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Catch Me

Published June 30, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Catch Me, from the Wild Wisdom Of The Faery Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish, Artwork by Selena Fenech

Catch Me, from the Wild Wisdom Of The Faery Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish, Artwork by Selena Fenech

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Catch Me, from the Wild Wisdom Of The Faery Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish, Artwork by Selena Fenech

Catch Me: “Trust, Surrender, Leap of Faith into the Unknown”

“This faery-woman has no discernible wings: yet without them, she still knows she will fly. She is trusting and moving forward, and although all around her are panicking, and wanting her to stay where it seems to be safe, she has faith, and she will be supported.

This card denotes the creation of the wise, surrendered self, often birthed through some kind of crisis. She is the newly created being, and her energy is innocent, unworldly, trusting and therefore extremely powerful, potent and magical.

This being is completely trusting. She is fully focused on listening to and following her inner voice. She has no worldly protection, her arms are outstretched, and she shows no fear as she walks off the edge. Her self-belief in this remarkable situation is not pride, for she is focused on going ahead. Th is the greatest leap into the unknown – the Leap Of Faith we so often speak of.

She may seem to have nothing but faith, but in truth her repository of instinctual knowledge is held within her magical, miraculous self. The storm clouds have gathered about her, but she is unafraid – or rather, has gone past fear, and into acceptance. She knows that what will be, will be, and that to walk forward is to create an immense possibility of miraculous healing, and a profound shift. She is the divine embodiment of Trust.

She represents all who take great chances, which in turn allow us to connect with our spirituality. “Catch me” embodies the lesson of faith in our own soul renewal. This card symbolizes the courageous leap of faith, the trust in intuition. We have no obvious means of survival, and yet we know we will, and we will walk into our future, come what may.”

Divinatory Meanings Of This Card: “It is time to take a chance that others may see as very risky. But it is time, for if not now, when? On a mundane level this beautiful card can indicate a person who takes what others may judge to be almost crazy risks. It may represent a person leaving a safe job, entering a new relationship wholeheartedly, making a move in life without having examined all the consequences. But she is not someone who is foolhardy. She sees no crazy risk because she is only acting in faith that the path of courage and trust is the only path she can take. When she acts out of inner guidance, there is nothing to fear, and thus fears are not realized. Her feet, strong and bare, will leave the safety zone, and the healing path will be carried forward with her into the unknown adventure. She has transcended.”*

~ By Lucy Cavendish

The time is Now, that is our theme here over the last few messages. Now. Now. Now. Now. Get it? Ya, it’s Now.

What are you going to do? Where are you going to go? What Leap of Faith is calling, calling, calling to your heart?

Do it.


No one’s going to push you, you must decide to jump.

Do it, jump. Now.

Move forward fearlessly into the New.

The time is Now.



Do it Now


And so it is

See, that was easy wasn’t it? Nothing the Universe likes better than a little repetition to get your attention!




~Archangel Oracle

*Wild Wisdom Of The Faery Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish, Artwork by Selena Fenech



Quetazcoatl And The Priestess Of Time

Published June 29, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Quetazcoatl And The Priestess Of Time, from the Oracle Of The Shapeshifters, by Lucy Cavendish, Artwork by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Quetazcoatl And The Priestess Of Time, from the Oracle Of The Shapeshifters, by Lucy Cavendish, Artwork by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Quetazcoatl And The Priestess Of Time, from the Oracle Of The Shapeshifters, by Lucy Cavendish, Artwork by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Quetazcoatl And The Priestess Of Time: “The time has come. The time to act is now.”

About Quetazcoatl And The Priestess Of Time: “The feathered serpent Quetazcoatl (ket-sahl-koh-AHT-l) is at the heart of the Mayan people’s traditions, and he is a timekeeper. His return is now, and thus this is the time of most rapid transformation, of the clarity of a thought that can manifest into reality immediately. We are in the most challenging and fantastic times ever on this planet, and Quetazcoatl heralds a shift between worlds of consciousness. He and his influence are now the new reality, and those who refuse to step up and embrace and incorporate the new energies will find themselves deep in struggle and unhappiness over and over again. Instead, it is time to refuse to allow fear to corrupt your courage and to do what must be done!”

