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The Wild Hunt

Published September 30, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
The Wild Hunt, from The Faery Forest Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish, artwork by Maxine Gadd

The Wild Hunt, from The Faery Forest Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish, artwork by Maxine Gadd

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Wild Hunt, from The Faery Forest Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish, artwork by Maxine Gadd

The Wild Hunt: “Excitement, Frenzy, Journey”

“There is, for all of us, a moment when excitement and nerves fuse, when we prepare to journey and do something we have anticipated for a long time. In the faery realm, this sensation is created by the adventure known as The Wild Hunt. This is a gathering which takes place not only within the realm of faery, it is one where the faery king and queen lead faery hounds and faery horses on a hunt throughout the countryside, dipping into and out of the faery lands, surfacing in the human worlds form time to time, cleansing toxic energies, allowing natural forces to begin to flow through the cleared energy paths, awakening the wild world to brightest life once again, and leaving a trail of ecstasy and bliss after the frenzied storm of their ride.

The Wild Hunt is fierce, powerful, a little frightening, and thoroughly thrilling – and this faery queen is preparing herself for the joys and challenges of this great springtime event. So too you need to prepare yourself for some chaos – a wild time, when change tears through and upends all the order you have attached yourself to. You may need to pack, travel, find ways to move quickly, stop planning and organizing for a moment and just go on an immensely enjoyable ride of your life. The time coming for you is delirious in its excitement, and your fear this loss of control and order. But truly, it will refresh you, just as it sears the very edges of your nerves! Dress up, show up, and prepare to be amazed! Take a deep breath, find your voice, and begin to cry out at the top of your lungs. You are alive my friend, and will feel so much more alive than ever before when The Wild Hunt touches your life!”*

Artwork: “Queen Of The Meadow”

All this heavy change lately. The internal work, the releasing, the processing. The transformation.

It’s time for some fun. Some wild abandon thrown in there to stir up the energies. Some dancing under the stars, skinny dipping or singing at the top of your lungs. It’s time for surprises and unexpected gifts. It’s time for not so secret admirers and passionate embraces. It is time for a change.

There may be a curve ball coming in, but in a good way, if you decide to deem it so. Receptivity, as usual is key!

Dust off your Wild One and bring her, or him out to play! Put on your dancing shoes, your favourite outfit, paint your nails bright purple, change up your hair. Flirt a little, shamelessly (and harmlessly!) Get out of your boring old comfort zone and try something new.

Don’t stay home today, get out there!

And don’t forget to bring your big, beautiful smile.



~ Archangel Oracle

*The Faery Forest Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish, artwork by Maxine Gadd

The Star ~ Oyster

Published September 29, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
The Star/Oyster, from the Animal Totem Tarot Card deck, by Leeza Robertson, illustrated by Eugene Smith

The Star/Oyster, from the Animal Totem Tarot Card deck, by Leeza Robertson, illustrated by Eugene Smith

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Star/Oyster, from the Animal Totem Tarot Card deck, by Leeza Robertson, illustrated by Eugene Smith

The Star/Oyster: “I know you see me, even though I am far away. You see me shining from where you are. I hear your thoughts and words from your heart. Sometimes with wishes so big, you are too scared to speak. Yet hear them I do and send them back to you. Tenfold wishes all coming true, just so you know that I see you too.”

“My mother used to always tell me, “Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.” At the time I thought it was just another one of her many limiting beliefs. But as I grew older and lived more life, I began to notice that people would grumble the loudest when what they asked for showed up, as if their wish were just too big of an inconvenience for their daily lives. I have started to see the wisdom of my mother’s words. (Just do not tell her that!) The pearl that glistens inside the Oyster was created by an irritation. Yes, this most prized jewel is the end result of the Oyster’s natural process of keeping itself healthy and infection-free. When the inside of the Oyster notices an irritation of some kind, and be it sand, a sea bug, or something else, it starts a process of entombing it in a heavy mineral deposit until the threat is neutralized. It would appear that prizes, wishes, and irritations go hand in hand.

The Star represents two sides of the wishing process: The wish itself and the price you are willing to pay for having the wish granted. Most people are only too willing to cast their wishes to the stars, but very few seem to want to deal with the consequences when that wish shows up. This is a bit of a shame, seeing as they asked for it in the first place.

