Chrysocolla, from the Crystal Oversoul Attunements Oracle Card deck, by Michael Eastwood
Chrysocolla, from the Crystal Oversoul Attunements Oracle Card deck, by Michael Eastwood

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Chrysocolla, from the Crystal Oversoul Attunements Oracle Card deck, by Michael Eastwood


“Chakra: Sacral

Element: Water

For a grid: 8 points

“Chrysocolla travels on the blue ray of communication, encouraging deep and heartfelt expression. It supports honesty in feelings and will support release of any tension in the throat chakra. Chrysocolla has a strong presence and asks us to express our vulnerability and sensitivity here on this earth. It puts us in touch with profound feminine qualities in ourselves. When this force is embraced we live connected to a powerful inner source of creativity and beauty and can express it in the world.

Integrating our inner feminine and masculine power will play an increasingly important part in the development of humanity. Ultimately we are on the way to merging these inner male and female qualities where we are more complete in ourselves.

The Oversoul of Chrysocolla attunes us to the feminine side of our consciousness. The mandala of the Oversoul is a vivid turquoise blue, built up from many layers of subtle geometric shapes. The effect is overwhelmingly beautiful.

There are eight beings that reflect the Oversouls consciousness who greet us with such tender expression in their eyes. They invite us to enter, with them by our side, the mandala. Inside we adjust our eyes to the vibrant turquoise light that bathes the interior.

We see ahead a temple complex that looks to our eyes like a temple made of large steps. The beings guide us to climb the steps to the apex. Having arrived on top we are surrounded by the beings that now create a mandala of brilliant light. They start to sing a sound that is familiar to us and recalls another time in human history. The sound starts to make us sway and add our sounds to theirs. The melodies create a force field of turquoise light, penetrating our aura and opening us towards exquisite feelings.

Any tensions we are carrying in our body and especially our throat chakra are released with the light emanating from the beings that penetrates ancient layers of our being. We feel fully connected with our inner feminine energy. Soft nurturing and supportive feelings arise from the depths of our consciousness.

We feel exquisitely vulnerable within our own skin.”*

~ by Michael Eastwood

Chrysocolla will assist you in speaking your truth, which is what you need to do right now in order to move forward. You have been balancing everyone elses needs, leaving no room for your own. You have stuffed your emotions and hidden your true feelings for far too long. It is time to speak up, and get what you need. Even if it is not what everyone else wants to hear. Even if you will encounter some resistance. Even if you fear that you will not be taken seriously. It is time.

This is not about screaming or yelling… although those can be great exercises to get a blocked throat chakra working again, if you can scream and yell somewhere where people cannot be alarmed! Chanting is also a great way to tone the throat chakra, opening it and clearing it of any old, stagnant or dense energies.

What do you need to say that you are not saying? Write it down and read it alone, out loud. Read it until you feel the conviction in your voice. Read it until you believe it.

Then say it. Calmly and clearly and without hesitation.

And set yourself free.



~Archangel Oracle

*Crystal Oversoul Attunements Oracle Card deck, by Michael Eastwood


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