Quetazcoatl And The Priestess Of Time Speak: “It is the right time in this moment. Now. There has been so much pouring over of star maps, hunting for the correct auspicious moment, contemplating the right time, staring into the heavens, and asking for sacred dates – but what we wish to say to you now is that you must act. The right time will unfold as it is meant to. For too long you have used this idea of “right time” as a tactic to delay and procrastinate, because you are afraid of what the change will bring. The change will alter everything. Your ideas will fall away one by one and shift, change, and rearrange. Everything will transform and nothing is certain, because we are in the time of prophecy. Stop waiting for the right time, because it is now that this action must take place.”

Divination: “Will you shift your consciousness – will you change deliberately, despite the fear and the others who tell you that you are wrong? Will you move away from fighting, opposition, the either/or mentality, and shift into a being-ness that allows for a much greater reality? The time is now. That is all you need to know – but there is much that you must do. A deliberate effort to move away from navel gazing and procrastination will transform into a determination to become through doing, thinking, being, sharing, and insisting on the new reality’s truths for you. It is time to embrace a new standard of excellence and o make that your creed. Do not wait another heartbeat.”*

~by Lucy Cavendish

The New consciousness is a choice. It is not something that is going to descend upon you, and it is not something that you will be forced into. It is not a snowstorm that you are caught in, and it is not something that may feel tangible to many. It is a shifting of perception. It requires action and commitment. It is deciding that We are capable of making a difference in this world and not getting sucked into the downward spiral. It is choosing joy over suffering; in the face of that very suffering. It is Trust and Faith that the Universe is abundant and that it will Always provide. It is knowing that we are worthy of this shift, and that the Earth needs us as much as we need her to complete the ascension of our Being.

The fifth dimensional consciousness is an opportunity to awaken to the illusion we have been trapped in. It is a way to shed the limitations put upon us many lifetimes ago. It takes courage and strength to make the decision to move forward fearlessly.

Become the Truth.

Become the Way.

Become the Light.

Welcome to Christ Consciousness, Dear One. The time is Now.



~Archangel Oracle

*Oracle Of The Shapeshifters, by Lucy Cavendish, Artwork by Jasmine Becket-Griffith


The Shaman Of Birth

Published June 28, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
The Shaman Of Birth, from The Shaman's Oracle, by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan

The Shaman Of Birth, from The Shaman’s Oracle, by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Shaman Of Birth, from The Shaman’s Oracle, by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan

The Shaman Of Birth: “I am The Shaman Of Birth. I guide souls into being. I am present from the moment of conception to the moment when the newborn arrives in the world. I help at the birth of many things, including ideas, beliefs, wisdom and change. I guard and show the way to all who seek this path of new beginnings: trust in me as you contemplate your future, for I am midwife to the dreams of many.”

“We give birth every day – to ideas, aspirations, hopes and promises. Our ancestors understood the importance of new beginnings to ensure the continuing life of the tribe, and we can learn much from this. All fresh starts, of any kind, warrant the attention we would lavish on a child coming into the world. The Shaman Of Birth shows the miracle of pregnancy: a warrior figure guards the woman who carries the unborn child, ensuring that it comes to no harm. We need to take the same protective attitude to any new ideas or fresh direction in our own lives.”

Interpretations For This Card: “New life, New directions and new ideas, Rebirth of dreams, Fulfillment, Encouraging new approaches to old problems, preparing for the moment, future life lines.”*

~ by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan

As we birth our new selves into the world, the Universe births us. We are new, redesigned, the latest model on the market, all upgraded and fancy with all the bells and whistles. Nothing is as it was, every cell, every aspect of us is reconfigured, reformed and magical. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and look deeply into yourself. How do you feel? What do you notice? What is different? How have you changed? What may seem subtle at first is actually huge, this shift is lifechanging; the biggest, deepest and most profound you have ever, in any of your many lifetimes, endured.