So, before you go ahead and make your own wish heed my mother’s words, “Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it!”

Business and Career: “The Star is often a symbol of direction. Travelers of the past knew how to read and follow the stars so that they didn’t get lost. The energy of the Star has landed in your life right now, to help you find your way. It’s time to make sure you are pointed in the right direction and that where your business is headed is exactly where you want to take it. If you find it is not, look to the stars and chart a new course.”

Family and Relationship: “Sometimes wishes come true because other people make them come true. Are you in a position to make someone’s wish come true? If so, now is the time to at and put your plan in motion. It is just as good to be the wish creator as it is to be the wish receiver, so now is your chance to shine and make someone special in your life smile.”

Health and Well-Being: “The Oyster asks, are you really ready to walk the path of health and healing you say you wish to walk? You see, health requires you to pay the price of letting go of unhealthy habits, negative thoughts, and toxic feelings. If you can answer yes from the top of your lungs and feel no resistance, then  you are well on your way to a healthy body, mind and spirit.”

Card of the Day Journal Prompts: “What changes are you willing to make in your life so your biggest wish can be fulfilled? Can you tell if you are currently pointed in the right direction? What is the most irritating thing in your life right now, and how can you use it to create your own personal pearl?”*

~by Leeza Robertson

This card is a reminder that often we must release the old to make room for the new. If we insist on clinging on to our old ways, we cannot create something new. We must make space; in our minds, in our beliefs, in our emotions for the new. We may have to experience some growing pains. We most certainly will have to leave our comfort zone. We may even have to say good bye to something that we once thought we could not live without.

That is transformation.

It is surrendering. It is letting go. It is a shift in perspective. An expansion. It is growth beyond what we ever thought was possible.

It is the silver lining, the pearl found in the Oyster.

It is new life, new beginnings, leaps of faith.



~Archangel Oracle

*Animal Totem Tarot Card deck, by Leeza Robertson, illustrated by Eugene Smith



Eight Of Cups

Published September 28, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Eight Of Cups, from the Tarot Of The Hidden Realm, by Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore

Eight Of Cups, from the Tarot Of The Hidden Realm, by Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Eight Of Cups, from the Tarot Of The Hidden Realm, by Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore

Eight Of Cups: “The moon’s light is reduced to a soft glow, her outline obscured by the thick, billowing clouds blown about by the strong wind. Chaos reigns in the sky, in the air, and in his heart. His thoughts are tossed about, and he feels unsettled and uncertain, as if he is being pushed and pulled in every direction at once. If only the wind would stop; if only he could clearly see the moon. Then he would know which way to go.

But he does not need to see his beloved moon, for even though she is hidden from sight, he is connected to her energy. He wears her stone, a moonstone, near his heart. It is only the wind, only his thoughts, that are getting in the way. And so he settles himself before his stone basin and contemplates the water within, searching for his sign. He runs his hands lovingly around the outside of the basin, which is carved with images of the moon in all her incarnations, reminding him that by her very nature, she is changeable. Gazing into the water, he sees himself, his life, ever in motion, like the moon. He sees his heart, beating rhythmically, always true, resonating with the moon, together creating a strange and beautiful dance of steadiness and motion. Deep within, he finds his answer, and thus guided, he takes the first steps into darkness, not knowing his destination but trusting his inner direction.”

Divinatory Meaning: “There are times in life when everything seems fine. Life is stable and you should, logically, be quite content. There is nothing wrong, nothing that you can put your finger on. Yet in your heart, you know something is missing. The Eight Of Cups marks such a time. It tells you to quiet your thoughts, for you will not puzzle this out logically. The call comes from your heart. It is telling you that it is not satisfied, that it yearns for something else. It pushes and pokes you, increasing the unsettled feeling until you pay attention. Under the rational argument that everything is fine, that nothing needs to change, you will find the truth. You will know what needs changing and in which direction to go to begin your quest. You may not know your destination, but you will know how to begin.”*

~by Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore

One of the functions of the Soul is to nudge us towards our true life path. Our Soul, or Higher Self communicates with us through our intuition and the longings and whisperings of our hearts. Our Soul lets us know when something is missing, or when we are going in the wrong direction. The key is… are we listening?

