Goddess Ishtar and Astrophyllite

Goddess Ishtar & Astrophyllite, from the Crystal Mandala Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild Artwork by Jane Marin
Goddess Ishtar & Astrophyllite, from the Crystal Mandala Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild Artwork by Jane Marin

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Goddess Ishtar & Astrophyllite, from the Crystal Mandala Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild Artwork by Jane Marin

Goddess Ishtar & Astrophyllite: “Daring Rebirth”

“We bring you the empowerment of daring rebirth. The bold spirit in you claims the divine defiance of the phoenix. It refuses defeat at every turn! No matter who or what may seek to overpower your spirit, your peace, your loving heart and your wild optimism, you shall triumph in a divine and daring rebirth. Do no limit yourself with expectations – whether from another or your own mind. There is so much possible for you – a radically different and new you to become! Believe and so shall it be.”

“It takes daring to imagine a new life. Boldness of spirit and willingness are needed to allow yourself to embrace and live that different life. You can be in this world as you choose to be. The truth of you can have many different versions – some fearful, some free. There is so much that is possible for you to experience in this life. you have the light and power of a living sun inside of you!

Rebirth is new life – a different life – a different you, that is truthful, authentic and yet more vibrant, radiant, vivid and free. It is possible for you to have all this. The requirement for rebirth however, is an experience of shamanic death. This is not physical death. It is spiritual transformation. It requires that whatever is keeping you from living a happier, freer, more beautiful, joyful and soul-satisfying life  be sacrificed, be allowed to die, so to speak, so you can be born anew. To the extent you have believed yourself to be those things, felt attached to them or that your identity was wrapped up in them, you will feel like you are dying along with them. You are changed through this process. You will not feel, think, behave or believe as you did prior to it. Shamanic death creates transformation so profound as to allow a more real you to emerge from the process. it strips you of what you have believed yourself to be and what is left is the real you, unencumbered, unveiled and true.

The need for daring is because shamanic death and rebirth can frighten the mind. Whilst you will be celebrating after the process happens, when you are going through it, your fears will be stimulated. This is supposed to happen. How else can you lay your fears aside unless you confront them and choose to let them go? If they are hiding in the shadows, you cannot deal with them.

Your fear might be of success, of your own value, of being alone, or being rejected abandoned, judged, ridiculed, shamed or ignored. Your fear might be that you’ll mess up or regret your decisions. It might be that you won’t know who you are if you are not your job, relationship, role as a parent or healer, or any other limited identity you have tried to project your entire being into. Life on the other side of that fear might seem unfathomable to your mind. You might worry that you will simply cease to exist. Just to be clear however, no one who has transitioned from fear-based reality into love-based reality has ever said, or will ever say, “I miss my fear-based reality!” Although it can be painful, what you are giving up will not be a cause for regret.

The extent to which you are willing to dare, to confront and release your fear (rather than believe your fears are accurate reflections of reality), is the extent to which you can experience rebirth. Your rebirth can be so radical, so daring, that you will feel as though you are living an entirely different life within this one lifetime.

The Oracle of Daring Rebirth comes to you when there is an opportunity to confront a fear and release it, to let go of a belief system or behaviour that is getting in the way of the life you actually dream of living. It’s your decision whether to challenge that fear now, later or at all. If you are doubting your readiness and capacity however, this oracle suggests that you are more ready than you think you are and that your time is now.

There is a new you emerging. It might shock your friends and family. People may accuse you of not being you anymore, but you are becoming more you than ever before. Trust the new you emerging in the greater authenticity and strength you are discovering in yourself. You do not have to squash your being to fit in with the expectations of any other. Through daring rebirth, you tap in to the courage you need not only to go through the process of transformation, but the spiritual sassiness you need to give yourself permission to love and be the new you that emerges at the other side of it. Treasure that self reborn, for it has been hard won and is a divine treasure.”*

~ by Alana Fairchild

June is here… finally! Mercury retrograde is over… (for now), and the planets are going to take it a little easier on us. The energies are lifting. We can breathe!

This is going to be a high energy whirlwind of a month, with a chance at new opportunities and even the possibility of a complete transformation followed by a rebirth!

Buckle your seatbelts!


Let the fun begin…



~Archangel Oracle

*Crystal Mandala Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild Artwork by Jane Marin





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  1. Barbara says:

    Wow, sounds exciting and yet almost fearful…. as I just had a rebirth type of experience over the past several months… yet I feel there is more…. and this creates an emotion of what I use to think was anxiety, but have had whispers in my ears that this was really an emotion if Ii choose to see it this way…. what a revelation… so I am excited, as I have live a long life with many experiences to savor…. lol! Just when I think I could not handle any more – here comes words of encouragement to help prepare me for all that I can be … which was my main purpose for 2016… Becoming all I can be to be of my highest good…. thank you and blessings and hugs to all….. Wow

  2. Barbara says:

    to add in to my comment…. an emotion of excitement of change… newness…. and I love the vibe…. anxiety really can be masked for excitement that we don’t fully understand…. sorry for the misprint …. I really should proof read before I send….. hugs

    1. Diane says:

      Barbara, yes our body speaks to us… Where do you feel this energy ” anxiety” that you feel! Take a momement and check in and see … Do I feel positive or negative about what I am feeling/thinking right now?

      This could be a learned response from an old trigger/ wound just reacting to your emotion!
      Of which it can be cleared energetically so your luminous energy field is clear!

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