This is an exciting time as we don’t need to “wait til we grow up” to do or have or create what we want… we get to start doing it All right Now! There is nothing to hold us back, no limitations, no boundaries to what is possible. What we can envision, and imagine, we can create. With Grace and Ease. And the even better news? We can create it way faster than it used to be, there is no more wishing upon a star that we one day in the far distant future we get what we want. We are now in possession of unlimited resources.

We are the Light; the creators of infinity.



~Archangel Oracle

*The Shaman’s Oracle, by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan


The Singer Of Connection

Published June 27, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
The Singer Of Connection, from The Faerie's Oracle, by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth

The Singer Of Connection, from The Faerie’s Oracle, by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Singer Of Connection, from The Faerie’s Oracle, by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth

The Singer Of Connection: “Spiritual connection, Karma, Balance, Empathy”

“This Singer supports all connections, the web of light between all beings, all particles, and between past, present, and future. It brings wholeness to apparent duality and combines all energies, uniting all that was, is, or could be. When we lose awareness of this connection in our lives, we feel isolated, lonely, bereft. Yet the energy is there. We only need to be open to it.

There are emotions that help us open up  – love, compassion, trust, and so on. There are other emotions that we tend to close down around unless we make a special effort to keep our hearts open. As you can probably guess, these emotions are feelings such as jealousy, anger, fear, grief, and others of a similarly painful nature. Yet, sometimes, these very emotions, when carried to an extreme, cause us to break down and then break through to the song of Ekstasis. This is a risky way to go as well as an extremely difficult one, because more often the breakdown just stays broken for a long time and then we retreat back to a more crippled version of our original selves.

A far better way to become ever more aware of our essentially holistic nature is to work at keeping our hearts open, seeing relationships, being earthed and centered and connected. In a meditation, someone (and I suspect it was this Singer) asked me to let go of all of my defenses. I argued that surely we needed defenses in this world in order to survive. I was firmly but lovingly told, “It is only by letting go of all your defenses that you become invulnerable.”

That gave me such a strong shock of recognizing the rightness of it that I couldn’t even breathe for a moment. But then, still reluctant (because it sounded like a big job), I muttered that I didn’t think I knew how to do that or even what all my defenses were. I was assured kindly that I would receive help if I asked for it. And I know that you will be given the same aid, too.

Starter Reading: “Through the power of this Singer, all connections are made, held and released, as appropriate. In a reading, this Singer indicates the connection of things, especially reconnecting those that have been sundered. It is unifying and reunifying. It tells us that we need to be aware of the connections between different aspects of the issues under discussion, as well as the connections between the people linked by it. We also may need to build more connections, a network of mutual support.

The presence of  The Singer Of Connection in a reading indicates support and strength flowing through the connections between those involved.”*

~ By Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth

Can you feel your deep connection to everything in existence? Can you see the Light that shines in others, shining from your own eyes in the mirror? This profound connection is the magic of the Universe. It is what weaves us all together. It is what allows us to feel on a deeper level, and what leads to the mass or group consciousness during this ascension.

Open your heart to everything in existence. The birds, and animals and plants and flowers. The insects and trees and creatures of the sea. What do you feel when you focus your energy and intention on another being? Can you feel the warmth and Love that exists within them, even if they themselves cannot feel it (yet)?

This is not vulnerability, this is expansion of awareness. It is allowing ourselves to be a part of the All. It is bypassing the ego’s need to keep us isolated in the name of  “safety” when what we desire most is the connection. Connection is healing, it is alignment. It is Faith. Trust in the thread of Love that weaves us. Trust in the existence of Light within all (Yes, even him!). There are no exceptions, only one’s who live in the state of isolation.