What is missing cannot be found outside of us, it can only be found within. It is a journey. One that starts with an awakening. A transformation and a shift. Our Souls use this feeling to shake us awake. It uses this to beckon us inwards.

Can you hear it? Are you listening?



~Archangel Oracle

*Tarot Of The Hidden Realm, by Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore

Magic Prayer

Published September 27, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Magic Prayer, from The Enchanted Map Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

Magic Prayer, from The Enchanted Map Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Magic Prayer, from The Enchanted Map Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

Magic Prayer: “Speak your prayers, listen for the answers, act in faith.”

“When you see the Magic Prayer card, it is a reminder that your prayers will be answered. Spirit is always waiting to help you – and to heal you – when you are in need. That said, the best prayer is: “Thy will be done through me; thy will and not mine be done.”

Conscious contact with your higher power is achieved through the ritual of prayer and meditation. Speak and listen to the Divine force within the field of creation. Surrender your wishes and desires to Spirit. You may not get what you want, but you will surely get what you need. Your destiny awaits you. As long as you keep in conscious contact with your higher power, be assured that you are on the right path.”

If this card comes to you as challenger: “Self will that goes unchecked can bring difficulties. The Magic Prayer card can be a sign that you mistakenly believe that your way is the only one. Could the path you are on be leading you to a place of regret, or could you be pursuing something that just is not good for you? If so, you may be facing a painful lesson – and a lonely one, too. Perhaps it is time to pray, and meditate on your highest good and the highest good of all. Spirit may have other plans for you. Be assured that they will be better than any you could ever dream up.”*

~ By Colette Baron Reid

There is power in voicing your intentions aloud. It tells the Universe that you are serious about what it is that you desire. It also helps plant seeds in your subconscious that help move you forward, step by step towards creating that reality. When we hope and dream and wish, we get ideas and inspiration on how to set our intention. When we say them out loud, either alone or to a trusted and supported friend, co-worker, spouse, partner, or relative, it takes on new meaning. This meaning is amplified if we use concise, direct language to express ourselves. Skip the if’s and use when’s; take out the should, could or would and just go for it.

Affirmations are extremely powerful tools that we can use daily. Short and sweet they get straight to the point. They also help us to change our brain chemistry, forming new neuropathways and helping us to become better at focused thinking. They can help us to weed out limiting belief patterns, replacing them with positive self esteem and raised confidence.

The other incredibly powerful tool that we have at our disposal is singing or chanting with our voices. Chanting is used in many Eastern cultures to create vortexes of power, clear and focus the mind, and pay tribute to the Divine. Singing is used to voice our emotions, can be used to celebrate victory, tell a story, bring power to us, and also to release pent up or stored feelings. Experiment with singing or chanting mantras to empower you on your life’s journey. Listening to music is also powerful, but keep in mind that when you participate, adding your own voice, you are sending that powerful message to the Universe and will expedite your process.



~Archangel Oracle

*The Enchanted Map Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid


Rhodochrosite ~ Making Peace With The Past

Published September 26, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Rhodochrosite, from the Crystal Oversoul Attunements, by Michael Eastwood

Rhodochrosite, from the Crystal Oversoul Attunements, by Michael Eastwood

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Rhodochrosite, from the Crystal Oversoul Attunements, by Michael Eastwood

Rhodochrosite: “Making Peace With The Past”

Chakra: Heart
Element: Air

“Rhodochrosite is a sacred healer for the heart chakra, signaling that it is time to arise from the past. Patterns that have inhibited confidence and joy for life are revealed and – if you are ready – released.

It asks us to remember that we are the physical manifestation and expression of our soul’s light here on earth. It encourages us to learn to play and enjoy life, to celebrate the goodness and sweetness of all the earth has to offer. The divine spark flows through our veins and if we have forgotten this, Rhodochrosite serves to remind us. During meditation or healing you can call upon the energies of this wise crystal, helping you awaken to love’s presence.”

“The Rhodochrosite Oversoul serves to remind us of our divine nature. It is a brilliant deep pink mandala that floods our eyes and opens our heart. Its very precise pattern contains many wheels within wheels.

