The Turning Point

The Turning Point, from the Tao Oracle Card deck, by Ma Deva Padma
The Turning Point, from the Tao Oracle Card deck, by Ma Deva Padma

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Turning Point, from the Tao Oracle Card deck, by Ma Deva Padma

The Turning Point: “Nature moves in a continuously unfolding cycle of seasons, and there is no point at which its motion entirely stops. Nevertheless, we can sense a kind of pause that happens on the cusp of these cyclical changes. At the winter solstice, for example, when the period of rest and darkness reaches its zenith and the season of activity and light begins to return, it is as if the whole of nature holds its breath for a moment. A subtle shift takes place that is only perceptible to those who have refined and expanded their own sensitivities to include that which can never be captured as a fixed moment in time.

Although the snow may still blanket the ground, there is a quickening happening beneath the earth’s surface that is felt in the core of all living things. Later the first visible signs of renewing life will be apparent everywhere. But those fragile first buds cannot be hastened, no matter how much we might long for spring. No one seriously considers interfering with this natural cycle – even when we are fed up with lying low, we trust that inevitably spring will again be reborn in its own time. However, in the shifting seasons of our personal lives we are often far too preoccupied and have far too many investments to keep an overview. These preoccupations can blind us to the perfection of nature and thus we can become impatient and fail to honor its timing.

It is good to remember that no time of darkness lasts forever, either in the cosmos or in your immediate surroundings. It might feel like forever if a crisis or difficulty appears to have brought all your efforts to a standstill – perhaps even including any effort on your part to change your circumstances. But there are times when coming to a standstill is precisely what is needed in order to prepare for a change to come. Once the turning point arrives, the movement towards renewed movement and vitality will begin to accelerate, no matter how imperceptible it might be to you now. There is a loosening up, a ‘melting away’ that is just beginning and this process will gradually allow you to make full use of any energy you may have been storing up in more stagnant times.

When you have a physical illness you know that you need to slow down, withdraw, and rest in order for a full recuperation to take place. Any ideas you might have about ‘bouncing back’ energetically from adversity stem from a misunderstanding of what is really needed. When there has been a period of inaction, coming to a turning point means that what was depleted will now be replenished, and what was frozen will melt away. But this happens naturally, without your ‘doing’ and without your interference. Once life’s juices have begun to flow again, your strength will increase naturally, your outlook will become brighter, and you will be clearer about the next steps you need to take. Relaxation and trust are the inner attitudes that will bring the deepest understanding, which is that all is moving flawlessly, just as it should. Take care of yourself and the ‘basics’ in very simple ways – it is the best thing you can do during the major transition that is about to take place.”*

~ by Ma Deva Padma

Pay attention to your physical body at this time, it is housing the energies which you have been experiencing lately. There is so much energy coming through to us right now through the cosmos, as well as the energies from those around us, the Earth herself and our own energy. The body must be listened to, treated with respect, nurtured and protected.

Drink extra pure water at this time. Being properly hydrated is absolutely mandatory in order to process energies and detoxify the body. Proper nourishment is also vital; increase plant based foods and steer clear of heavy, processed, and all foods containing chemicals, preservatives and additives.

Get outside as much as you can. Breathe fresh air. Touch the trees. Be connected to the planet, she will ground you as you assimilate the new energies.

Get some time in silent contemplation every day. Do yoga, meditate, do breathing exercises. Nothing complicated, just do it.

Lastly, sound healing is extremely beneficial at this time. Listen to Solfeggio, Binaural beats. Sing! Chant! Use your voice. Make music, beat your drum.

We are here in the physical realm and our bodies cannot be ignored or taken for granted at this time. It is too important to care for them as the vehicle that takes us into the next dimension. Part of our rising in consciousness is having the graciousness to treat the physical beings of this plane of existence with the respect and reverence they deserve. That means our own bodies, animals, birds, insects, plants and the Great Mother herself.



~Archangel Oracle

*Tao Oracle Card deck, by Ma Deva Padma


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