The Blasted Beech

The Blasted Beech, from the Tarot Of The Hidden Realm, by Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore
The Blasted Beech, from the Tarot Of The Hidden Realm, by Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Blasted Beech, from the Tarot Of The Hidden Realm, by Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore

The Blasted Beech: “A moment ago they were sitting far above the earth in the lofty boughs of their beloved tree. It was their home. They devoted so much of their lives to nurturing it as well as they could and getting to know every branch, every knot. Over the seasons, they learned its ways and loved its ever-changing beauty. Although they lived in a very fair land, no part of it compared to the stately trunk of their tree and its delicate leaves that quivered so delightfully in the breeze. They planned on staying there forever, happy and safe above the earth.

They had weathered storms before, inhaling with anticipation the charged air that preceded a breathtaking display of rain, thunder, and lightening dancing among clouds that moved across the sky as if alive. In the beginning, they sometimes worried when a bolt felled another tree. But as time passed, they believed their tree to be immune. Then the unthinkable, the unbelievable, happened. They felt the rush of air deafen their ears and tear their hair even before they heard the crack. Their eyes moved frantically, in the few seconds it lasted, between the crashing branches and the fast approaching earth. Before they even know what had happened, their world had changed forever.”

Divinatory Meaning: “The Beech tree is often used to symbolize hard won or ancient knowledge, as well as the end of something, often by way of a realization or revelation. The Blasted Beech draws your attention to your life philosophy or to whatever part of your belief system is connected to the topic of your reading. That world view may be dear to your heart. It may have provided stability and guidance as you moved through life. You could depend on it. It was true with a capital “T.” But nothing, not even a very useful life philosophy, lasts forever. All it takes is one revelation, one particular insight, and you suddenly have to rethink everything. After getting over the shock, reevaluate. See what survived the crash, what can be salvaged, and what is no longer useful to you.”

~ By Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore

Change is in the air, and it may be that it comes as a bit of a curve ball. This doesn’t necessarily mean that things are going to go sideways in a bad way, although that may be the first thing we face when the change comes. Look for the silver lining. Something will be taken away in order to make space for something so much better for us… but if we refuse to trust in the Universe, and cling on for dear life to the old, then we will use up our energy in the struggle.

What is yours will come to you, no one else can have it or take it away. Sometimes we live our lives knowing full well that we are not living our highest good, and yet we are too stuck or too scared to change it. As we refuse to change, the pressure builds and an energetic dam of sorts is created. When the dam blows, it seems to bring with it chaos, all hell literally breaking loose. But this is actually not what is going on at all. It is simply opportunity catching up, it is the Universe creating space to bring your dreams from the un-manifest to the physical plane. Yes, it is all part of the process of your dreams coming true.

We may feel we need to batten down the hatches, prepare in some way. Yet there is no way to prepare other than to have Faith. Know that the Universe has your highest good in mind. Know that upheaval may be necessary before things can fall into place. Know that whatever happens, something awesome is coming to you.

Anticipate miracles.



~Archangel Oracle

*Tarot Of The Hidden Realm, by Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore


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