We make out eight beings, the Oversoul’s consciousness, greeting and guiding us inside. These luminous beings invite us to see their temple. It is a series of large and pink stalactites seemingly hanging freely in the air. Inside the temple we feel a sudden and deep awakening of our heart, as the entire temple is a rich deep pink reaching out to us.

The source of this vital colour is a pillar of light in the center of the temple, a condensation of showering light from above. As we make our way towards this pillar we are asked to stand in its center while the eight beings open their wings and surround us forming a mandala.

They start a chant of unimaginable beauty and texture. The pillar of light begins to fill our entire aura with its deep rich pink rays. The merging of the beings’ signing and the light rays are intoxicating and our entire being rises up into the light.

Through this experience we know that the same light that flows through the entire cosmos, also flows through our veins.”*

~ By Michael Eastwood

The only way to embrace the now and make space for the new is to receive with an open heart. If our heart is in need of healing, it will be tender and fragile, it may not yet have healed enough to allow the space needed in order fully receive love. Fears and projections of the past may hinder the ability to have a full and comfortable exchange of love with another until old wounds are healed and released.

Forgiveness is part of the process, and it will allow us to make peace with our past traumas, pain, mistakes and uncomfortable experiences. Rhodochrosite will help to heal the damaged heart. Worn as a pendant hanging close to the heart center is best, as is placement directly on the heart center when lying down during meditation or crystal healing. When working with Rhodochrosite, imagine its layers of gentle pinks radiating the Pink Ray out in all directions. See these beautiful, nurturing pink rays clearing your heart center, removing the old pain, layer by layer. See your heart center brightening and expanding it as it assists you in releasing old blocks and low vibrational energies. Fear, doubt, anger, despair, guilt and shame are all gently transmuted into love. See your higher heart opening, just above your heart chakra. This is your connection to the higher realms of Christ Consciousness and Unconditional Love, and you will help to anchor these energies into the Now.

Know that when you work with the Pink Ray, Mother Mary is always near, holding you and healing you. Guiding and protecting.

And so it is



~Archangel Oracle

*Crystal Oversoul Attunements, by Michael Eastwood

The Pook

Published September 25, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
The Pook, from The Faeries' Oracle, by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth

The Pook, from The Faeries’ Oracle, by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Pook, from The Faeries’ Oracle, by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth

The Pook: “Shape-changer. Good in bad; bad in good. Paradox. Resolution”

“The Pook is a shape-changer. He appears in whatever guise he thinks will be the most confusing to you, depending on his purpose. Brian wrote, ‘He weaves spells to bemuse our senses and confuse our judgment. He is a master of the arts of illusion and delusion, holding up a distorting mirror to reveal the bad in the good and the good in the bad.’

The Pook Also wishes to show us the ‘bad’ in what we think to be ‘good’ and vise versa. This may confuse us further, or it may help us to gain a more balanced understanding of how things really are. He is very against rigid mind-sets and, in his own way, encourages the development of inquiring minds.

His true face? I’m not certain that a shape-changer even has a true face – through he did hold still long enough for Brian to paint him. However, the Pook is very proud of the faces he assumes. With them, he offers us contradictions and paradoxes, and finds it all too easy to confuse our judgment because we are often not thinking very clearly anyhow. Sometimes we even hold two or more contradictory beliefs in boxes in our minds. If one is true, we think when we finally consider the, then the other must be false. Not so. Perhaps both are false, perhaps both are partly  true and partly false. We tend to cling desperately to our beliefs, even when they make no sense to others or are counter to our actual experience.

Our paradoxes and confusions are self-created, and the Pook need only dress them up a bit, add a little sparkle, and dangle them before us in order to induce confusion. IN that confusion, we are likely to believe almost anything someone presents to us, just to feel as if we have a metaphorical anchor in reality. His challenge for us it so wake up, to stop projecting our confusions on reality. Once we have seen the truth, seeming contradictions and paradoxes melt away, in the manner of realizing the solution to a Zen koan like, ‘What is the sound of one hand clapping?’

