Purpurite, from the *NEW* and revised Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle, by Judy Hall
Purpurite, from the *NEW* and revised Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle, by Judy Hall

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Purpurite, from the *NEW* and revised Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle, by Judy Hall

Purpurite: “The Curse Clearer”

“Extremely effective for psychic and aura protection, Purpurite grounds high frequency energy harmonizing the physical body to the new vibration. It helps you to break away from self-destructive or self-limiting behaviour. Energizing the physical and mental bodies, it overcomes tiredness, apathy and despondency.”

“Self-Understanding: Old habits and patterns, including those inherited from ancestors, may keep you mired in the past. Subtle energetics of ancient curses or ill wishing could be affecting you. These may be personal or passed down through the family line. You may be open to mental influences from others.”

“Divination: Be open to new ways to heal. Protect yourself appropriately but do not be overly defensive. Check out whether you have inadvertently offended anyone. If so, make reparation where possible. If not, send unconditional love and forgiveness without needing to know why or where.”

“Healing Insight” The past creates the present but the past can be repaired and the present healed.”

“Frequency: Earthy

Chakra: Past life, Soul Star and Stellar Gateway, Root or Base

Timing: Spring

Soul Path: Being a lineage breaker.”

~ By Judy Hall

I am so excited to be able to work with this brand new, fully updated and revised edition of the Crystal Wisdom Oracle Deck, for Healing, Self-Understanding and Divination. Judy Hall is one of my favourite crystal authors, she is truly a wealth of knowledge (I’m sure many of you have a copy of the one or all of the Crystal Bible Books, or the Encyclopedia of Crystals, to name just a few of her best-selling books.) The new deck has an additional ten new crystal cards, a beautiful new box, and the presentation of the cards is truly stunning. Thank you, Judy Hall!

Purpurite has the ability to help us get to the next level of consciousness and expanded awareness through the higher chakras. It assists us in opening in a deep and profound way to our connection to the Universe, while offering us protection from and transmutation of negative energies, literally across all time and space. It also holds the Pink Ray, which will help us to open our Higher Heart Chakras, our link to pure and unconditional Love and Christ Consciousness.

Our linear minds find it challenging to comprehend time as malleable, flexible and accessible. We see the past as “gone” and the future to come. Yet Purpurite offers us a very precious gift; one of healing the past in order to find peace in the present and recreate the future. It truly promises that anything is possible if you are willing to put in the work.

This work is not work as we imagine it, not hard physical work, but deep interior work. It is a commitment to healing that takes place in silence; in deep reflection and contemplation. It is the work of bringing the shadows into the light, of bathing in unconditional love and finding acceptance through forgiveness and gratitude. It is Soul shifting work.

Invoke the Violet/Purple ray with Purpurite, which should be available at most metaphysical shops for a reasonable price. Wear it as jewelry, place it on your third eye during meditation, or at the top of your pillow during dream time. Carry one in your pocket or place on in each hand during seated or walking meditations. Purpurite is here to assist in our ascension and will accelerate our potential by helping us in healing our past and raising our vibration to meet a bright future. It will help us access Universal wisdom and deep healing on every level. Body, mind and spirit.



~Archangel Oracle

**NEW* and revised Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle, by Judy Hall

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  1. Bea says:

    Hi,my question is maybe not so much connected with the card above, nonetheless…I don’t know why, but many times when I just have a look at clocks(in mobile, on the wall in my room etc.) the time shown is like: 12:12, 10:10, 15:15 etc. Doreen Virtue was talking a bit about seeing everywhere the same numbers, but am not sure how to explain “my case”. Can anybody help? Thank you in advance, B.

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