Prehnite, from the Eternal Crystals Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky
Prehnite, from the Eternal Crystals Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Prehnite, from the Eternal Crystals Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky

Prehnite: “Release ~ Declutter ~ Heart Chakra”

“It is time for you to release any stress from your physical and emotional body, and your home environment. Try to clear out any clutter from both your home and your mind. It is important that you release and let go of anything that you no longer need.

Prehnite has been sent to you today to help you to move forward in your life by releasing anything that is holding you back. Prehnite is also a well known feng shui crystal – it can assist in the de-cluttering process. It helps you to become more organized and assists you to see things from the most beneficial perspective.

When Prehnite shows up for you, it is important that you heed its message. Are there any items, objects, clothing or furniture that you no longer need? Consider donating these items to charity or passing them on to a friend or family member. Do you have an emotional attachment to any objects from the past or from someone who did not treat you well?

Remember, each object holds a vibration and an energy; it could be time to do away with any objects which hold negative memories or thought for you. De-clutter and make way for new energy to come into your life!”*

~ By Jade-Sky

The spring season is the perfect time to release that which no longer serves our Highest Good. It is a time to thoroughly clean the house, organize your workspace or office, rearrange the furniture and sell or donate surplus items that you no longer need or use. It is also a great time to change things up a little, freshen up your appearance, move forward with a clean diet and exercise program and clean out or detoxify your physical body.

Be sure to smudge your home and office after cleaning to clear out any and all negative energy that may have accumulated. My favourite method of smudging is to close all the doors and windows and light some White Buffalo Sage, gently letting it burn until it smokes. Next, systematically circle through your whole house, office or workspace, using a feather smudge to help you to circulate the smoke into every nook and cranny. When you have smudged every area, go ahead and smudge your whole body, feet to crown, front to back, including the soles of your feet. When this is complete, throw open all the doors and windows, with the intention that the smoke has absorbed any and all stagnant, negative or dense energies and is removing it from the space to be transmuted by the Universe.

When the smoke clears, set an intention for what you invite in to the space which has been cleared. State out loud what you wish to bring from the un-manifest world into the manifest world, and know that you have created the perfect, positive, and healthy environment for it to prosper.

Place a piece or several pieces of Prehnite around your house to facilitate peace. Wear it to strengthen communication with your angels and guides. Place it under your pillow to protect your dreams from worry, doubts and fear. Carry one with you to open your heart center and attune you to higher consciousness.



~Archangel Oracle

*Eternal Crystals Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky

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  1. Beautiful message! Thank you for your very clear instructions on smudging, Dee…I realise I have only been doing kind of partial cleansing of a space. Angel Blessings xxx

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