When we get the answer, usually by a burst of insight cutting through the confusion and paradoxes, it always seems to simple and we wonder how we could have been in such a tizzy about so simple a thing. We wonder why everyone does not understand this so very obvious thing. “

Starter Reading: “It is time for the resolution of seeming contradictions and paradoxes in the situation. Someone or some part of the situation is cloaked in confusion, and our muddled thoughts must be stripped away, revealing truth. We just need to think about it, the information we needed is now available to us. And as soon as we have that burst of insight and get it, it’s time for us to make changes based on our newly clear understanding.

Alternatively, it may be time for us to make a reality check on the good/bad labels we put on things. Make a list of the ‘good’ (possibly even surprising things) about your situation. and another list about the ‘bad’ ones. If you are not in the habit of seeing the good in the bad and the bad in the good, having preferred a black and white world rather than one with colours, you may need some help in learning to do this well.”

If this card comes to you as Challenger: “There is a paradox that we are unable to resolve at this time. Recognizing the paradox helps more us closer to a solution for it, but the information or experience we need to resolve it is not yet available to us. The trick here is to avoid becoming bogged down by this. We need to get on with other aspects of our lives while acknowledging the difficulty here. If possible, we need to postpone related decisions and then relax about it, knowing that this insight we need will come – but we cannot rush it. In fact, trying to rush it usually only causes us to become more deeply mired in the confusion. Relax, wait and stay alert.”

~ By Jessica MacBeth

“Faeries trip you up to give you a new perspective on the world.”

~Brian Froud

We are in the middle of a transition; a transformation; an ascension. You may be feeling upside down right now, ill at ease, anxious. You may find yourself swinging wildly between seemingly unfounded ecstatic joy and absolute despair. And so it is with these big shifts; you ride the wave as best you can.

Don’t get sucked in to the illusions of fear. Try to open your heart and open your mind to accept, flow, expand and surrender. Maybe there is another way to see things. Maybe this is a test of sorts, as we sit teetering on the fence between the perceived ‘safety’ of that which we know, and the leap into the unknown.

The Pook represents our ego selves, always wary, always looking for the next big disaster or the worst case scenario. It is the part of us that projects all that has happened ‘to us’ onto our future situations, holding us back from much needed change.

Do you want to trick The Pook into giving up it’s game? Then listen very carefully to your heart; what is it trying to tell you? This is your crossroads: you choose to continue to allow the circus of the ego to call the shots, or you find peace within and listen to the guidance of your heart. When you move forward fearlessly in the direction of your heart and Soul, clarity will burn away the chaos and confusion.




~Archangel Oracle

*The Faeries’ Oracle, by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth


Sacred Convergence

Published September 24, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Sacred Convergence, from the RUMI Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Rassouli

Sacred Convergence, from the RUMI Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Rassouli

Daily Angel Oracle Card:  Sacred Convergence, from the RUMI Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Rassouli

Sacred Convergence:

“Roaming about town,
the master was holding a light, saying, ‘I am weary of the demons and the beasts;
a human is what I am longing for’
The human cannot be found;
we have searched!
‘What cannot be found
is what I am longing for!’

Although poor and needy
I will not accept small pieces of ruby.
The mine of the finest rubies
is what I am longing for!

One hand holding a cup of wine,
and the other, the curls of the beloved. A dance like this, in the middle
of the circle, is what I am longing for.”


“How I have longed for you. My very own. Look no further, for the family beyond your family, the relationship beyond all other relationships, the great love that unveils all other loves to be mere reflections of the one great and true love, is here. For you. Now.

It is I who has sought you through the stirrings of your own heart. Yes, ’twas I, hidden beneath every secret, yearning for something more, something full, something special, something all encompassing. Behind every yearning, always, I have hidden. Now I show myself to you, that you may become so filled with the same passionate devotion that I hold for you, that your mind will fall away, overwhelmed by the sheer intensity of love tossed into an ocean of silent unending bliss.

Come to me,. we are to be one now. In sacred convergence of silent, eternal passion.”

“Sacred Convergence indicates a coming together of souls in alignment with a greater cause. This greater cause is both personal and impersonal. There is an aspect of joining together for common purpose, although that purpose may not be immediately obvious at a level of day to day consciousness. That common soul purpose may be to lift each other into greater love and self-belief, to shed fear and open the heart, filling each individual soul with more holy fire for its personal passionate purpose.

