Cunningwoman, from The Faery Forest Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish, artwork by Maxine Gadd
Cunningwoman, from The Faery Forest Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish, artwork by Maxine Gadd

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Cunningwoman, from The Faery Forest Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish, artwork by Maxine Gadd

Cunningwoman: “Silent, Observant, Wily”

“Now is not the time for talk or action. It is a time to be independent, watchful, and intelligent.

This being holds within her very specific knowledge – the value of silence and watchfulness. Her message to you is to watch, and observe what people and beings around you are doing. It is through their actions that you will know them. There is also an element of secrecy – you must keep close to your heart certain information and thoughts at present. It is necessary for you to be very shrewd and careful about the next step – and this is no bad thing. It is wise to conserve your energy at this time, to be silent, to withhold, and to begin to see the patterns around you. You will soon know what to do, and exactly when to do it.

But now is not the time to share, to offer forth your most tender secrets, nor is it time to speak of what you know. It is time to be quiet, to observe, and to allow others to reveal who they really are. This is also the card of one who must listen. Quiet your mind, steady your gaze, resolve to be focused, and then your innate and clever nature will be able to make sense of what is taking place about you. Be the point of stillness, watchfulness, and wisdom. Let everything just drop away. Hide yourself. And begin to see the truth, as revealed by what is actually happening, uncoloured by story, imagination, interpretation.”*

~ By Lucy Cavendish

~ Artwork: “The Amber Witch”

There might be a red flag that you are ignoring regarding a person, situation, or opportunity that is in your life at this time. Your intuition is niggling at you, are you listening? You may be experiencing some reluctance or resistance to this information; as you have hopes, dreams or expectations linked to this and you do not want to have to go back to the drawing board. However, the Universe is asking you to listen closely, and at the same time, allow the truth to be revealed.

Please remember, it is ok to have hopes, dreams and expectations! Do not let these go just because the current situation is not what you wanted or hoped it would be. This is simply an opportunity for you to get really clear on what it is that you Do want. Instead of getting on the wrong bus just because it came at the right time and you are feeling impatient, wait for the right bus to come along. You will avoid a whole lot of heartache along the way! We tend to rush towards what looks shiny and bright, and that is ok sometimes too, but when your intuition is giving you signs that maybe not all that glitters is gold, you are best off to listen up!

This is a time to honour all of your senses. Look around you, what do you see? Listen closely to what someone is telling you; do their actions match their words? Do they follow up on their promises? How do you actually feel? Are you paying attention to the signs that your body is giving you? Most people will give you all the information you need to know about them if you simply observe, it takes a true psychopath to be able to hide these characteristics. And since most people are not psychopaths, thank goodness, all we have to do is listen, watch, trust, and learn to accept them as there are, where they are at. We must respect who they are and know that it is not up to us to try to change or “fix” them, just as we would not want them thinking they needed to change or fix us! Then we can decide whether they are a good match for us, whether romantically, in a friendship, or in a business partnership.

This is a message that you may have to let go of someone or something now, and that if you do, when one door closes another one will open.

Have faith.



~Archangel Oracle

*The Faery Forest Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish, artwork by Maxine Gadd

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  1. Valerie Columbia says:

    I have received the message many times in the last few months that it is time for me to let go of someone or something. I know what that is. Every time I reconsider giving that someone and something another chance or I’m holding on just because it’s hard to let go, I get this message again and I look at it all one more time. Each time I see it from a little different perspective which feels more and more like it’s coming from the truth that is me rather than fear or clinging. I am grateful. I hope that makes sense. Thank you Dee.

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