The Faun

The Faun, from the Faeries Oracle, by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth
The Faun, from the Faeries Oracle, by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Faun, from the Faeries Oracle, by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth

The Faun: “Understanding the nature of Nature, Natural Wisdom, Natural Magic”

“The merry, irrepressible Faun, dancing in the garden, frolicking in the woods, playing in the meadows, sings out “Come, dance with me!” It is he who knows the secrets of nature. He knows where the robin’s nestlings are hidden, where the mice lurk, who lives down that rabbit burrow, and where the pixies like to dance.

He teaches us to understand, appreciate, and express the part of ourselves that dances in the moonlight with the faeries, sings to the dawn part of us that plants seeds with a loving pat that says, “Bless you and grow,” and provides healing energy for doing just that. No fuss, no bother,  just intention and natural human magic.

Natural magic is simple. We are all full of it -and the more we are true to our own nature, the more we have access to our own magic. When we are caught up in believing in limitations imposed by ourselves or our culture, we inhibit the flow of energy, which is the melody of Ekstasis’s song of the cosmos as it sweeps through us. Opening ourselves back up to that song can be a long and complex business once we have closed down in some way. It requires a great deal of thought and self-observation, and perhaps also the help of others in the form of formal therapy or simple friendship. However, the process of opening is made easier and more gentle if we allow Mama Nature and our own natural magic to help.

Spending time in our gardens, our parks, our forests, and open spaces helps us to reconnect, but so does growing herbs and flowers and scented geraniums in pots on our windowsills. So does looking at the stars, observing the state of the sky, and listening to the wind. It helps if we simply observe the natural processes and changes around us.

Mama Nature is always up to something, no natural place is the same for two moments in a row. Life is about process, not stasis. We are processes, not things. We constantly change, even when we resist, even when we think we are stuck. “Come with me!” sings the Faun, tugging our hand. It certainly is futile to struggle against the flow of the universe, so we might as well dance with him. Stuckness is an illusion. The Faun says, “dance with me, and it will all come right!” And, do you know? He’s right. At least, many of the blocks in ourselves and our lives will come right much more quickly if we reconnect with him, opening our hearts to him and Mama Nature. They, too, are filled with magic. Just like us.”

Starter Reading: “Natural magic is happening. When things flow almost effortlessly, that is a sing that natural magic is at work. Enjoy it! A very important part of natural magic is simply allowing the energy to flow through us. This means both giving and receiving freely. Let the energy flow – don’t push it, don’t try to control it, just dance with it. Trust it. And remember to keep returning to the source for inspiration and to keep your heart filled with light.”*

~by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth

Magic lives in the forest, around the lakes and streams, at the beach and even in your back yard or garden. This is where the Elemental Beings reside, in the Natural world but yet they are still a dimension away. We may not see them, but we can feel them if we give ourselves time to connect. Sitting quietly, back against a tree, eyes closed, listening, feeling. Gazing softly at a flower; lying down in the moss, cradled by the Earth Mother. Looking for portals, feeling the shift in dimensions, open heart and open mind. Our relaxed and open state of mind and allowing is their invitation to engage.

The Elementals represent fun and freedom, but they also represent a deep respectful connection to Mother Gaia and all of her magic and mysteries. They fiercely protect their Mother and will not engage positively with those who treat her badly. The veil is lifting, and we can communicate with these beings if we wish to do so, offering them our service in exchange for their wisdom. Offerings can be made, flowers and crystals left out and little shelters created; leaving a portion of the garden to grow in wild abandon; planting native plants; introducing house plants.

There is also an aspect of play in this message, the dancing, the frolicking, the fun. Magic does not have to be “serious” business, it can have an aspect of playfulness and fun. Access your inner child, they will know exactly what to do. And if that child has been hidden away for too long, connect with a child or pet in your life to help coax it back again.



~Archangel Oracle

*Faeries Oracle, by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth


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  1. Barbara says:

    Good morning and thank you so much for this reading, funny thing, because I am reading a book: “The Real World Of Fairies” by Dora van Gelder….and I do have one grand daughter and she and I go out to visit Mother Nature, from the time she was 2 years old…. had a beautiful experience the very first as she (my granddaughter) said to me….”maybe Mother Nature doesn’t love me” as she was not seeing the magic of the flowers and trees, I assured my little one that for sure Mother Nature loved her for being and admiring the nature that surrounded us….. within a few minutes there was this Blue Jay singing in the tree, so I just told my granddaughter that this was Mother Nature letting Kelsey know she was so loved, and within a few minutes we had a tree full of Blue Jays, not sure if this was a mating time of year or what – it was pretty spectacular and will always be a positive memory for my granddaughter and I…. And now when we are out in Nature, or my back yard, she is always telling me to watch out for the fairies…. so hence with my book and the talk from my granddaughter…. I am a believer in the Fairy World and so enjoyed your message to me today! Awesomeness and hugs

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