Enthusiasm, from the Tao Oracle, by Ma Deva Padma
Enthusiasm, from the Tao Oracle, by Ma Deva Padma

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Enthusiasm, from the Tao Oracle, by Ma Deva Padma


“Enthusiasm manifests in all sorts of ways, but no matter what form it takes, it can hardly be ignored. To be enthused is to be electrified, turned on, zapped, lit up with an energy that is out of this world. Enthusiasm is generated by inspiration, and people so enthused can act as a bridge between the cosmic and the ordinary, the energies of receiving and giving moving between them in one continuous flow from the realm of the unmanifest into the world. To be in an illumined presence is an invitation to come and share in the beauty of their experience; one cannot help but feel moved by it.

The music of Mozart, the sculpture of Michelangelo, the poetry of Shakespeare or Rumi are examples of the human hand and heart being guided to create something immortal through a work of art, but just as valuable is the ability to enthuse or inspire others, enabling them to transcend their own limitations. On a grand scale, we see it in great leaders and humanitarians like Nelson Mandela. Mahatma Ghandi, and the Dalai Lama. In the spiritual traditions, this luminosity is known as divine inspiration or enlightenment, and is found in the teachings of Buddha, Jesus, or Osho, to name but a few, whose transcendental wisdom and compassion continue to transform human lives way beyond their bodily lifetimes.

We are all familiar with the gifted leaders in history who wasted their potential through arrogance and the ensuing extremes of behaviour that ultimately brought disaster. Extraordinarily talented individuals can easily fall prey to delusions of grandeur once they witness the effect their self-expression has on others. Fear of inadequacy can lead to an addiction to the adoration that power can bring, which in turn creates an ever-greater need to appear extraordinary. If you fall into this trap, however much you practice, develop your technique, or hone your skills, you will feel as if y ou are running on a treadmill, getting farther and farther from inspiration and ever closer to exhaustion – and mediocrity. Remember that any work produced from a state of depletion can never be luminous. Enthusiasm is sparked in others when they have been inspired, and inspiration can never be contrived. Unchecked perfectionism and a preoccupation with how others see us leaves little space for spontaneity – least of all the vibrant energy of enthusiasm. What is needed is the ability to maintain moderation and balance, which can only come with an in-tuned-ness to your surroundings, self-awareness and withdrawing from struggling to create a certain effect.

This is an opportunity for you to realize your potential. Be inspired and be humbled by it. Do not, however, let enthusiasm get the better of you: certainly, you can have a direct influence on others now, but the real joy lies in sharing, not in creating a following. So go ahead – bang a drum, sing your song, let yourself go! Dance ecstatically, create that plan, realize your dream. Be swept through and through by the illuminating creative power of enthusiasm. Embrace this moment of self-expression and use it positively. It may bring you to your knees in gratitude.”*

~ By Ma Deva Padma

Enthusiasm is fuel for a joyful soul. When we approach even the mundane with enthusiasm, we add passion and zeal for life. We let the Universe know that we wish to magnetize more excitement into our lives. We jump start the energy of those around us, heal them and inspire them to smile, lighten up and enjoy life.

We all have or have had a friend, teacher, co-worker, neighbour or relative who approach everything they do with a measure of enthusiasm. They seem to genuinely enjoy their lives and put one hundred percent into everything they do. With a smile. Never grudgingly, never just to look good, but because they honestly want to contribute their energy in a positive way. We can all learn from these people, and we can all find a way to bring a little more enthusiasm into our own lives.

Try it today. Even if it is when you are doing something you always do. Even if it is doing something you despise doing. Find your enthusiasm. Mix up the energy.

And invite something new.



~Archangel Oracle

*Tao Oracle, by Ma Deva Padma

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