Open hearts and open minds lead to the connection. It is safe to feel. To be a part of it. It is a vital stage of the raising of our consciousness. Allow it to be.

Allow yourself to fearlessly connect through the Light of your Heart.



~Archangel Oracle

*The Faerie’s Oracle, by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth



Published June 26, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Pomona, from the Goddesses And Sirens Oracle Card deck, by Stacey Demarco, Illustrations by Jimmy Manton

Pomona, from the Goddesses And Sirens Oracle Card deck, by Stacey Demarco, Illustrations by Jimmy Manton

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Pomona, from the Goddesses And Sirens Oracle Card deck, by Stacey Demarco, Illustrations by Jimmy Manton

Pomona: “Plenty”

“Trust that you have enough. Ask and you will receive. It is time to prune back the dead wood in order to grow. Nourish yourself and the earth.”

“According to ancient Roman myth, the beautiful nymph Pomona cherished her garden above everything else. From the first rays of pale dawn to the rich gold of the setting sun, the exquisite Pomona nurtured every plant within her domain. Her fair hand always seemed to be holding a silver pruning knife, which she used to gently tend to her plants. She cut back one tree to allow sunlight to filter through to another; she reduced one branch to energize the whole plant, to send its precious energy in a better, more fruitful direction. She prepared the soil diligently, so that the seeds she planted would grow with ease and the resulting fruits would be full of goodness.

Pomona lavished her love upon each and every plant in her garden. She watched for signs of rot or drought and tried to remedy the imbalance in natural ways. No plant ever became stifled, and none grew too large;  all flourished. Pomona lived and worked alone. So engrossed was she in her garden of delights that she did not feel the need for romantic company. Tall fences surrounded her gardens, lest the people of the village wander in, and no one of the masculine persuasion was welcome. This did not discourage some from trying to win her love, though.

Gods, fawns, and satyrs all tried to gain Pomona’s attention but failed miserably. The goddess Venus may have been able to influence others, but she couldn’t influence Pomona. A god called Vertumus was one of the many who watched the nymph from outside her gate and fell deeply in love with her. No matter how he tried, winning her seemed impossible, and so he decided he would disguise himself in various forms he thought would appeal to her, to learn more about her and seriously woo her. Through this shape-shifting, he learned that Pomona feared being in a couple mainly because she thought she would need to leave her garden. Happily, Vertumus revealed himself and promised his love – and when they worked together, they created an even more plentiful garden.

Pomona reminds us that we have unlimited plenty in our lives and in the natural world, and that we need to cultivate and care for it. In both a literal and figurative sense, we can stifle growth if we do not choose to prune back the unnecessary things in our lives. For most of us, there are always some aspects of our lives that we would like to change. These things may take the form of an outmoded belief, a bad habit, a damaging pattern, or a plain and simple fear. Pomona was certain her garden would suffer should she have a partner, but once she was able to let go of that idea, she made room for a partner and a more fruitful garden. Often, with these unnecessary things, we need to make a decision to finally leave them behind or cut them out of our lives once and for all. Just as Pomona holds her pruning knife ready, we too need to be ready to use our true wisdom and courage to free up our natural capacity for growth – whether it be cutting free a person who no longer fits well into our lives or cutting out an old, limiting belief that makes room for something new.”

Shadow Side: “Pomona carries the pruning knife in one hand and the horn of plenty in the other. While we take stock and remove what we no longer need, it is sometimes the easier path to think negatively rather than positively. When we struggle to let go, we may feel stagnant for a time. When circumstances seem grim, we can catastrophize what is going wrong and easily overlook the things in our lives that are doing well. We forget that sometimes one thing needs to clear out to make room for another.

Sometimes we need to make tough decisions. If we are brave enough to leave what no longer serves us behind, we can grow unfettered, naturally, freely and in hte direction that we really want to go. The pomum (fruit) of our labors is wildly  born.”

