Published June 25, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Charoite, from the New and revised Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle Card deck, by Judy Hall

Charoite, from the New and revised Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle Card deck, by Judy Hall

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Charoite, from the New and revised Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle Card deck, by Judy Hall

Charoite: “Wound Healing”

“Charoite provides deep physical and emotional healing. Transmuting negative energy, it converts dis-ease to wellness. With its assistance you recognize that your greatest trauma is also your most profound gift. Accept it with grace. Charoite re-energies, heals and integrates dualities, healing past life dis-ease carried into the present life.”

Self-understanding: “Deep fears and shisms pervade your being. You may not feel that you belong on Earth, alienation and insecurity lie beneath a deceptively calm surface. You are subtly driven by other people’s thoughts and programs rather than your own. Your autonomic nervous system may be malfunctioning; if so, it needs recalibrating.”

Divination: “Time to take control! You are undergoing a vibrational change, creating links to higher realities. Visions of past lives suggest ways to redress karma personally and collectively.”

Healing Insight: “In accepting the present moment as perfect, you create the space to heal.”

Frequency: High

Chakra: All

Timing: Any

Soul Path: “Service to humanity; healing the wounds of the past”*

~ By Judy Hall

You are far more powerful than you think! We are no longer shackled by the pains of the past; whether in this lifetime or that of many lifetimes all is being released. The lesson has been learned, the patterns are being cleared, and the cycle is released. There is no need to relive this any longer, it is a closed book.

It is time to recreate your Story, no matter what has gone on with your life to date. Whatever you have been through has made you who you are today, and that You is more than capable of creating a brand new and shiny reality. Starting Right Now. Release the old, embrace the new.

How does the new story start? Does it start with a focus on what you are grateful for in your life, right this very moment? All the good, all the Love, and all that you could not live without? The intention to create with grace and ease, the invitation to the Universe to guide you on? Maybe it starts with curiosity? An open mind and open heart. What is my purpose here, how can I be of service? How can I share my gifts with the world? How can I assist others in their healing journey? What is possible?

You have stepped into your power. There is no more waiting. This is not something that will happen sometime off in the distant future. It is happening right now. Right this very moment. You are stepping through the portal of Light. What will you take with you? What has the highest vibration in your life now? What is in alignment with your Soul Path, your Journey of Purpose and the Highest Good Of All? Take that, and only that with you. Everything else you need will be there waiting on the other side.

In the Light of the New Earth.



~Archangel Oracle

*The New and Revised Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle Card deck, by Judy Hall

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