The Pook

The Pook, from The Faeries' Oracle, by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth
The Pook, from The Faeries’ Oracle, by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Pook, from The Faeries’ Oracle, by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth

The Pook: “Shape-changer. Good in bad; bad in good. Paradox. Resolution”

“The Pook is a shape-changer. He appears in whatever guise he thinks will be the most confusing to you, depending on his purpose. Brian wrote, ‘He weaves spells to bemuse our senses and confuse our judgment. He is a master of the arts of illusion and delusion, holding up a distorting mirror to reveal the bad in the good and the good in the bad.’

The Pook Also wishes to show us the ‘bad’ in what we think to be ‘good’ and vise versa. This may confuse us further, or it may help us to gain a more balanced understanding of how things really are. He is very against rigid mind-sets and, in his own way, encourages the development of inquiring minds.

His true face? I’m not certain that a shape-changer even has a true face – through he did hold still long enough for Brian to paint him. However, the Pook is very proud of the faces he assumes. With them, he offers us contradictions and paradoxes, and finds it all too easy to confuse our judgment because we are often not thinking very clearly anyhow. Sometimes we even hold two or more contradictory beliefs in boxes in our minds. If one is true, we think when we finally consider the, then the other must be false. Not so. Perhaps both are false, perhaps both are partly  true and partly false. We tend to cling desperately to our beliefs, even when they make no sense to others or are counter to our actual experience.

Our paradoxes and confusions are self-created, and the Pook need only dress them up a bit, add a little sparkle, and dangle them before us in order to induce confusion. IN that confusion, we are likely to believe almost anything someone presents to us, just to feel as if we have a metaphorical anchor in reality. His challenge for us it so wake up, to stop projecting our confusions on reality. Once we have seen the truth, seeming contradictions and paradoxes melt away, in the manner of realizing the solution to a Zen koan like, ‘What is the sound of one hand clapping?’

When we get the answer, usually by a burst of insight cutting through the confusion and paradoxes, it always seems to simple and we wonder how we could have been in such a tizzy about so simple a thing. We wonder why everyone does not understand this so very obvious thing. “

Starter Reading: “It is time for the resolution of seeming contradictions and paradoxes in the situation. Someone or some part of the situation is cloaked in confusion, and our muddled thoughts must be stripped away, revealing truth. We just need to think about it, the information we needed is now available to us. And as soon as we have that burst of insight and get it, it’s time for us to make changes based on our newly clear understanding.

Alternatively, it may be time for us to make a reality check on the good/bad labels we put on things. Make a list of the ‘good’ (possibly even surprising things) about your situation. and another list about the ‘bad’ ones. If you are not in the habit of seeing the good in the bad and the bad in the good, having preferred a black and white world rather than one with colours, you may need some help in learning to do this well.”

If this card comes to you as Challenger: “There is a paradox that we are unable to resolve at this time. Recognizing the paradox helps more us closer to a solution for it, but the information or experience we need to resolve it is not yet available to us. The trick here is to avoid becoming bogged down by this. We need to get on with other aspects of our lives while acknowledging the difficulty here. If possible, we need to postpone related decisions and then relax about it, knowing that this insight we need will come – but we cannot rush it. In fact, trying to rush it usually only causes us to become more deeply mired in the confusion. Relax, wait and stay alert.”

~ By Jessica MacBeth

“Faeries trip you up to give you a new perspective on the world.”

~Brian Froud

We are in the middle of a transition; a transformation; an ascension. You may be feeling upside down right now, ill at ease, anxious. You may find yourself swinging wildly between seemingly unfounded ecstatic joy and absolute despair. And so it is with these big shifts; you ride the wave as best you can.

Don’t get sucked in to the illusions of fear. Try to open your heart and open your mind to accept, flow, expand and surrender. Maybe there is another way to see things. Maybe this is a test of sorts, as we sit teetering on the fence between the perceived ‘safety’ of that which we know, and the leap into the unknown.

The Pook represents our ego selves, always wary, always looking for the next big disaster or the worst case scenario. It is the part of us that projects all that has happened ‘to us’ onto our future situations, holding us back from much needed change.

Do you want to trick The Pook into giving up it’s game? Then listen very carefully to your heart; what is it trying to tell you? This is your crossroads: you choose to continue to allow the circus of the ego to call the shots, or you find peace within and listen to the guidance of your heart. When you move forward fearlessly in the direction of your heart and Soul, clarity will burn away the chaos and confusion.




~Archangel Oracle

*The Faeries’ Oracle, by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth


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