Divine Disguise

Divine Disguise, from the Divine Circus Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild artwork by Maxine Gadd
Divine Disguise, from the Divine Circus Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild artwork by Maxine Gadd

Daily Angel oracle card: Divine Disguise, from the Divine Circus Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild artwork by Maxine Gadd

Divine Disguise: “Some blessings are obvious – the door that opens, the person who says yes and the instant success of an idea. But not all blessings are so instantly recognizable. Some blessings are so veiled that at first you might consider them to be an unwanted development. A concealed blessing is either already at work in your life or on its way to you. Do not worry if you feel like things are not working our as they should. Soon enough, the disguise will be dropped and the blessed unmasked in all its beauty.”

“Blessings are the mysterious workings of the universe, there to help us along our unique life path to live our truths and fulfill our potential. The universe has the knack of knowing just what it is we need, even when sometimes we might think we need something altogether different. This is how it can be that something we resist and reject in our lives can become the very thing we are most grateful for later on. We realize it has been a blessing masked, something actually helping us, even though it might have come in the form of a challenge or struggle before we eventually gain great benefit from it.

The oracle of Divine Disguise brings you a positive message and prediction for your future. It brings you the promise of peace of mind and a realization that the universe does really know what it’s doing. It’s in your corner, on your side, cheering you on and helping you to avoid unnecessary pitfalls, even if you don’t know they exist.

The oracle indicates that the real beauty of a situation isn’t obvious to you yet. It could be  delay or change in plans that turns out to be in your favour, even if at the time you are not sure if it signals failure! If could be the wrong person saying no so the right person can say yes. It could be being blocked from turning back to your past, so you must continue forward into the magic of your future. Whatever your hidden blessing, the oracle of Divine Disguise tells you that you are soon going to realize just how loved and helped you are in all areas of your life.

When this oracle appears you are being told specifically that you don’t need to worry. Even that which appears to be more troublesome is going to reveal itself to be working in your favour.”

Healing Trick: “To help you take the wisdom offered and put it to best use in your life now, do this healing trick to clear obstacles to putting this guidance into place.

Say the following aloud:
“The universe, in all its grace,
Removes the mask and reveals its face,
Shining down with love for me,
Helping me become all that I can be.”

Visualize, pretend, imagine or feel that the universe is gazing down at you. You can feel the love the universe has for you, similar to how you feel when your favourite person in the world is smiling at you with a warm smile and loving eyes. You can feel the effect of that love on the inside. You relax. You feel good. You smile back at the universe.
You have fininshed your healing trick.”

Affirmation: “Say the following affirmation aloud to boost the power of this message and to integrate it into your body, mind and soul. You can say it morning and/or evening for a few days or even a few months, or just at the end of your healing trick.

‘Whatever appears to be
The truth revealed is always love helping me.”

Card artwork: ‘Black Masquerade,’ by Maxine Gadd

By Alana Fairchild

Things may feel upside down right now, but it is all for a reason. We can try to control things around us, but sometimes, somehow, things may not feel how we would like them to feel. Things may even be looking like they are going totally sideways. But it is all for a reason. There is a blessing in there somewhere. Still yourself and breathe.

Drop your expectations and expand your vision. What are you not seeing? This is more than a silver lining, it is a gift, and it is something that will make a lasting difference to your future. Open up to the possibilities. Trust in the Universe that things are unfolding in perfect Divine Timing. Trust that whoever needs to come to you is on their way to you now. Let go of what is no longer working and know that there is something much better lined up for you now. All you need to do is make space for the blessing. The rest will all fall into place in ways that you have yet to imagine.

No matter what



~Archangel Oracle

*Divine Circus Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild artwork by Maxine Gadd

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