Knight Of Cups

Knight Of Cups, from the Tarot Of The Hidden Realms, by Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore
Knight Of Cups, from the Tarot Of The Hidden Realms, by Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Knight Of Cups, from the Tarot Of The Hidden Realms, by Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore

Knight Of Cups: “He sits in silence with his uncertainty, his senses deadened. The physical world has almost ceased to exist for him as he explores the strange, abstract worlds within his heart. He is not a man of physical violence, nor a defender of ideals of the mind. Rather, he is a warrior of the heart and soul. His weapons are lyrical words, heavenly melodies, deep affection and unceasing love. His enemy… that is difficult to identify. Can he be a warrior without an enemy?

Losing himself in the still liquid in a simple silver chalice, he sees at first nothing, but he has patience to spare and no desire to act until he is certain. Slowly, images and feelings swirl in the cup and fill his heart. He learns that true warriors do not fight against anything but rather for things. They defend and uphold, protect and honor. All that is life, all that is felt in the heart, all that touches the human soul, whether joyous or tragic, whether beautiful or horrific, whether sweet or poignant… this is his realm, this is what he – his heart, soul, body, and mind – is dedicated to. The seed takes root and blossoms in a instant, filling him with certainty. He awakens to the world and begins his quest.”

Divinatory Meaning Of This Card: “The Knight Of Cups values the experiences of the heart and soul more than anything else. Consequently, he may seem otherworldly or unrealistic, but once understood, his motivations are easy to see. He needs to feel something in his heart or be moved by it in his soul for it to be true or worthy of his attention. He is dreamy and romantic and slow totake action, being more inclined to take time to savor the moment. He would rather enjoy the journey than rush to a destination. He would actually rather wander about than plot a course to anywhere specific. If you want to be in the moment, walk beside him. If you want to quickly achieve a task, he is definitely not your man.”*

~ by Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore

This card is about seeing through illusions and it is about balancing polarities. What is of the greatest importance to you now? How do you view your value system? Where is the balance between material and spiritual in your world? How do you balance the male and female energies within? These are all questions to ponder; getting honest with ourselves about how we see our lives and our roles in society. We are but a mirror for the larger picture. When we balance ourselves, it has resounding effects on the outside world around us. The more of us to pay attention, and work to create harmony within the polarities, achieving balance, the more balanced the world as a whole will become.

We live our lives under pressure. Social pressure to conform, to produce and to consume. We are taught from a young age where our responsibilities as a male or female member of society lie. We are taught what is possible for us, and thus what is impossible. We are taught what to value, what to believe, how to think, how to act and how to solve our problems. We are taught, in the western world at least, to put our endless pursuit of material possessions above our spiritual consciousness. We are taught that men are stronger than women, and that women are more sensitive and emotional than men. All lies of course.

We are in the middle of a huge shift of conscious awareness. We are waking up. We are expanding. We are becoming enlightened, illuminated. We are finally realizing…

That our spiritual pursuit is the only pursuit, all else will follow. That women and men are equally smart, equally strong, equally sensitive and equally courageous… if only they allow themselves to access the deep recesses of their hearts and souls. We are finally getting that the Earth cannot sustain our insatiable need for consumption; of animals, of natural resources, of man made plastics and chemicals. We are finally realizing that Love is the healing force, and that we are an integral part of the Divine. We are the Love and the Light that we seek.

The Knight Of Cups comes to challenge you to look closely at who you are in this world. What are your true values, are they heart centered? He challenges us to radiate love rather than looking for approval or acceptance. He asks us to live in the moment, be present and focus our immense Light on the task ahead. He asks that you see the cup in front of you, representing your life, as full of Love and Light, knowing it has always been yours to drink from.

Be the peace. Be the Light. Be the Love. Be the balance.

Heal and be healed.



~ Archangel Oracle

*Tarot Of The Hidden Realms, by Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore


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