at the image above with the intention to connect with the energy of Seraphinite. You can pick up a small tumbled stone from most metaphysical shops for under $10.

Your affirmation:

I AM Awake. I AM connected.

And so it is.



~ Archangel Oracle

*Eternal Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky

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