The Sigil Keeper

The Sigil Keeper, From The Faery Forest Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish, Artwork by Maxine Gadd
The Sigil Keeper, From The Faery Forest Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish, Artwork by Maxine Gadd

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Sigil Keeper, From The Faery Forest Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish, Artwork by Maxine Gadd

The Sigil Keeper: “Symbols, Signs, Messages”

“When The Sigil Keeper comes to you, there will be no words. Instead, there will be shapes and signs and messages a-flowing, as though a language of symbols is being shared with you. When she comes, you are being encouraged to participate in this process by creating and shaping your own magical symbols and beginning to consciously choose the symbolic language that you are creating and connecting with every single day. You may wish to find a symbol at this time that represents you and the part of the journey you are exploring at present. You may with to look around your home ans see what “hidden” symbols have worked their way into your life, and you may also wish to rearrange these, remove some, replace others with symbols that are consciously chosen to be of greatest magical support to you at this time in your life.

Look at your clothing, what you wear, and see the symbolic nature of this, and go through your jewellery and consider carefully the energy of its symbols and whether you wish to connect with this. Sigil work is simple but ever so powerful, and this amazing being is a reminder to work with intelligence, and to exercise your choice at all times. You must choose carefully now what symbols you keep about you – for they have shaped you more than you have ever truly considered.”

~ By Lucy Cavendish

~ Artwork: “Spell”

This is an invitation into the magical realm of Faery; another dimension to explore beyond the edges of our imagination. It is drenched in mystery and deep ancient wisdom, and we are being asked to see if some of that magic and mystery has seeped through into our very own reality.

Look around you for signs and symbols… what do you see? Everything has meaning, from the common Hamsa, peace sign, yin and yang or even the cross of Christ. Then there are symbols we see every day and yet take no notice, the mermaid on the Starbucks logo, the Illuminati on the American dollar bills. There are ancient heiroglyphs, cosmic signs and many symbols which represent various Deities or Ascended Masters. There are also signs from our natural world, Sacred Geometry, animal spirits, flowers, trees, elements and weather. What signs and symbols are you drawn to? Which give you feelings of curiosity, expansion, and magic? And which repel you, or make you feel uneasy?

Choose a few symbols to work with and place them around your house where you can see them. If you are not sure where to start, Sacred Geometry is always  a great place for expanding your conscious awareness. These symbols can also be used for protection, enlightenment, to attract or express love and many other higher states of being.

Lastly, watch for signs, messages and symbols coming to you. What do they mean? What is the message here? Remember that you can always ask for additional clarity or confirmation from your guides. Dreamtime is also a great time to look for guidance. Colours, symbols, signs, messages and situations played out in our dreams often hold information for our waking minds.

Keep in mind that you can research the meaning of the different signs and symbols that you come across and that there is a wealth of information to be found. However, it is also good to check in with your own inner wisdom and see what each sign means to You.



~Archangel Oracle

*The Faery Forest Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish, Artwork by Maxine Gadd


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