Symbols: “Tomato, Tomato on the vine, horn of plenty, pruning shears”*

~ By Stacey Demarco

There is something that you are still holding on to, and I think you know exactly what it is. Yes, that. Time to cut it loose. A limiting belief system? A lack of self-worthiness? A crutch? A fear? Self Doubt? You know exactly what I am talking about. You have gotten too far here to let that hold you back any longer. Let it go. Release it once and for all. It’s not doing you any good and you know that. And it’s not protecting you from pain either. The truth? It’s causing you pain. By holding you back from where you need to be. What is masquerading as a protective shield is actually a big thorn in your foot. Remove it. Toss it aside.

There is more than enough to go around and you are more than capable of taking this challenge on.

Move forward fearlessly into the new.

Unfurl your wings.




~Archangel Oracle

*Goddesses And Sirens Oracle Card deck, by Stacey Demarco, Illustrations by Jimmy Manton



Published June 25, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Charoite, from the New and revised Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle Card deck, by Judy Hall

Charoite, from the New and revised Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle Card deck, by Judy Hall

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Charoite, from the New and revised Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle Card deck, by Judy Hall

Charoite: “Wound Healing”

“Charoite provides deep physical and emotional healing. Transmuting negative energy, it converts dis-ease to wellness. With its assistance you recognize that your greatest trauma is also your most profound gift. Accept it with grace. Charoite re-energies, heals and integrates dualities, healing past life dis-ease carried into the present life.”

Self-understanding: “Deep fears and shisms pervade your being. You may not feel that you belong on Earth, alienation and insecurity lie beneath a deceptively calm surface. You are subtly driven by other people’s thoughts and programs rather than your own. Your autonomic nervous system may be malfunctioning; if so, it needs recalibrating.”

Divination: “Time to take control! You are undergoing a vibrational change, creating links to higher realities. Visions of past lives suggest ways to redress karma personally and collectively.”

Healing Insight: “In accepting the present moment as perfect, you create the space to heal.”

Frequency: High

Chakra: All

Timing: Any

Soul Path: “Service to humanity; healing the wounds of the past”*

~ By Judy Hall

You are far more powerful than you think! We are no longer shackled by the pains of the past; whether in this lifetime or that of many lifetimes all is being released. The lesson has been learned, the patterns are being cleared, and the cycle is released. There is no need to relive this any longer, it is a closed book.

It is time to recreate your Story, no matter what has gone on with your life to date. Whatever you have been through has made you who you are today, and that You is more than capable of creating a brand new and shiny reality. Starting Right Now. Release the old, embrace the new.

How does the new story start? Does it start with a focus on what you are grateful for in your life, right this very moment? All the good, all the Love, and all that you could not live without? The intention to create with grace and ease, the invitation to the Universe to guide you on? Maybe it starts with curiosity? An open mind and open heart. What is my purpose here, how can I be of service? How can I share my gifts with the world? How can I assist others in their healing journey? What is possible?

You have stepped into your power. There is no more waiting. This is not something that will happen sometime off in the distant future. It is happening right now. Right this very moment. You are stepping through the portal of Light. What will you take with you? What has the highest vibration in your life now? What is in alignment with your Soul Path, your Journey of Purpose and the Highest Good Of All? Take that, and only that with you. Everything else you need will be there waiting on the other side.

In the Light of the New Earth.



~Archangel Oracle

*The New and Revised Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle Card deck, by Judy Hall

Wild Compassion

Published June 24, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Wild Compassion, from the Crystal Mandala Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild artwork by Jane Marin

Wild Compassion, from the Crystal Mandala Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild artwork by Jane Marin

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Wild Compassion, from the Crystal Mandala Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild artwork by Jane Marin

Wild Compassion: “Ascended Master Buddha and Peridot”

“We bring you the blessing of wild compassion. What is a restriction now could prepare you to receive greater freedom in the not-too-distant future, and to be able to appreciate, enjoy and fully receive that freedom? What if growing pains now would strengthen you to be ready to receive a life-changing opportunity headed your way? What if rest and time to just be at this moment would help you build up your reserves of vital energy for a time in the future when you will be asked to step up, perhaps to lead or use your energy in some way to support many? Wild compassion is at work in your life and you can trust that it knows what you need and when, and will deliver it with unsurpassed grace.”

