Man Of The Earth, Woman Of The Sky


Daily Angel Oracle Card: Man Of The Earth, Woman Of The Sky, from the Journey Of Love, by Alana Fairchild, Rassouli and Richard Cohn

Man Of The Earth, Woman Of The Sky: “I see myself in you, and you in me. We may seem to be so different, and sometimes yet so similar. Even beyond this, I know deep within that we are one I can lose myself in your light and receive your light with my body. I can witness the darkness of your shadow and enter into it with my compassion. I can find the Divine in our connection, letting go of what I thought I was. I can be broken apart to become as one with you, even if only for a second, and know the Divine more intimately than ever before. Our passion leads us to each other and in each other we find our true selves.

This oracle brings you a message of sacred relationship that leads to divine understanding and experience. You are being opened up to sacred relationship, either in your current relationship, or one that is on it’s way to you now, in human relationship and in divine relationship with the heavenly beloved. Know that you are worthy of it and keep a light of gentle hope and respect kindling in your heart as you anticipate the union with your beloved. Know that even when it is dark, when it challenges you, there is sacredness unfolding. The love of the divine wants to reach us not only in our happiness but also, perhaps more so, in our darkest hour. Let it reach for you through your relatedness with another and do not be afraid to be broken and opened for in that cracking of what you thought you were, you shall begin to know what you are, which is heaven on Earth.”

~By Alana Fairchild

“How rare to be born with a name of love

What challenges await that I must face

Or voice to listen to from above

Telling me what I must embrace


Each day I walk a path unknown

With no regrets for where I’ve been

Each experience is mine to own

No choices call to live again


How strong I am I ask myself

The measured test unfolds each day

A blessing of enormous wealth

Inside the gift will always lay.”

~ By Richard Cohn

The Man of the Earth and the Woman of the Sky, although separate entities with sacred Souls, are deeply connected. They are connected to each other; they are connected to the Universe and they are an integral part of All That Is. They know this and yet they support each other in balanced and respectful Sacred Union. There is equality here; there is reverence and there is space. There is no need for pettiness, for negativity or for fear, only for Love and Divine Union. What one gives, the other takes gently while giving back with all of their hearts. Each is fulfilled, honored, and cherished within the bounds of the relationship.

Can we seek to emulate this sacred union? Is this not why we are here?

There is only Love.



~Archangel Oracle

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