You will have a sense when this process is happening. There will be a coming together of you with like minded souls who hail from all walks of life; and yet together, through some invisible genius, you will help each other. You may simply be dancing int eh same room, or singing in a group, attending a class or workshop, or just visiting the same beach or parkland, but at that moment there will be a sense of something coherent and nourishing happening at a far greater level.

The ‘trickle down’ effect into your personal life will be felt too – you will have more energy after spending time with these people, even if you don’t interact very much on a personal level beyond being in the same space. You will feel empowered to step forward on your path and love yourself with less conditions. You will become freer to shed your fears, let go of relationships based on fear and judgment, and open up to those more loving, responsive and inspiring to continue on your personal journey in increasingly profound ways.

This oracle has come to you because you are part of a greater sacred convergence happening now. Perhaps you have already sensed its progression, or perhaps it will not be obvious to you, but the effect – whether obvious or subtle – will be important to your soul development and divine awakening. You are being asked to drop defenses and barriers towards groups of people that feel good for you. However, those that dampen your spirits or drag you down are to be dispensed with – no matter what games of blame or manipulation they may play to keep you coming back for more! No, that shall not do for your soul growth now. Just step away! Turn towards those connections that feel nourishing to your soul, and learn to share yourself without fear. Just be. You do not have to force the planets to spin, nor the great cycles of the soul to happen. All that is required is that you show up for what is offered to you now. Do your part. Take your steps. Dance, sing and be, and allow the gifts of sacred connection to change your world, for this is the spiritual gift presented to you now.

This oracle comes with a special message. Perhaps you have been thinking about shedding lower vibrational connections based in the ego world of power games, sabotage, manipulation and fear. Perhaps you have already begun this process, or even shed so many you are fearing you might have ‘over pruned’ to be left with nothing and no one! Do not fear, feisty angel of love, your truth is prevailing. You cannot stay in a vibration of fear if you want to dwell in a vibration of love.

Whilst you learn to sustain that vibration within you, until it cannot be rattled by any crisis or demand, you are wise to place yourself in more nourishing connections. If you want a plant to grow, why not give it the best soil and conditions in which to do so? Certainly, the plant of love can and will grow in the most inhospitable conditions, but it can be rather more joyful to grow in gentler, more nourishing conditions if possible.

This oracle comes to you with guidance that the possibility for more joyful relationships and growth of love within is in your power. You can choose – each day, each moment – just make a choice. Trust yourself, your discernment and your intuition and choose. You do not ow anyone anything.

Repeat this law of karma – you only owe love the chance to grow! So let that be your guiding principle now as you release the old, and trust that even if your garden of relationship becomes sparse for a while, you have been cutting back unhealthy plants to allow for new life to flourish. It is only a matter of timing for the season of new life and growth to come again. And so it shall, bringing with it sacred convergence of souls on the path of love, your soul tribe, your soul family, your new tribe of those journeying upon the path of love.”*

~ By Alana Fairchild

It is time to weed through the obligations and responsibilities of life and make some positive changes. You are not a victim, nor are you are martyr. You choose each and every day, whether you are taking responsibility for this knowledge or not, how you spend your time and with whom you spend it. You are not as tied as you think you may be. You are free to choose, day to day, moment to moment. If you feel stuck, only you can fix it!

If you have handed control of your life over to another, it is time to take it back. There is no more time to waste. If you are not sure if you have given up your control… look for resentment. Resentment is a sign that your heart is not in agreement with your ego. Your ego may have decided that you do not deserve to have control, and that you are better off handing it over to someone “smarter, richer, more powerful,” or it may be that someone who you find or did find intimidating at some point took the reins. Whatever the case, it’s time to get back in the pilot’s seat and there is no time to waste!

On the flip side… your tribe awaits you. Yes, your tribe. Those who think just like you think. Those who will take you under their wing, treat you as an equal, support, accept and love you as you are. Yes, they exist. And all you have to do to find them is decide you are ready to invite them into your life.

This card is about love. It is about relationship, and friendship and connection. It is about timing.

And the timing is now.

Embrace the new. Love yourself. Open your heart and become the beacon of light that you are so they can find you.



~Archangel Oracle

*RUMI Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Rassouli

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