“Wild compassion is what is active in your life when something is a hidden blessing. In some spiritual traditions this is known as obscuring grace. It is something that seems to be undesirable at first; and yet, in due course, reveals itself to actually be something for which you are most grateful! When the situation is happening however, it will often seem absolutely impossible to the mind that you could ever feel gratitude for what is taking place. Yet if you allow yourself to engage in your life journey, with an open and trusting heart, you will find that wild compassion will bamboozle your mind and dazzle your heart, again and again, with its unfailing gracious and tender love for your soul.

As you take this journey you will come to realize you are not just another blob of light having a life experience in this Universe, one amongst the many, not particularly known or loved or acknowledged. In fact, the Universe loves and cares for you with such personal, intimate detail that your every need is anticipated and responded to with care. No matter how difficult things may seem to be at times, you will – if you keep your heart and mind open – come to realize you are always, without fail, being served by a loving divine intelligence. When wild compassion strikes, you are going to need to delve deep and tap into trust, into curiosity and into your sense of humour. You can know that only the Divine can truly put your plans into absolute disarray and if that is happening, which it absolutely will from time to time, then there is a good, loving and helpful reason for it.

The best way to respond to wild compassion is to allow yourself to be wild too. That means not being afraid to let go of the script of your life, to think on your feet (or even better, to let your instincts move your feet and not think so much at all), to let yourself intuitively respond to life, as though you were in a dance together rather than a boxing match! You don’t have to duck and weave to avoid what life sends your way. You can play, engage, be curious, sometimes feel pain but always understand that the pain – because sometimes pain is an unavoidable part of life – is part of the healing the Divine is sending your way. It is not out of cruelty. Sometimes the pain of letting something go now saves you from the agony of having what is not meant for you, causing you far greater suffering over the long-term.

Wild compassion is not always painful. Often it is utterly joyful. It sweeps in and before your eyes, what was considered an opportunity for a small gain becomes a trigger for a cascading flow of divine blessings into your life. Wild compassion provides whatever is needed for your deepest and most soul-satisfying success. It is neutral, it is wise and it serves the higher will of the Universe. It cannot be controlled by the mind, nor is it often understood by the mind (except in hindsight, upon occasion). It cannot be thwarted or blocked by human will, yet it is our choice whether or not to embrace and enjoy it (even if we find it mysterious) or resist and fear its workings in our lives. For those reasons you can trust it completely. It is the hand of the Divine, sweeping in and uprooting what needs to be removed and planting what needs to be planted. It might be stark at times, but it is always loving. And no matter what you believe at the time, eventually you will be grateful.”*

~By Alana Fairchild

We are learning to live in a state of non-attachment. Releasing the drama, and embracing the Wild Compassion of Being. We are the Love. We are the Light. We are the joy and the healing. We have gone through the fire, survived the challenge and are on the other side, wiser, calmer, and prepared for what is to come.

Yet we are unattached to it. We are no longer trying to control. We are co-creating from feeling. From a point of joy and passion and freedom of expression. We are not conforming to the expectations of others, we are comfortable in our own skins. We know, inherently, that we are always provided for, that we never need to experience lack, and that the Universe is abundant and full of Love.

When we look back years, even months or weeks, we can see the change. The transformation has taken place. We are no longer as we were. We are awake. We are free. We are here, Now, experiencing life differently than before.

A rebirth of possibility.

Wild and free.



~Archangel Oracle

*Crystal Mandala Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild artwork by Jane Marin


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