Our Lady Of The Resurrection

Our Lady Of The Resurrection, from the Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud
Our Lady Of The Resurrection, from the Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Our Lady Of The Resurrection, from the Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Our Lady Of The Resurrection: “The eternal light dwells in my heart and as you enter into my heart, held safe in my love for you, that light becomes visible to you. It will show you the way through any darkness, and help you understand the purpose of past suffering, so that you can let it go and be at peace, free from confusion, shame or doubt. There is divine purpose within all that is. You have been struggling and now it is time for rest. Step into the light of my heart now, beloved, and let the darkness go. The time is drawing near for your resurrection and release.”

“It is a strange paradox that when we are truly open to life, we must be prepared to die many deaths before it is time for our physical life to end. We might suffer deaths before it is time for our physical life to end. we might suffer deaths of relationships, of ideals, of identities, even of certain hopes and dreams. If we can mourn these deaths, give them proper attention and due acknowledgment, grieving in whatever way is respectful and truthful, then those deaths become sacred sacrifices on the altar of new life.

If we try to rush past these many deaths, pushing them to one side out of fear that they may mean something terrible or frightening, then we will suffer more than needs be. Perhaps we become fearful if we feel that we are not in control of life and cannot prevent its powerful unfolding, because we do not trust where life is leading us. Then too, we miss our chance to make a sacrifice and feel more connected with life, and with death as a natural part of life, we don’t have to be scared of these deaths, as painful as they may be. We can accept that they are signs that we are growing and life is flowing. We can eve use them to gain confidence that a new direction, a new life, is calling us. There is always so much more to come. Always. No matter how old we may be, or how jaded we may feel at times, there is always boundless life awaiting us. All that is needed is a willingness for us to be open to receiving it.

The oracle of Our Lady Of The Resurrection is about discovering the light after the struggle; about life after death. Perhaps the deaths you have encountered have been literal and you have lost a beloved through death, or perhaps by a parting of ways through separation of some kind. Perhaps your endings have been more subtle, internal or symbolic. Perhaps you are going through that experience right now. Whatever the case, the Divine Mother speaks to you now about the promise of her light, about the resurrection, about the fact – decreed by her – that you shall indeed rise again.

As you await the grace of her light to permeate your consciousness, and help you rise up out of the ashes of your own suffering, reborn, you are asked to take a moment and connect with the wisdom of the owl. This nocturnal creature can help you ascertain what it is that the darkness of death, the night time of the soul, has brought to  you. Sometimes it is only in letting go that we are able to open up and receive. Sometimes the death opens us to new life in a way that no other situation could do. The blessing hiding in the death doesn’t make it easier to bear – we must grieve honestly – but it does bring another perspective. One of hope, of emerging light, of the realization that just as the sun breaks through the darkest nigh tat the dawn, so too will Our Lady Of The Resurrection lift us from even the deepest sorrow and gently urge us into new light, new understanding and new life. Take heed, beloved, your time of darkness is swiftly drawing to a close and a new day is soon to be upon you. The Holy Mother is with you and together you shall celebrate.”*

~ by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Mother Mary is here to guide us through the death of our old ways. Our old life has come to an end. It may have been a struggle. We may have had ideas that we thought we could force into manifestation. And yet, it was always so much harder, more challenging, than we felt that it should have been. It just wasn’t fair!!!

Take a step back now, Dear One, and realize that maybe, just maybe, you have been the toddler in the sandbox for too long. Playing tug a war with the bucket. You and the Universe. The Universe may have been urging you to drop the bucket and move on to bigger and better toys. But all you could see was that bucket. Mine! I must have it! I cannot be happy without it!!!!!!! Give it to me NOW!!

Look at your hand, curled up in a tight fist. That death grip around that old, faded, cracked plastic bucket. Take a closer look. Suddenly it comes into sharp focus; this endless struggle… The sand is running through the bucket, so many holes in it’s sides. The handle is on it’s last legs, about to be ripped off. In fact, do you even remember what was so great about it to begin with? What if, finger by finger, you just release it? Just let it go? And look up and around you. How blue the sky is, how golden the sunlight is, how brightly coloured the flowers are. Get up and brush yourself off and….

Step out of the sandbox.

There’s a whole, bright, beautiful world out here!

Full of magic and possibility!

And our Divine Holy Mother Mary is here to guide you. Support you. Love you into your next level of Being, as you learn to love yourself.

Welcome, Dear One, to the next chapter of your life.



~Archangel Oracle

*Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud


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